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  1. Hello, I’ve got one, had it about 2 years. Bought it new. it was a bit ‘Jammy’ straight out of the box but me trying all sorts of different cartridges didn’t help. It didn’t like Eley extra longs 3” as it would pull the brass off the case as fired and leave the plastic case in the chamber.😱so I stripped it down and gave the chamber a good polish and the mechanism a good oil and light grease. Then bought a slab of 3” Winchester’s and shot the lot on clays and pigeons on the same weekend. Then another good clean and oil/ grease up and now it cycles anything 3”, and some of the 2,1/2”
  2. Mitsubishi L200 steel wheels and Mud tyres. X 4 Great oversized mud tyres on New powder coated steel wheels.These have done about 20 miles mainly on road. Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx 255-80-17 bought new 6 weeks ago. Truck has been sold but it went on it’s summer wheels and tyres. These will also fit Shogun, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger etc. All in great condition. Can deliver on a pallet for an extra £65. I’m looking for £650. more pictures on request
  3. Hi mate, yours if you want them pal. I’m based in southwell but can meet newark no problem. When did you want them. 


    1. scampy


      Hi Kris,

      I can pick them up from Southwell if ok? I’m working at Melton on Monday so could collect them 4.30-5.00pm if any good?
      I will bring SGC and cash👍

    2. waterside


      Ok Robin that’s great. 
      Give me a shout Monday 👍

      07568 502736

      many thanks 



    3. scampy


      Ok no probs, I will ring you Monday to arrange time etc

      many thanks, Robin

  4. I will have these if you still have them? thanks, Scampy
  5. Now Sold, many thanks for the interest. Scampy.
  6. Many thanks guys, sad to see it go but I have another 28 gauge and this rarely gets used. It’s a lovely gun. ATB, Scampy
  7. I’ve got a 28 gauge one as above if any good? 28” barrels 1/4-1/2 fixed choke Scampy
  8. I have a couple ‘ un crimped’ mag tubes in Stainless steel if anybody wants one? turns your gun into 5+1 FAC £ 40 each plus £ 8.50 postage. 👍 Scampy
  9. I have about 30-40 of them but they were given to me loose in a large box in amongst lots of blue 16 gauge cartridges. i took these out and put them with my 20 gauge cartridges and only realised they were 16 gauge when out in the field and they would not load into my 20 gauge o/u. if any cartridge collectors want 2 or 3 for there collection then let me know. I have picked up/ collected ‘ interesting’ cartridges for years and I know the feeling picking up something different. ATB, Scampy
  10. Hi 20 bore, and 16 bore fans, what’s going on here then?? This one would not go in my 20 bore!, 😱😱
  11. Hi Centrepin, I've got a 20 gauge Mossberg 3 shot (SGC) version which just doesn't get used. Its the black synthetic version with 2 barrel set. The Hushpower barrel is a multi choke barrel. The plain barrel is 26" multi choke ribbed barrel with 4 chokes in total and a key I have about 400 hushpower 30grm 5 shot fibre cartridges left from the 500 I bought with the gun when it was new so these can go with the gun as well. Got to be worth £550?? ATB Scampy.
  12. Yukon Photon XT 6.5 x 50s and Tracer 550 IR torch. Both In great condition, includes cover and boxes. Used about 6 times on rats and bunnies. Good vision out to about 150m. Selling as I just don't use it. good pictures by email £275 for both including postage.
  13. This is now sold. Many thanks for all the enquiries . Scampy
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