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  1. I can't stand either of them but I believe the pair of them are shrewd operators. Their message might appear blunt and over simplistic, probably because it is, but it speaks to their supporters and we are probably heading for another indy ref in the not too distant future.
  2. When I say put others in fear, I mean making threats to kill ect, which is already covered as a specific offence anyway.
  3. Just treat them with the importance they deserve, which is none. Just ignore them and alow their hate to eat them up. Free speach should never be stopped, even when offensive. As long as it's not calling for genuine violence or aimed to put others in fear it should be allowed,with an equal right to reply and disagree.
  4. 😂 Dogs are a distinctively different animal to a wolf as we both know, your comment does make me chuckle though. The thing is dogs are a comparatively very minor problem for the curlew, the biggest problem is habitat loss and intensive farming.
  5. Well I'm certainly not supporting marauding dogs destroying curlew nesting sites, where exactly do you think a dogs natural surroundings is?
  6. As said by JKD it looks from the photos that the stone walls weren't raked out deep enough and just a veneer of cement put over the top. Hard to tell from the photos though.
  7. Yes good spot. Thanks for that 👍
  8. Yes they can. The law is set so that if you receive any live TV at all, including other channels without a licence, your guilty of an offence
  9. Completely agree, but considering the millions of people in the county, you'd think someone would take it forward as a matter of principle. As for point 4,ive also pondered this, considering the BBC is effectively backed by government with laws passed that allow the BBC to harass law abiding people and the fact harassment is a criminal offence, how has the BBC not been prosecuted and if they do, is the government complicit.
  10. I do not understand why the BBC gets away with acting like this. Imagine if any other private company assumed you had used its services with no evidence and sent you threatening letters and agents out who demanded access to your house, with no evidence at all, many of which are old or vulnerable, on what planet is that not harassment. How has the BBC not been sued?
  11. I'm disgusted at some of the vile fools and the posts against this national hero. But at the same time I believe they must be allowed to say offensive things, and others must be allowed to reply,without people being prosecuted, it is after all part of what people like Sir Tom fought and died for.
  12. This lock down has really bought some really small minded people out of the woodwork who think they have some sort of higher knowledge and should be able to dictate how everyone else should behave.
  13. What's wrong with Barbados in December?
  14. Spot on. Life will always have idiots, let's not treat everyone like one for the few that cause the problems.
  15. Although I obviously also feel for the guy, this sums up my thoughts also.
  16. I'm no conspiracy theorist but this time there's some very interesting questions to be asked. It's far from clear but looks very unlikely the official version is correct.
  17. Like I said earlier, I'm not a fan of the guy personally, but as a president I think he's done a good job and as a UK citizen, he's certainly put his hand towards us in friendship, despite some of our petty politicians sniping at him.
  18. Not all good and in some ways worse. I've bought a fair bit of property in Scotland and when the market is on the up. Sealed bids can push prices to silly money. Swings and roundabouts and all that.
  19. I don't like trump as a person, he's childish, rude, petty, self serving and arrogant. But I cat see how as a president he's done worse than any of the others, I certainly prefer him to Obama or either of the Clinton's and he's tried his best to be the UK's friend despite Theresa May and many others doing their best to offend him, he was more stately than many of his distracters and rose above a lot of it.
  20. I've had a very look around on google, there is an official Swedish report that admits the Swedish were doing it and its no secret when the USSR fell, half the western world were grabbing whatever they could before bent Russia officals sold everything on the black market anyway.
  21. Appoliges, well known by the Russians and Wisley accepted now.
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