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  1. I don't think your getting the fact it was a nation wide vote and not about your personal circumstances.
  2. Absolutely agree with this, particularly about NI being sold out, which is why I feel brexit isn't delivered until NI is treated the same as the rest of the UK.
  3. I usually get rid of the long line before rewarding for play, it's unlikely but I have seen an injury or two from a leg getting tangled, also goes without saying to be very careful with a long line if near traffic. Fantastic photo though 👍
  4. Actually, the situation in NI is thresa Mays fault, she set the wheels in motion for the issues now faced there. For me Brexit isn't delivered until the situation over their is resolved, we voted as one country and with NI being treated as part of the EU whilst the rest of the UK has left is totally unacceptable imo.
  5. No I don't, but it won't be mine or the UK's fault if Ireland and the EU decides to put a border in, the UK is now a sovereign nation again, who the hell are the EU to dictate we put virtual borders within our own country. Here's a question, why do you never criticise the EU? They have been nothing but difficult and hostile towards the UK and yet you blame the UK and our government for all the problems. Very true that 👍 Also spot on.
  6. Im not sure the brexiteers thought there was a neat solution, I'm a brexiteer and my opinion is we should tell the EU to do one. If they put a border been north and south that's up to Ireland and the EU but we certainly shouldn't have one in the Irish sea, NI is part of the UK, not the EU club.
  7. But the UK held a referendum on being in the European Union of which the single market is a part, we voted to leave so why should NI effectively remain in, while the rest of the country leaves?
  8. Yeah good way to injure a leg that. Cracking looking dog that 👌 They have Boerboels out there, some seriously powerful dogs to.
  9. I don't think he's half as bad as the media portray him, is he really any worse than Biden? I'd suggest he's actually far better.
  10. 12gauge82


    That really saddens me, it was one of my fondest memories as a child, it was so common I'd hear them constantly. I bet we've lost more than we realise, as its only when someone points something that's missing out, that I notice it's gone.
  11. What oil would you use as I want to bring the grain out, I've had them sand blasted and I think they'll need something I can spray apply as the beams in some places would be difficult to get a brush into, not to mention the time involved.
  12. Thank you gents, I believe the beams are elm, the woodworm has already been treated and the beatles killed off, I'll take a look at the suggestions so far
  13. But of advice. I've an old property with some very old beams that I would like to apply a clear finish to, the beams have been weather damaged and in places partly eaten by woodworm (since treated) anyone know any finishes I could spray on? Thanks in advance.
  14. 12gauge82

    Fury v Whyte

    You've stated a load of nonsense that I haven't said in an attempt to justify your daft argument. A conversation with yourself is a bit like a fight between Ali and Fury, and just like Ali would, you've found yourself massively outgunned in nearly every area 😂
  15. 12gauge82

    Fury v Whyte

    I'm not saying he couldn't compete but he wouldn't be holding on to any titles, a prime lennox Lewis would beat him, both klitschkos would have beat him, fury would beat him. Like I said, sport moves on, it's rare that it goes backwards. You never had one.
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