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  1. obviously there is a wide range of tool type and quality, and therefore the price. If you give me details of what you are looking for regarding ...use or not; if used - is it for plastic or paper case, length of case?

    I may be able to help, if so whereabouts are you located?

    1. Reece79

      8 Bore Roll Turnover

      Im happy with either
    2. Reece79

      8 Bore Roll Turnover

      8 Bore Roll Turnover wanted
    3. Reece79

      Kicks high flyer full

      Kicks high flyer full to fit Benelli crio plus or beretta optima plus £50 posted
    4. Reece79

      Wad Splitter

      Yes have a couple left
    5. Reece79


      CX2000 28grains PSB2 B&P Z-21 32g Shot Around 1450 Fps and 650bar from memory Dont load much lead nowadays
    6. Reece79

      Wad Splitter

      £8 posted anywhere in the UK
    7. I have a few wad splitters available if anyone is interested message me.
    8. Reece79

      Browning Gold 10 gauge

      I loaded my own 10g cartridges components and data and readily available throughout most of the Uk. (Most of the time)
    9. Beretta Optima Extended ModifiedChoke £20 posted anywhere in the uk
    10. Reece79

      Browning Gold 10 gauge

      Ino I dont know why it hasn't sold
    11. Reece79

      Browning BPS 20 gauge

      Tried them already there’s none available for the uk at the minute ?
    12. Reece79

      Browning BPS 20 gauge

      I have a bps 10 and 12 at the minute and the 20 would complete my fleet. My mate has a bps 16g have shot it a few times and it is lovely to shoot. Doubt I will find one
    13. Reece79

      Browning BPS 20 gauge

      Does anyone on here own or know anybody who has a bps 20g I’m on the lookout for one but they are as rare as hens teeth only know of 1 in the uk ?