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  1. Yes but it has calculated that based on the 4.0 cm vital zone radius. you will need a much smaller target area for an air rifle. Just read your question again. look up maximum point blank range and that should explain all you need.
  2. I have never understood why we don’t have desalination plants. we live on an island, so surely it would be easy to do.
  3. Yeah i have a sub 12ft/lb one while my buddy has the FAC version. what would you like to know?
  4. I thought the law was that you can’t use lead SHOT, which would not cover bullets or pellets. Or do I have that wrong?
  5. I shoot airguns, shotguns, rimfires and center fires and have not noticed a problem. You just have to remember what you are using ? But seriously, as long as you practice with both and don’t mix up the techniques you’ll not have a problem.
  6. Sold Thanks BSA airgunner
  7. Eley .22 subs 40 grain hp I have 250 of these to go as I am not using them anymore. £20 collected from near East Grinstead
  8. Always have the 1/2 choke in my 391. Never found the need to use anything different
  9. I use a red light most of the time. the main one I use is a evo t75, but you don’t really need a torch that big for rabbits. The T50 would be totally fine . Ludicrus lumens also do a lot of good kit.
  10. Hi, I do a lot of lamping for rabbits and Fox. first of all get yourself another torch for scanning and carry the rifle on a sling. This is a lot safer and will also reduce the fatigue of holding the rifle for scanning. As for the rabbits running before you can get the shot, this could be a few things but difficult to diagnose without seeing what you are doing. They could be seeing you, hearing you or winding you. They could also be getting lamp shy, but still, good field craft will help. Move quietly and practice getting the rifle onto the sticks without making any noise. Move into the wind or with it crossing so they can’t wind you. Remember that their main senses are hearing, smell and ground vibration. They are also not blind. Watch your background so you don’t get skylined. I hope there is something there to help you or maybe you already know all this. Good luck and remember to have fun.
  11. Normally game bore 32g 6s. But I also really like Hulls super fast 29g 6s.
  12. Thanks for your reply Bear1cat. will give them a ring but its a bit of a long drive from South Wales, nice day out though, I'll give them a bell tomorrow. Again Thanks for your reply.   Mike

    1. Give F A Andersons in East Grinstead a call. when I was in there last week they had just taken one in to sell.
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