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  1. A sensible answer. A real negative of brexit for me will be the relationship damage to many European countries across the water, like my post above says, any negotiation this big will have pros and cons both ways. I'd be very sad to see Scotland or Wales go it alone, I feel they are both part of my country and I very much like both the Welsh and Scots, I think it would be very bad for the UK or England if that's all that was left and would massively diminish the UK as a world power. All that said if the people of either of those countries/principality decide via demacratic vote they
  2. Well that shows how narrow minded your view of brexit is, with a fundamental change to how the UK operates bought on by brexit and all the changes that brings, even the most staunch remainder or brexiteer has to admit there will be pros and cons no matter what your overall opinion is. Simply put your views of brexit can't be taken seriously as your so bias you can't be taken seriously.
  3. Honest question for you, do you think there will be even one single positive benefit for the UK under a no deal brexit?
  4. I think the Royal family have always been involved in politics, all be it in a subtle way. I think their obvious support of shooting and its no secret the queen supports brexit.
  5. That's not what's happening, the UK is simply asking for a sensible trade deal, in the same manner any other free, sovereign nation would expect to trade, it would be in the UKs best interest and equally the peoples of Europes interest to, except the EU (I mean the unelected club not the continent) don't want that, they'd rather cut off their nose to spite their face, even if it harms the people of Europe. Well us "quilters" are more than happy with a no deal brexit, I've said from the start that's probably the best outcome as the EU (unelected club) will never act in good faith while we're a
  6. Yes I'm with the op on this one, to my knowledge by law for anyone else, once an item is handed over, an individual would be expected to take reasonable care of an item, considering he's paid the PO to take care and deliver it already, in my opinion if the post office loses it, it should be their responsibility to pay for said item
  7. Buyers I think these are illegal to use in Wales and Scotland, happy to be corrected if wrong however.
  8. 12gauge82


    That's spot on, but goes both ways, when driving and have come across the odd idiot on 2 wheels, i alow for the fact he's vulnerable and no matter how annoying give them space as no amount of annoyance is worth taking someones life. I think some on here need to calm down, what's a couple of minutes on a journey.
  9. 12gauge82


    Well we have a fundermental difference in how we view freedom and we're obviously not going to agree, which is fine, I'm just glad most in this country don't want to see that level of government interference yet.
  10. 12gauge82


    No I'm not, there's no need to licence cyclists as they pose a low risk of harm to the general public, a nuisance seems to be the issue and I value living in a free society. How about ID cards for all while we're at it and why stop there, let's GPS tag everyone and use facial recognition, after all, if you've nothing to hide there's nothing to fear.
  11. 12gauge82


    So you wouldn't be against airgun licensing then, after all its only so the offenders could be punished so wouldn't punish the decent people.
  12. 12gauge82


    The thing is, the laws are already there to deal with dangerous cyclist's, making further legislation will only punish the decent people. I can think of another sport like that, shooting anyone?
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