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  1. This is now sold. Many thanks for all the enquiries . Scampy
  2. Yes it's 7.6 lb so not a light weight, however it's well balanced and swings well with 30" barrels. i used it last Saturday on some high pheasants. Very effective👍
  3. Armsan 612 mag tube, ' un crimped' to make your semi auto 6 shot FAC. £ 35.00 plus £10.00 postage
  4. £7 pounds for them all? a Bargain!!!😊
  5. Hi there, I’ve got a Mossberg 410 3 shot stealth model in synthetic. its as new and has genuinely fired only 10 shots. I bought it new about 6 months ago but just don’t use it. let me have your email address and I will send some pics. im after £450 for it and can R F D it at your cost as it’s too cheep at this price. need the space in my cabinet so it has to go. Scampy
  6. I have a new Mossberg 410 barrel 24" ribbed full choke. it came with my new Hushpower but I won't use the plain barrel. £230 posted
  7. Hi Lucky shot, ive got one spare, 24" full choke, vent rib barrel. its fired about 10 shots so as new. £230 posted scampy Scampy
  8. Hello Brian, Ive got a new one bought at Christmas just gone. It came with a spare un silenced barrel which as already been sold. Its been test fired with 3 shots. Its the black synthetic model and is as new. I am moving shortly so need to thin out my guns and get down to one cabinet. £475 is the best i can do. i can RFD transfer if this helps? ATB Scampy
  9. Spare Barrel now sold to DB 135. Many thanks.
  10. Hi Scampy  is your .410 a single shot  or pump action

    as i am interested in buying it

    atb brian

    1. Sold to CrowsFeet I have The 410 Mossberg New spare plain Barrel 24" Ribbed full choke for £220 if any body wants it?
    2. Hi Scampy. If you'll be a gent and kindly hold the Mossberg for me I'll take it this weekend coming. Friday evening or Saturday?



      07986 298922

      1. Hi , ive got one. 24" fixed full choke. Ribbed barrel Not done a lot and in good condition. Not sure what it's worth? Scampy
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