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  1. I really wish this whole "didn't know what they voted for argument" would be put to bed, it's a ridiculous and patronising statement, it's obvious to even the biggest baffoon that a vote to leave the EU would mean leaving its core rules which would include its 4 freedoms, to state anything else would be ridiculous, what would you have actually left if we didn't?
  2. Dogs to many are more than a possession, while 6months inside is enough for theft of belongings, its not nearly enough for the hart ache caused by the callous theft of what to many is virtually a member of the family. To the op, petition signed.
  3. And yet YPs get every intervention and chance going before they're banged up, Im certainly not rubbishing your efforts, you must have the patience of a Saint to work with them and I'm certainly not saying that intervention shouldn't be tried, but once it's failed and make no mistake, as the statistics prove, it fails very often, for serious offenders I say lock them up and warehouse them cheaply, no longer should innocent lives be put in danger by releasing dangerous people back on the streets who are likely to reoffend.
  4. So why is it that some of the latest figures (2018) show that of all those in custody over 60% will have served time for committing a prior offence?
  5. 12gauge82

    Euro election

    This is how I feel. Someone like Farage couldn't possibly be worse than Blair and he ran country for god knows how many years, a vote for any of the main parties is simply a vote for more of the same, lies, incompetence and descite, let's give someone fresh a go and see what happens.
  6. 12gauge82


    So sorry to read this, I know exactly how you feel, I lost a German shepherd 2 years ago to the same thing in very similar circumstances, I know its early days but you'll find another partner who can never replace but you will love equally, dogs find a way in to your heart like nothing else, they truly are man's best friend.
  7. The biggest issue in my opinion, is how are they going to ever restore any shred of faith in our political system, the lies that were told by most politicians, on both sides for their own gain has caused division I've never seen in this country. I think it's worth remembering it's the politicians who've caused these issues and not the people who voted, I hold no grudge against anyone who voted remain, they are perfectly entitled an opposing view, that is what democracy is all about, I am however annoyed at the politicians who have refused to action the result.
  8. I think something is amiss here, I haven't seen the said footage but I can only think he's received a fine for a public order offence, it is to my knowledge perfectly legal to cover your face in public.
  9. Again, I think he's about the only politician who has consistently said the same thing regarding leaving the EU since the start, I'm not sure I get what you think he's changed his mind on?
  10. I don't think Farage can be blamed for what's going on, he's not in a position to actually do anything, all the main party's particularly the Cons have done everything in their power to block him from helping, despite his offer as a go between with trump as they are very close, such is the fear from treasondisMay, she actually stipulated that trump not be allowed to meet Farage on his upcoming state visit. Your second point I feel unfair to, Farage has been crystal clear on the relationship he'd like us to have with the EU from the very day the leave vote won, he has stated many, many times he'd like a free trade deal with the EU, but if they won't we should walk away, aka hard brexit and retry negotiations from there, if they still won't see sense then we trade with the rest of the world, as it would still be better than where we are currently, I don't know how he could be any clearer to be honest. Regardless of what anyone's personal view of Farage is, I don't think anyone can fairly give him criticism on not being clear on where he stands with the EU, he must be the only politician (and his brexit party) with a totally honest and clear stated aim of what they want to achieve.
  11. I wasn't referring to your post, but the original and I'm pointing out that without knowing the back story, giving the cops criticism for trying to keep the streets safe is unhelpful, just look at whats going on in many major city's including London with people getting stabbed.
  12. I'm going to hold off bashing the cops, without knowing the background. If the items the op posted were taken from an individual up to no good, then that's job well done in my book, imagine if they'd stopped someone and thought "it's only a pair of scissors" only for someone to get stabbed with them later, I'm sure the same people criticising the police now, would also critisize them for not confiscating the items, the police really can't win sometimes.
  13. Maybe, it wouldn't surprise me, although the stated manifestos of both labour and the Conservatives was to leave the EU, how many people that would take in I don't know and time will tell. I just wish a Conservative leader that believed in brexit could have taken the helm after leave won the referendum, I think the UK would be in a vastly better position now and it wouldn't be long before even staunch remainers would of had to of admitted there were benefits to leaving, May must be one of the worst leaders the Cons have ever had. As it stands currently, if Mays deal gets through the only benefit I can see is leave and remain might not argue as much because they'll be united in agreeing Mays deal is a disaster.
  14. I refer to the vast majority who actually voted leave, most of those who were swingable, voted remain as every trick and horror story in the book was used before the referendum and anyone who could be swayed to vote remain would have been, I believe in another referendum their would be an even bigger leave majority.
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