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  1. Interesting post. It sounds like what your refering to is the kardashev scale, which has always interested me. I think by logical reasoning your pretty much spot on with your assumptions, although I'm not sure about the earthly objects, there's not much that can't be built, no mater how big, when you have hordes of expendable slaves at your disposal.
  2. I know we're going on a tangent here, however, I think it quite arrogant of us to believe we would have evidence of extraterrestrial visitors or their planets, and species with that much technology would surely be able to hide themselves from us if they so wished.
  3. Maybe, maybe not. The point is, the future is now in our hands,fingers crossed we'll make a success of it.
  4. Not necessarily. The UK is already a leader in AI, we have several founding companies and achievements. Whether we continue that trend is debatable, but if we continue to invest and be an attractive place for talent to come, it could be a real opportunity to be at the front of the second industrial revolution. I should have said third 😂
  5. I just find it an interesting insight into your views when you only seem to get involved in threads like these when people start getting angry about criminals, you then start slating their view points rather than the violent murdering criminals. Very strange view that, imo of course.
  6. Here he is, the caped defender. Wherever there's criminals, Henry won't be far away to defend them. Except when it affects him personally of course.
  7. It's teething problems, nothing more, nothing less. Give it a few years and they'll be sorted and Brexit will have bought countless opportunities for new employment and trade negotiations.
  8. No thanks, better things to do. Most on here will have witnessed your ridiculous doom mongering and will know what I'm referring to.
  9. And we would be if we didn't cling to the EU like a child to its mums apron strings, we've been hamstrung by bitter and/or scared remainiacs, but it's not a bad deal at first glance and we're a Million miles from the doom and gloom you predicted. I bet you feel rather foolish.
  10. So what's the alternative, allow them to sink our business and just watch? That's akin to telling someone being assaulted to just allow your attacker to carry on and not defend yourself. It's the EU who are playing games not the uk It's in the region of 100 billion euros that we buy more from them. They simply could not win a trade war with the UK and is one of the reasons the EU had to back down. The remainiacs really do look a bit silly now.
  11. I read an article the other day saying the government were looking at retaliatory measures due to this type of thing.
  12. Certainly an area that brexit could help the UK to trail blaze on, fingers crossed.
  13. Let's be honest, there has been next to no disruption, certainly nothing like the remainiacs predicted, they look rather silly now.
  14. We need a national drive to buy British produce where possible and with brexit its the perfect time to do it. I've been doing it recently and I know some others who are doing the same.
  15. That's not fair, he's probably been let down by the system and can't feed his family, you should be more charitable, maybe invite him round to take some more photos, give him some money at the same time, euros of course 💶 👍
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