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  1. 12gauge82

    EUROVISION...heelllp !

    Don't know whether this is worth another thread as I don't want to send this one off topic but, why does much of europe seem to dislike the UK so much? After what it did for them during WW2 you'd think they'd appreciate it a bit more, before anyone says brexit, the UK seemed to be disliked by our European friends long before that was on the horizon?
  2. 12gauge82

    Mr. Tickle

    While you certainly have a point about today's society and I agree alot of milenials live in a fantasy land, in fairness to them, I think it's worth pointing out that house prices compared to average income to my knowledge has never been so high in modern times and I do feel very sorry for the younger generation with the mixture of unreliable, low paid jobs and sky high house prices.
  3. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    Agree with everything Scotslad and retsdon say above, as a country we need to get behind the effort to leave, if after a fair crack it doesn't go as planned we can reassess where we are.
  4. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    Retsdon and Scotslad, they are your opinions and you are of course entitled to them, however, unfortunately for you the majority does not agree with you and we are leaving, to you or anyone else who voted leave and have now changed your minds, tough, untill leave is given a fair crack at the whip it would not be right to ignore the referendum although I strongly believe another referendum now would produce an even bigger majority, but who knows. As for the border "issue" as has been said, neither the UK or Ireland will pit a hard border in place so an actual border is a non issue propagated by the EU who want to cause issues.
  5. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    Totally agree.
  6. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    Spot on Gordon. If you strip it all back to basics, (something which the EU is desperate for us not to do, because they want to cause fear and confusion to prevent us and others from leaving) we pay a huge amount of money to be a member of a club that we buy far more from than they buy from us, it also prevents us from buying from others, or selling to others, it also means opening our borders to whoever they tell us, that also takes our resources like fish and shares it with whoever it wants, tells us laws we must follow and there's nothing we can do about it and we don't get a vote on the EU commission. Imagine if the EU didn't exist yet and them asking us if we wanted to join a club like that, I'm confident I know what the UKs answer would be.
  7. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    I'm actually at the point I would welcome a second referendum, due to the remainiacs in power trying to block a democratic vote. I beleive if we had another referendum there'd be a much bigger majority and it might silence the remoaners in Westminster but then again it probably wouldn't, they'd have to continue their fight against the thick, racist, small minded little Englanders 😩
  8. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    So what your saying is, that the UK won't put in a hard border, Ireland won't put in a hard border, but the EU might force Ireland to do so as they wouldn't be happy with that situation, causing all the misery that could potentially go with that, sounds like another reason Ireland and others should leave the undemocratic mafia gang that is the EU and it reaffirms why this country voted to leave. The UK has clearly stated it's position, no hard border!
  9. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    Well last time I checked, the UK and Ireland are democraticly ruled country's, so unless that has changed, it is up to those 2 country's if they want to put a border in and no one else, but since it would appear nobody wants a hard border, I really don't see what the issue is about, or could it be the EU is making one?
  10. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    Well we'll have to agree to disagree on the false hurdle issue. As for a border, if Ireland want to put one in that' up to them, the UK has made it's position clear, no hard border, I'm sure Ireland will choose not to as well, but that's up to them.
  11. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    Actually I think it would be unacceptable to the democratic will of the people of the UK and would be an unimaginable blow to freedom and democracy in the UK, something with even bigger consequence than Brexit, it was clear that when the referendum was held, that it was a vote to either stay, or leave the EU and all that being a member meant, with no cherry picking, well the UK voted to leave, so no "soft" "medium" or "semi hard boiled" brexit, it's time to leave and the EU can put as many false hurdles in as they want, if the referendum is adhered to, the Ireland border "isue" will not prevent it.
  12. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    Either way, it shows it is far from impossible, it is simply being made into a huge issue due to the EU trying to cause one, I think the UKs position should be exactly as it is, there will be no hard border with Ireland, if Ireland decides to put one in (or the uk for that matter, although personaly id disagree with that) then that's for them to decide, but it has nothing to do with the EU.
  13. 12gauge82

    An "offer" from Belgium

    A few points for me 1. border or no border, has nothing to do with the EU, it is for Ireland, the UK or particularly Northern Ireland to decide. 2. Other EU states have country's not in the EU that border them with no hard border and is a non issue, funny then the EU is making this one of the biggest sticking points of the "negotiations". It is blatantly obvious what they are doing and it is disgusting as the consequences if they stir up the hornets nest could be terrible, but then it doesn't surrise me, look at the deafening silence from the EU when Spain was beating their own people over the Catalan event, the EU is all for democracy, political correctness and freedom when it matches their agenda, biggest hypocrites ever!
  14. 12gauge82

    Average speed cameras

    Im going to disagree on the no undertaking, the right turn at a red in my opinion is good, but undertaking brings far more risk, if people actually follow the existing rules and drive in the left lane exept when overtaking it works very well.
  15. 12gauge82

    My Fella's Cooking is terrible

    I'm starving after reading thus thread