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  1. I don't think anyone is knocking Lewis Hamiltons talent as a racing driver, what people are commenting on is his hypocrisy by acting as if his ethnicity has held him back, he clearly has never been under privileged and I see no evidence his ethnicity has ever held him back, so I agree with many others on here that he needs to pipe down, especially when he's covered head to toe in logo's, getting paid by company's that used slave labour. He should stick to what he's good at in my opinion.
  2. Yes a good example of banter. People need to lighten up.
  3. https://www.screwfix.com/p/araldite-2-part-epoxy-adhesive-tubes-opaque-2-x-15ml/2457H?tc=LA8&ds_kid=92700048793315993&ds_rl=1249416&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9IX4BRCcARIsAOD2OB3EOSDRnsRYx-KhC56ZYvZcxf_1Mft3c7FnubxrXZkd2_EJqgzbqJsaAvmQEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Something like this, although you'll probably get it cheaper elsewhere.
  4. And I think that's where we're going wrong on racism in this country. Part of being British is taking the Mickey, often out of sensitive subjects or inappropriate comments between mates. Comments should be based on intent and if someone is genuinely offended, they should speak to the individual who offended them, the very vast majority of people in this country are not in the slightest racist, the problem is, all these reported instances of racism because if someone reports it, it becomes a racist incident whether it was intended to be or not. It's no wonder we have so many paranoid BLME people in the UK who genuinely believe half the population is racist.
  5. The problem with that is we are judging him with the hindsight of history. What if in a few hundred years eating meat was outlawed and we had society of vegans. Would we all judged to be evil for hunting or eating meat now, it is the way of things in the time we live and I don't suspect many of us have given it a second thought, should we be blamed for that. Laws are made often based on the collective morel's of societies opinion at the time, that is why you are judged innocent or guilty by 12 of your peers on a jury at crown court.
  6. Reading this thread I cant believe how many bitter people there are out there. People who have continued to work should just be greatful they still have employment, there are many who haven't, there's a thread on here from someone made redundant. Those who were furloughed have had no choice in it, suggesting they should solely pay for the scheme is ridiculous. I don't see why so many people are always looking at what everyone else is doing instead of focusing on their own fortunes. And before anyone starts I haven't missed a day since this crisis started and have worked extra to cover gaps for vulnerable people who have shielded.
  7. 12gauge82

    Fur Missile

    Amazing breed, ive got to admit I still prefer GSDs having had several over the years, I'm biased, but there's no denying that Malinois are incredible animals.
  8. Fair enough, the people who made the quote are very silly for saying it. Are all British lazy? Do Mexicans sleep all day? Do all polish people have a tremendous work ethic? I could go on and on, it's just so stupid.
  9. That's probably a good analysis, but I'd add we have a workforce completely demoralised by a system that they see not working for them. Despite being one of the richest countries in the world, we have one of the biggest disparity between rich and poor. I stand by my earlier statement about being a very small minded and silly post.
  10. I just think to tar an entire people from a nation with a blanket statement is small minded and very silly at best. Some of the hardest working people I've ever met are British, some of the laziest to, people are people no matter where in the world they're from.
  11. But what makes the British workers give poor productivity? I do hope your not suggesting that it's linked to being of British nationality. I think that's a very silly view point.
  12. I've got to be honest, anyone wanting to come should be vetted and I'd take nobody with a criminal record, but other than that, if they want to come, I say let them.
  13. Thank goodness. The remainers will thank us for it one day.
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