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  1. RimFire and mice your absolutely right. Maybe I'm just old and grumpy 😂
  2. In my opinion it won't matter who takes over, it's the same old politics, with the same old cronies. Nothing will change until the populous shows them we're prepared to vote for real change if they won't.
  3. I'd also like to add it is some of my family that are resting in those graves in foreign lands. Them and many like them are the reason you can speak as you do, no matter how ridiculous I believe your opinions are, I would also fight to ensure we are all allowed to continue to express them.
  4. What on earth are you rambling on about?
  5. Excellent post that and I agree completely. I'm sure virtually nobody wants to see a far right party get in, I certainly don't. The problem for years has been the voting choice for the British public has been either the Conservatives a centralist party who talk a good game but in reality have some leftist policices and Labour, who are a leftist party who at times virtually border on extreme left. Neither party will change those policies, even if they will say what the electorate want to hear at times because both partys know they're running in a two horse race where they will take turns at winning. It is long past time that these partys need showing that we're not afraid to give other parties a try if they continue to refuse to deliver what the general public, but particularly the working class want.
  6. I'll answer that, when the British public decide to elect a party right of the Conservatives! Until then, nothing will change.
  7. That's another element I meant to comment on. I also don't believe one man with a grudge should be able to bring down a government, that's also a slippery slope. However the rest of my post I stand by, its a rotten barrel and needs clearing out.
  8. What this whole saga says to me, is this country needs a massive change with our whole political system. Our politicians can't be trusted and there appears to be no proper mechanism in place to ensure they abide by the rules. If a police officer were caught dealing drugs or breaching some other law, you would expect the book to be thrown at them and rightly so, as they would have breached the laws they were meant to be upholding, there are many mechanisms in place to prevent that type of corruption. It appears politicians have broken the very laws they invented and we're not just talking one or two, it's loads of them and it appears many others knew and were happy for it to go on and not report it and would appear not alot can be done about it. The whole thing stinks, it's an apple rotten right the way to the core and it needs to be completely thrown out!
  9. I get why he's annoyed, he's spent the last two years sticking to the law as he believed it necessary for the good of his fellow citizens, particularly the old and vulnerable, I'm also sure it will have negatively affected his business, he's now discovered he was hoodwinked by the very people who made the rules he followed, as they clearly haven't followed their own laws. Now imagine how angry someone who lost a family member is, where the last time they saw them they went into hospital and were blocked from seeing them.
  10. 😂 No I get your point, but it's the hypocrisy of it, it is the very people who have forced others to be shut in doors and the obvious consequences of the laws they made, who have then breached them. Its something akin to police officer dealing drugs, they should absolutely know better and practice what they preach, or they're not fit to hold public office. They should be held to a higher standard than the wildest general public.
  11. But in this instance, during the period reported, that had been banned under the very laws they made. That is just completly unacceptable.
  12. It would appear it is ground hog day indeed! Its not about you, or me. It's the fact the very people who took everyone's rights away, even if it was for the right reasons, appear to have breached their own laws, it doesn't get any more serious than that and if you are either too naive to see they weren't working (which was a breach of their own laws), or can't grasp the seriousness of that, im obviously not going to be able to get you to understand the implications, you are of course entitled to your opinions, as I am to mine, I'll happily agree to disagree.
  13. I'm just amazed you either don't care that yours and others lives were restricted, some of which very severly, while the pm advised people to rat on their neighbours if they saw them not complying with the new Covid laws, or your that gullible you don't believe they broke the rules they set for everyone else. I'm sure that wasn't before you got behind the wheel of your bus 😂
  14. Do you bring your own booze to your work place?
  15. So you want to build a pyramid scheme?
  16. And why should we have to accept anyone, particularly economic migrants? The UK already has a fantastic record when it comes to offering shelter to genuine refugees, we need no lessons from the continent!
  17. You try telling that to someone that lost a loved one in hospital, the last time them seeing them as they went into hospital, never allowed to see them again, all for the greater good, not even allowed into their funeral due to the maximum set by the government, all while they enjoy a party in downing Street. Sorry its not going to wash with the public. I'm amazed anyone finds that acceptable. I have also worked right the way through this pandemic.
  18. You can twist it however you want but there were severe restrictions placed on peoples lives, as I've already mentioned. For the government who imposed those restrictions to them ignore there own rules is beyond hypocrisy and in my opinion anyone who is unconcerned about that should have a good think about the implications of that.
  19. By law, you weren't allowed out of your house. Good reason or not, that is draconian, I can't think of a more severe order our government could give to innocent citizens outside of a war.
  20. Its not acceptable. They set some of the most draconian laws and imposed them on the population, making changes to some people's lives that can never be rectified or forgotten. The least they should have done is stuck to those laws themselves, but they didn't.
  21. The Conservatives have gone too far this time, although I'm not suggesting any other party would have acted better. The point is, they've locked people in their houses, stopped people from seeing their loved ones before they died, criminalised otherwise law abiding people, stopped people sending off loved ones at funerals, while ignoring the very laws they made. There is no excuse, the question now is why should anyone bother listening to the law?
  22. Who you vote for is up to you. I'm voting reform at the next election if possible. If the UK population doesn't change its voting habits, nothing will ever change and those that continue with the same binary voting habits can hardly complain about the same unresolved issues this country faces.
  23. There's already other partys to vote for, it's people that need to change their thinking that's there's only two options at the ballet box.
  24. If we don't give the tories something to worry about with a credible threat that another party that isn't more left leaning than them might get in, nothing will ever change. I'm done with the two party system we have in this country.
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