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  1. I don't think anyone slated landrovers, I've owned landrovers for years and would never be without at least one defender, but your not buying trouble free motoring and that's a fact.
  2. For the rare occasions my dogs don't go while out on a walk I've simply taught my dogs to go in one corner, if you train them properly there's no need to section the garden off, not that I would anyway. To the op definitely go lawn.
  3. Couldn't agree more chaps.
  4. As you say, what do they expect, other than Megan (who can't fly due to pregnancy) the royal family is white, when they're only allowed 30 guests it's hardly surprising that white family members turn up. 😂😂😂
  5. Well my starter motor has gone this morning so that's my days shooting ruined 😂
  6. You raise a good point there. I did some reading on the case and I've got to be honest, in my opinion it is far worse than the George Floyd case. The guy shot was not a known scum bag, Floyd was. To the best of my knowledge, the guy shot had done nothing wrong, Floyd had and was also high on drugs at the time, I've seen no evidence of racism in either case yet, obviously its possible in the Floyd case, but I think it unlikely or we'd already have hears about it. The biggest question for me in this is, Where's the outrage in that shooting? I'm sure Henry will be along to enlighten m
  7. Your right it wasn't far off. You could see the cop enjoying the power, I think when he pulled the trigger it may have shot him as a genuine reaction to him making a reaching movement behind his back, however the cop caused it with his ridiculous instructions while he was on a power trip, in my view if in UK law that was manslaughter at least. Our police would never get away with acting like that thank god.
  8. You need to get a dog 😂
  9. Most of your post talks Alot of sense but you have a huge chip on your shoulder about men, I don't know a single bloke that agreed with trans men being allowed in women's toilets or competing in women's sports. Just take a look on the net there's literally thousands of men voicing their concerns. Most men are good people, just like women.
  10. I remember him giving his vison for the big society, we're all in it together, no surprise he's just another one with his snout in the trough.
  11. I'm with you on this, that was one of the most shocking police shootings I've seen, I don't even know where to begin on everything that officer did wrong.
  12. 12gauge82


    It's old but this displays there sheer arrogance of the BBC.
  13. 12gauge82


    The BBC is a vile organisation that preys on the vulnerable and elderly, they send threatening letters to people who have done nothing wrong and hide behind laws passed by government that allows them to do it. Its a national disgrace.
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