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  1. Its hardly a conspiracy theory, I think there are many in all party's who are prepared to do virtually anything to block brexit.
  2. It shows yet another plot to prevent brexit in the Conservative party, they will probably insert someone like Gove, who is nothing more than a remainer in leavers clothing.
  3. More spin from the government trying to suppress the brexit party. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7090623/Farage-says-poll-underplays-Brexit-Party-surge-hiding-voters.html
  4. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1134150/Brexit-news-brexit-party-nigel-farage-european-election-general-election-eu
  5. They're totally delusional, or more accurately will twist anything to suit their agenda, which is to block brexit.
  6. Or we leave under wto on the 31st of October as is the current default position, thereby finally honouring the 2016 referendum result.
  7. Some of these politicians are deluded, if this carrys on as it is currently with the brexit party leading the pack, for anyone to claim we need another referendum or that leavers didn't know what they voted for would just be laughable.
  8. Got me there, I don't know Rabbs shooting stance, I'm sure someone will be along to enlighten us soon.
  9. Sometime after 10 I believe Beat me 👍 I agree, personally I can't stand Gove and I think he's another one who will run with the foxs and the hounds.
  10. I don't think nigel wants to be there, remember, his quest to get us out of the EU would see him out of a job, I don't think he'd be doing this if he had ulterior motives.
  11. I would say it more accurate that UKIP has been infiltrated by unsavoury people.
  12. Send Farage as the uks negotiater, they'd know he wasn't messing about. I'd love to watch that, the EU would be forced to give us a free trade deal or watch its prized golden egg laying goose Swan off to America and else where.
  13. I think you could well be right re. Boris. He did after all right two speeches, one why the country should remain, the other leave. I think he's more concerned with winning the top job than anything else, including brexit.
  14. I just pray you don't own a dog because if you think treating one like that is okay, your not fit to own one.
  15. It would appear so. Its pretty obvious that the EU are petrified of a real brexit, aka "hard" brexit, otherwise they wouldn't keep extending the supposed time limit.
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