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  1. scampy

    Eley .410 3" Magnum 18g fibre cartridges.

    £7 pounds for them all? a Bargain!!!😊
  2. scampy

    .410 HushPower or any 2-3 shot silenced .410

    Hi there, I’ve got a Mossberg 410 3 shot stealth model in synthetic. its as new and has genuinely fired only 10 shots. I bought it new about 6 months ago but just don’t use it. let me have your email address and I will send some pics. im after £450 for it and can R F D it at your cost as it’s too cheep at this price. need the space in my cabinet so it has to go. Scampy
  3. scampy

    Mossberg 410 barrel

    I have a new Mossberg 410 barrel 24" ribbed full choke. it came with my new Hushpower but I won't use the plain barrel. £230 posted
  4. scampy

    Mossberg .410 standard Barrel

    Hi Lucky shot, ive got one spare, 24" full choke, vent rib barrel. its fired about 10 shots so as new. £230 posted scampy Scampy
  5. scampy

    wanted a mossberg .410 pump action shotgun

    Hello Brian, Ive got a new one bought at Christmas just gone. It came with a spare un silenced barrel which as already been sold. Its been test fired with 3 shots. Its the black synthetic model and is as new. I am moving shortly so need to thin out my guns and get down to one cabinet. £475 is the best i can do. i can RFD transfer if this helps? ATB Scampy
  6. scampy

    Mossberg .410

    Spare Barrel now sold to DB 135. Many thanks.
  7. Hi Scampy  is your .410 a single shot  or pump action

    as i am interested in buying it

    atb brian

    1. scampy

      Mossberg .410

      Sold to CrowsFeet I have The 410 Mossberg New spare plain Barrel 24" Ribbed full choke for £220 if any body wants it?
    2. Hi Scampy. If you'll be a gent and kindly hold the Mossberg for me I'll take it this weekend coming. Friday evening or Saturday?



      07986 298922

      1. scampy

        Wanted Standard Barrel for a Mossberg .410

        Hi , ive got one. 24" fixed full choke. Ribbed barrel Not done a lot and in good condition. Not sure what it's worth? Scampy
      2. I have sent you a PM regarding the McNab 20 bore shotgun. 


        1. scampy

          Macnab, John Lowlander 20 gauge

          Hi, Yes its still for sale.
        2. scampy

          Wanted Mossberg 410 hushpower

          Hi, I have a Mossberg 410 hushpower with wooden stock and fore end. It also comes with a spare 24" barrel with a ventilated rib, fixed choke and a spare un -crimped mag tube to Convert it to FAC if required. I've had it since new but just don't really use it as got the 20 bore version as well. The whole kit is £550 fixed and i wont split any of the bits. Im based on the lincs, Notts boarder. Best wishes,
        3. scampy

          Armsan 612 mag tube FAC

          I have a couple of Armsan 612 mag tubes uncrimped so FAC required. £45 posted
        4. scampy

          Armsan 612 mag tube

          Hi all, I have a couple of spare 'uncrimped' mag tubes to make your gun 5+1. You will need to put your gun onto section 1 if you convert. £50 posted. Scampy