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  1. what is the interior ,, can you list the extras.. is it 156bhp , manual or auto . i have an 07 plate looking to upgrade thanks
  2. darren m

    HW 80 stock

    sent you a pm mate
  3. darren m

    HW 80 stock

    walnut or a good beech standard one that as been fettled ie. checkerd , etc etc
  4. darren m

    HW 80 stock

    HW80 stock , custom or moded standard type
  5. darren m

    HW 80 stock

    still looking for a stock
  6. darren m

    HW 80 stock

    sorry missed out the walnut bit , but couldnt re edit still looking
  7. darren m

    HW 80 stock

    HW 80 stock in decent condition , don't mind refinishing
  8. how does it shoot mate , on the range , will it group ok ... and the pellet mags any problems. thanks ps where are you
  9. wanted Break barrel springer air rifle .177 but will consider 22 , depends what it is
  10. i have a cracking little springer bitch out of spirecourt lines which looking through the ped lines is mostly Badger court . my other 2 are openshaw and broom field and are much bigger in bone
  11. agree with you all , although I found same as above , lowered the protein and dogs tended to be a little calmer. Tried over the years better quality expensive feeds thinking I was buying the best , but after all that I now feed all 3 of mine on Dr johns silver 18% , its cheap yes , but it suits them
  12. chaps what would you say would be the optimum protein % for a 6.5 month lab bitch , active and slender build type? I,ve been looking after this hyper bitch for 2 weeks while owner is away , and she's running rings round my 3 spaniels and as been a total pain in the *** . anyway I,ve had 2 labs and 3 springer bitches ( plus collies , GSD's etc ) so I know what to expect from young dogs and would say at this age I'd be putting them on junior feed , but they are all different granted . currently the owner is feeding the bitch on a feed I,ve never heard of called CANAGAN , it reads well on the label etc , but the protein content is 33% and I,m just wondering if I should mention this when the owner returns. Any one use this feed , it looks expensive.. cheers
  13. any one tried the Thoshiba chrome book , the full size 15.9 screen one , not sure of it full name and spec , but at £199 at PC world was thinking of getting one myself.
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