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  1. I think rather than focusing on legislation regarding weapons, nation states should be looking at society and what can be done to prevent radicalised or angry people from walking our streets.
  2. I've said all I'm going to say on this and we'll need to agree to disagree. Nothing has changed my opinion and likewise I'm sure others also feel the same. Wouldn't life be boring if we all thought the same. 👍
  3. Apologies for the misquote with hanging, but you have also herd of shooting the fastest and slowest dogs. I find that abhorrent.
  4. I've already posted about it. I've know of healthy dogs shot at 5 and 6, read walked ups post, I've also heard of the fastest and slowest dogs shot. I know it was in the past but he even mentioned hanging them. I know it's not all hunts, but do you think that an acceptable treatment of dogs?
  5. I think it'd be best if any further specific questions or comments to me on this subject come via pm as it's starting to hijack the thread. As far as I'm concerned I'm having a reasoned debate on my views towards hunts in general and the treatment of hounds by many of them, I've said my piece and think it's best to leave it there, I've intended to offend no one and am surprised at the anger it appears to have triggered in some on here. Yep no worries mate, you've been on here years and I know your a very reasonable person. The post above is not aimed at you, I was writing it as you posted. Probably best I leave this so others can contribute, if you want anything else I'm on pm.
  6. I expect you or anyone else to do nothing, we're just having a discussion 🤔. Where have I accused anyone turning a blind eye? I've said most people who have experienced hunts have probably herd or seen bad practices.
  7. The only people I've criticised are the hunts I've witnessed or known to do wrong and when I've expressed a personal opinion, if people can't handle me having a different view to them, maybe they should come off the Internet, as you'll always find a different view. I really don't understand all the anger (not referring to you), that's how antis behave. I've only come back because people keep directly talking to me. I'm more than happy to leave it.
  8. Few more than that. https://www.change.org/p/strengthen-the-ban-on-fox-hunting?cs_tk=Auud8QFVtPSNBQ7IaWEAAXicyyvNyQEABF8BvHFPv4lzxPK1cGxmpZ6gNkk%3D&utm_campaign=1dec990b52fd486baebffc7421b524e8&utm_content=initial_v0_3_0&utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_signer_receipt&utm_term=cs
  9. I wasn't going to comment any further but since it's obvious your referring to me, which has nothing to do with this thread I will. I'm really not a troll, I'm simply worried about the image of our sport as I've replied several times. At what point is it okay to close your eyes to certain practices, I've already given one like the killing of bop and there are many others. I'm obviously not comparing that to legally euthanising dogs as happened on this occasion, but you can't deny the hunts have done their fair share of shady practices. Anyway to sum up I have my opinion, you have yours, it doesn't make me or you a troll, although at least I've made a contribution, your just constantly chucking digs my way.
  10. Oh jesus, good luck, once started on the bite work, they spend more time in the air than on the ground 👍
  11. Absolutely, fingers crossed mate 🤞
  12. Ajs biggest weakness is his lack of footwork, he can't hit fury if his feet can't get him into position to be effective quick enough. I believe he'd dispose of aj easier than wilder, but I'd love to see it to find out if I'm right 👍
  13. I'm not going to reply to the individual points as I feel I've had more than my say on all this already and addressed most of them if you read back anyway. Its just my view and everyone is obviously welcome to theirs 👍
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