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  1. 12gauge82

    tison furey

    "Unarmed" 😂 Agree to disagree, deal 👍
  2. 12gauge82

    tison furey

    Well you've got your opinion and I've got mine, but it's clear to me you haven't a clue.
  3. 12gauge82

    tison furey

    I fought open class for the amateurs for many years and boxed from 8 until I finished competing at 29, I've sparred (obviously not on anywhere near their level) but with some now fairly well known names. I think I know a bit thanks Gordon. Sport is always marching forwards, boxing is no different, how often over the last number of years have athletes got slower or worse. Look at the size of the guys in Mike Tyson's era, then look back at Ali's, that in no way takes away from what these guys did, bit boxing has moved on.
  4. 12gauge82

    tison furey

    People are of course entitled to their opinion, but Tyson would loose badly in today's division and Ali wouldn't even be in it, I love nostalgia and I would never take away from what the greats of the sweat science achieved in their era's, but they wouldn't be effective competition today, people who know the sport wouldn't be disagreeing with me.
  5. 12gauge82

    tison furey

    Iron Mike was a great, no doubt about it, but there's equally no doubt what so ever, he'd not even be a contender in today's heavy weight division, he'd be a David Haye, a good boxer not physically big enough to compete with the big boys.
  6. 12gauge82

    9-5 rut

    Yes, if I remember correctly, you need the money 🤣
  7. 12gauge82

    tison furey

    Anyone who knows boxing will know that sport rarely goes backwards, Mike Tyson would have killed Ali and Tyson fury would beat either of them everyday of the week, he's virtually in a different weight division.
  8. I'm not so sure HS2 is a great idea to be honest, but that doesn't mean I think packham is wired up right either!
  9. 12gauge82

    Sharks fins

    The problem with a case like Cecil is simple, look at public perception of his killing, right the way around the world, lions are a vulnerable species and don't require commercial hunting. The damage done by that dentist wounding and then killing the lion the following day with a bow has done far more damage to public perception of all hunters than whatever good the money he paid to do it. I will call out anyone involved in hunting or shooting I believe to be wrong, whether that's hunting of endangered or vulnerable species, illegal killing of BOP or as in the case of this thread killing sharks for their fins, in my opinion, those supporting any of these practices are part of the problem and could well be responsible for the end of hunting in this country due to the public turning against us. I, like most on hear am a hunter, but I'm a conservationist first and believe you can't have sustainable hunting without putting sustainability first, whether that's on ethical or sustainable grounds.
  10. 12gauge82

    Sharks fins

    Agreed, but as responsible hunters, I feel if we don't speak out against those who get it wrong, it makes it very easy for the likes of packham to tar us all with the same brush and the public, who are already probably misguided and against hunting in general will rallie against us all. Spot on
  11. 12gauge82

    Sharks fins

    I've got to be honest, I'm against any hunting of endangered species, I don't believe it can ever be good for the preservation of a species in the long run.
  12. Much like the off topic section of pw 🤣
  13. Surprising really, maybe the flat earthers are on to something lol
  14. Im no expert but i don't believe a helicopter or most commercial planes fly high enough to get a conclusive view of the curvature of the earth, I await to be corrected if wrong however.
  15. 12gauge82

    Bug id

    Don't know about the bug, but the timber it's on looks like iroko.
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