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  1. Thank you, Just so you know, ALL our orders go through the same system so we aim to give free "Prime" next day service on our ebay and website orders too whenever possible! Its often a little cheaper as the others don't take such a big cut. We look forward to dealing with you again!
  2. Glad you received the net Ben! Thank you all for your comments everyone, its nice to hear customers are happy with our service. Aimee
  3. Thank you to all entries.... WINNER ANNOUNCED! Congratulations.... @Old Boggy Please message us with your address and we'll get your prize in the post. If you could do it before 1pm today it would be great
  4. Morning all! I thought I'd run one last competition before next Tuesday (25th Feb) as it will be my last day working for A1 Decoy. Thank you for all of the support over the years! Now its a easy enter... just comment ENTER to be put in the draw to win! 😃 All the best, Aimee
  5. We are running a big competition on Facebook and another on Instagram, both with big prizes to the winners! I'll run a PW member only competition in the new year but for now, if you have social media do enter! Instagram Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  6. So sorry about the issue you are having steve_b_wales. We have contacted Parcel Force and are doing our best to kick them up the butt and make sure its delivered ASAP. We send all our orders before 1pm out same day, on a 24 hour service either with Parcel Force or on Royal Mail next day, so apologies to all of the above members who have previously had problems. We will bring this up with the courier about previous issues as well. We do know suddenly in the last week a lot of deliveries were delayed with them, and Royal Mail. Our post lady said the Black Friday did delay some post as they had such a back log, worse than Christmas apparently. Apologies again, we'll keep chasing it our side. If we keep getting these issues we'll look into different couriers, we know how frustrating it is when a parcel isn't delivered when it should be! A1
  7. BLACK FRIDAY! More deals added to the page.. All of our deals will finish on Monday 2nd so you have a few days left!
  8. We are having a Black Friday week with new deals EVERYDAY! Link to deals! Tuesday's deals!
  9. Depends how much you want to spend. Allaboutdogfood.co.uk is a great website Mine was on Lilys Kitchen dry puppy food as a puppy for the first 6 months and then moved onto Millies Wolfheart or Eden, both great foods. Aimee @ A1
  10. No message from diver one yet, Akka your prize should be with you Monday. Have pmed tracking number. Aimee @ A1
  11. APOLOGIES. You are correct @stuartyboy, I did not see the above comment.. my mistake completely! This was the correct guess of £18.45 Diver one please do PM us and we'll send you a prize as well as @akka, Its unfair to take a prize away and to not award the person who guessed correctly so both can receive a prize. Will have to pay more attention on the next competition! Aimee @ A1
  12. AKKA - your prize will leave today. Usually not off items already on sale but you get 5% off everything else. We have decided to allow it on this product for a limited time as a one off as I'm feeling generous. Code: PWMEMBER5 for a extra 5% off from today.
  13. WINNER ANNOUNCED! The price we agreed here at A1 before posting was £18.45. The person with the closest guess at £18.46 was... @akka Congratulations! Please message us your address to claim your prize. If anyone else fancies one they're now on offer for £18.45, reduced from £29.99 each! Free postage https://www.a1decoy.co.uk/product/proflap-pigeon-decoy-and-bouncer-kit/
  14. We have a seller refurbished one man hide seat on eBay starting at 99p, with free postage. Grab a bargain! Click to view
  15. I'd switch her food to something better personally, www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk is a excellent website. Highly recommend Millies wolfheart or Eden. Skinners even though called hypoallergenic contains lots of grains. I feed ours the best we can afford. I've been told protein doesn't make a dog hyper by a nutritionist and its a old wifes tail.. don't shoot the messenger but thats what I was told. Our dogs are on 45% Protein with Eden and do excellent on it, in the wild their means would have over 40% protein each time so protein does them no harm. Some dogs are just more hyper, our lab is super laid back and always has been but our good friends got a year old lab thats wired. Almost spaniel like.. she is getting better as she grows up but isn't a 'chilled' lab by any means. Aimee @ A1
  16. Just released our first competition on pigeon watch, posted in 'Off Topic' Win a Proflap & Bouncer kit AND a camo face veil! Click the link below to go straight there. Good luck! Aimee @ A1
  17. Our first Pigeon Watch member competition! We are going to do a sale on our single Proflap and Bouncer kit.. currently at £29.99 Simply guess the price its about to be reduced too and the closest to that price wins a Proflap and Bouncer kit AND a camo face veil. If more than one member guesses the correct price, all those members will be put into a hat and one drawn at random! *One entry per account Good luck!
  18. Ay, social media is very big these days. We try and do something for everyone. My mistake being I thought all PW members had social media accounts so it was aimed at everyone.. now I know I can get something sorted, but no need for rude comments. Leave it with me.. Will report back once I have a idea, might take a day to get something together. Aimee @ A1
  19. Thanks zipdog, if you need anything else don't hesitate to message us. Glad you received the part Old Boggy, apologies for the slight delay at first but glad its now all sorted. Any more issues do email or message us on here. Aimee @ A1
  20. We are running 2 competitions on social media, one on our Facebook page (to win a £29.99 net) and the other on our Instagram (win a £25 bucket seat) Link to Facebook competition Link to Instagram competition Enter above to be in with a chance of winning! 😀
  21. Our directors dog got stolen last year from our stand at the Midland, which was awful. Luckily they got her back but after a 6 painful months but left a sour feeling. The stand is expensive and it isn't really worth going now. We also get a lot of stock stolen at the Midland even though we have lots of staff, stock still disappears.
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