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  1. Sounds like you've got it in hand, they are definitely more independent thinking than say a GSD. If he likes the bite, don't over egg the bite work as he could become a bit bite drunk, dogs with high bite drive need to spend 90% training to control the urge to bite. But if you've got an ex police dog trainer they'll keep you right. A Mali is a different dog to a gsd, it's a bit like the reliable mondao vs a ferrari, the mallis make their decisions and act on them quicker, which means you need to be one step ahead to. Do keep us updated 👍
  2. It'll be freeze dried which will add to the manufacturing costs, but as a company I like eden. The food I use is good value for the ingredient list.
  3. Ive never tried the semi moist, but have had good results on eden working food, only issue I've had with it is it can be too rich for some dogs, mostly smaller ones. But on the whole it's been great.
  4. I've always found dogs like that are always wary of drunk people. If he's going to just be a pet I'd definitely work on Pablos socialisation, you could ask a few strangers to him, to give him a reward so he doesn't always see strangers as bad. Also worth remembering calm training usually works much better with malinois, shout at him for barking and he's likely to fire up even more. Some people are idiots though, they'll come straight up and try to pet a dog like that saying it's okay, I've got a dog, even when a fool can clearly see from a distance the dog isn't welcoming. I've even known drunken idiots trying to pet trained protection dogs, that definitely isn't going to end well. Beautiful looking dogs though, keep up the good work and if you think your nuts having a couple of malis, it could always be worse, you could go to the next level and have a couple of dutch herders, they can be a real headache in the wrong hands and even in the right ones sometimes.
  5. Sacrificed his cousin for what though? In my opinion he sacrificed his own family for the greater good of our country, which is quite a selfless thing to do in many ways. But I appreciate you take a different view.
  6. By 1917 they were under house arrest and rescue would have been exceedingly difficult. King George put country in front of his own personal family, I don't think your being very fair.
  7. Up until now I've ignored your posts on this thread but if you were honest you'd accept the entire world was caught out by the corona virus and its hardly surprising. Its a new disease that is highly contagious and has many A symptomatic spreaders, any party of any colour was always going to be on the back foot under those conditions. I really don't see the point your trying to make?
  8. This I'm not tory in the slightest but believe Boris has done a fantastic job in some of the most difficult circumstances since WW2. The only other politicians I'd like to see in the top spot at present is probably Farage or Jacob Rees Mogg
  9. I'm really enjoying GB news, they discuss issues that affect us all, they allow both sides to give there arguments and allows the viewer to decide what's right, which is very refreshing from the normal hard left BBC or sky tripe.
  10. Sounds brilliant to be honest. In the uk you can't **** without offering someone.
  11. 12gauge82


    Agreed, I have had many a debate on this subject with Henry D. I've got to be honest I really can't follow their logic, not knocking that they think differently to me, but I just don't get it.
  12. Dry food doesn't get much better than that I'd say.
  13. As above, most likely stuck down with silicone or grip fill ect
  14. Thanks for the reply. I know what you mean about junkies, I went first in about 2005 and it was bad enough then. Went back in 2018 and it was 10x worse. But other than that I loved the place and the people. Different strokes and all that 👍
  15. Got to be honest I loved Edinburgh on the occasions I've been. If you don't mind, what didn't you like about it?
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