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    Job advice

    I'd take oowees advice he's spot on. And I'll add, I don't believe the world is that uncertain, there's a huge shortage of employees at the moment, now is a good time to step up and take a risk.
  2. Yeah there's been a huge swing away from that and it's the quality of the jobs to. It's going to take a long time to turn it around and change attitudes but at least it's a start.
  3. Going back on topic, I think the UK US and AUS has played a blinder, catching the Chinese off guard and securing our trade routes into the future. I think it shows what can be achieved by the UK free of the EU. And the latest news with record demand for employees now many EU workers have gone home is fantastic. It feels like the start of rebuilding the UK to its former glory.
  4. Well coming from someone with first hand experience is good enough for me.
  5. Not surprising really when you put it like that.
  6. That's news to me, I thought religious slaughtered meat was done in large batches and an entire load would be sent out. I was told most meat is halal slaughtered, but that could be wrong?
  7. Thanks for the info. But it just goes to show it was never adhered to anyway.
  8. It's well known and documented epstein kept relations with many influencel people in positions of power. Is alleged suicide was also very suspicious. Why don't you do a bit of research.
  9. To avoid abuses, European law, the Dublin Regulation, requires that asylum seekers have their asylum claim registered in the first country they arrive in,[6] and that the decision of the first EU country they apply in, is the final decision in all EU countries. However, among some asylum seekers, the fingerprinting and registration is vehemently resisted in countries that are not considered asylum-seeker friendly, as they often wish to apply for asylum in Germany and Sweden where benefits are more generous.[
  10. Not while we were at war with them though. I really do question your logic 😵😵😵🤣
  11. Talk about whatever you want, the more ridiculous the post, the more entertaining it is. Well I didn't think your analogy had any likeness, I actually thought it a bit ridiculous, but that's just my personal opinion. I agree the lead up is probably more important, but it's the whole picture that counts of which stunning is a part and this thread is specifically about labeling of non stunned meat so I'm not sure what your point is there? There posts weren't mentioned as imo they weren't being ridiculous, but I guess that depends on your perspective.
  12. I know little about fishing so maybe someone else can give a better answer, apart from the fact it'd be rather difficult to bring a electrical stun device everytime you went fishing, I don't think a fish can be compared to a cow or pig, just like it would be silly to compare a human to livestock. Also, as pointed out by others, I think there's a distinction between wild animals allowed to live as nature intended and then killed as nature intended compared to a captive animal reared for the sole purpose of slaughter for consumption. In the latter case everything reasonable should be done to elevate unnecessary suffering.
  13. Your right it is only a part of the process and the long distance travel of livestock has already been banned thanks to our exit of the EU. If this new legislation is passed it will help to minimise another bit of unnecessary suffering for many animals, you'll be glad to know that it will not ban the sale, just allow people to make a choice.
  14. To be fair I'm not sure I'd rush to go to a foreign country where I don't know the legal system for a court case if I didn't have to even if I was innocent and I'm not saying he is, just that he's innocent until proved otherwise.
  15. Those talking like Prince Andrew abused a underage child might do well to remember he is innocent until proved guilty and since some of those offences are alleged to of happened whilst in the UK why hasn't he been called in by the UK police for interview. Also why has the accuser not named anyone else, since she claims to have been pimped out by epstein. I'm not saying no offences took place, simply asking logical questions.
  16. So that's your contribution then, not much of an argument for your point 😜 Glad it amused you though 👍 I believe its what hunters have done since the dawn of time. I've shot plenty in my time, but anyone who gets pleasure from watching an animal suffer more than necessary needs to see a doctor and no shooter I ever met has made me believe different. This legislation if passed will be another benefit of Brexit, as I believe it is only possible due to us leaving the EU.
  17. I agree, is that how you hunt deer in the wild? Or could it be that your analogy had no relevance to my thread about labeling non stunned meat?
  18. Going by your analogy would you hunt deer in an enclosed space by cornering it and slitting its throat? As hunters we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the most humane kill possible, I've not taken many shots I didn't feel very confident wouldn't end in a humane death. I believe we owe to the animals we hunt and rear for our consumption, the most humane death we can give them and I don't see what's wrong with that view? Just to add, I posted my reply before reading the very well written posts from Deker and harkom and they mirror my thoughts exactly. I really am supprised any shooters and country men wouldn't be behind legislation allowing people to choose, remember its not a ban (although I think it should be imo) but legislation forcing manufacturers to label their products so people can choose for themselves.
  19. I couldn't agree more which is why the system needs changing, the minimum wage needs to go up or benefits need cutting or a combination of the two, or people should be made to work to receive their benefits to make an incentive to work. There are many solutions to this problem but as mentioned above, the government lacks the appetite to change it, while hard working people are forced to live on the bread line to pay for others to sit on their ****.
  20. I don't believe there will be any mission creep with this legislation. I personally don't see any issue with giving the public the choice to decide if they want to buy humanely slaughtered meat. Shooting wild animals (or semi wild in the case of pheasants) is a very different kettle of fish and I don't think there's a more humane way to put meat on the table than bagging a wild rabbit for the pot, or stalking a deer for the table.
  21. I don't know but I wouldn't have thought it'd make much difference to the price if a cow, pig or sheep is stunned before slaughter and even if it did, if it wasn't a big difference, I think people would pay it, if you look at eggs, the vast majority sold now are free range, despite being a fair bit more expensive.
  22. A new bill is being considered over humanely slaughtered meat which would label non stunned meat allowing the consumer to choose. If passed I think this would be an excellent law that is well overdue. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9987621/Welfare-labels-meat-say-animal-killed.html
  23. Bravecto is prescription only, it looks expensive on the face of it but it does cover against fleas for a full 3 months which also covers their entire life cycle. I know I sound like a rep but can assure you I'm no connection, just have lots of dogs and lived in many different areas and tried many different products and it's the only one I trust 100% to destroy all fleas, I've never seen one since I changed to it.
  24. Couldn't agree more 👍
  25. Well done for pulling yourself up, it's not easy but your story shows it absolutely can be done if someone wants to. Its a very easy fix if politicians had the drive to do it, unfortunately most of the Conservatives are liberals themselves, we haven't had a centralist, let alone right wing government for years.
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