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  1. I hope not, anything this country needs to sustain itself should be produced here. I realise we can't necessarily produce all raw materials to do that, but anywhere that's possible, we should. If a war that threatened our nations survival broke out again, as an island we are hard to invade but alot easier to blockade. History tells us, just as the invasion of Ukraine, that despite often obvious warning signs, the world totally misses them and war at the time seems to start without warning.
  2. Can't argue with that. I believe we actually share many of the same views but look at solutions from different sides 👍
  3. You could equally say, where are the services to help the UK's old, poor, homeless, mentally ill, even the working class who are now struggling to feed their families and unable to get dentists, hospital appointments, surgery ect. My list could go on and on. If we can't fix our own major issues first, why should the British public pay for people who aren't citizens, when they can't even pay for their own needs? Once that's sorted, I'm all for helping others.
  4. Surely your fishing for sport?
  5. This is spot on. I'd also add it highlights the two tier system in this country, civil law is only open to the very wealthy and allows a privileged few to attempt to manipulative some of the most important issues in life, that option simply wouldn't be open to the vast majority of the UK. Gina Miller and Brexit blocking the government, Rwanda deportations, Prince Andrew effectively paying off and silencing his accuser, where others would have possibly ended up in jail.
  6. Absolutely this. Its a ticking time bomb, is costing the country billions and is simply unsustainable.
  7. I'm definitely going to borrow that in future.
  8. That's absolutely brilliant 😂😂😂🤣👏👏👏👌
  9. "ever closer union" is one of their core stated strategies. That means their ambition is to become one entity. It literally couldn't be clearer!
  10. You can laugh but it's a well known fact. The EUs ultimate goal is to become one giant country under one governance (the EU commission). It would make little sense for the states of the EU to be competing with each other, hence the different sector splits. If what I've stated is not correct, then why were the french given the farming sector at the UK's expense? That's despite the UK being more efficient at it at the time? We then had to pay a tax to the EU which was used to help French farmers at UK farmers expense. You simply couldn't make it up.
  11. Tony Blair opened the flood gates to what is currently happening with his vision of multi cultural Britain. I believe what really drove his intentions was an idea to shore up the UK's aging population with cheap foreign labour, which would also have secured our place as one of the cogs in the giant machine that is the EU. Just as Germany controls high skilled manufacturing, France was gifted farming, the UK was to become a low pay, low skill and services economy. Thank god we never joined the Euro and voted out before our fate was sealed.
  12. Same experience for some of my family last Friday. No problem re-entering the UK at all.
  13. Quite right, seldom anything in life, but particularly something as complex as brexit is black and white. Although I would suggest Covid is the current driver of inflation at the moment.
  14. You mentioned one above. People on minimum wage, are already being paid more due to the lack of cheap labour that used to flood this country from the EU. Many of those willing and able to work can now get a job. Like I said earlier, brexit in many ways was a victory for the little man.
  15. Not to mention there's far more to quality of life and even wealth for the vast majority of uk citizens, particularly at the bottom of the tree, than measuring it using as blunt a tool as raw economic growth. While I'm sure the likes of big uk ceos are disappointed, brexit will almost certainly be of overall benefit to the little man on the street.
  16. The french are simply behaving like toddlers having a tantrum because they didn't get what they want. I think any sensible person that voted brexit would have expected no less from some of our so called European parrners. I'm sure it will all die down soon or they will damage their own economy. At the end of the day all it does is show the UK was right to leave, who wants countries like Spain and France able to influence the UK's laws, when they act in spite when not getting their own way.
  17. If that's the best you can find against him, he'd get my vote for PM. Its well documented that he didn't bother going to many of their meetings as he knew the EU were impossible to reform and the only way for change was to leave, which as we all know he's achieved. Probably one of the most successful politicians of our time and not even an elected MP, not that he wants to be. Those who want power, probably shouldn't have it. I'd love to see farage get a crack at running this country.
  18. Fair enough, although in my personal view I think it wrong. the argument that Russia is somehow liberating Ukraine is a nonsense, if they were, the Ukrainians would be welcoming them with open arms the moment the Russian armour rolled in, Ukraine would have fallen in days like Afghanistan did after the Americans left. as has been documented, the exact opposite was true, look at the fiece resistance across most of the country, they've fought to the last man in some areas. The analogy of ww2 is also relative, yes a very different war and driving factors, but very similar in that an aggressor has attacked and invaded, a free, self governing country, Ukraine has every right to defend itself to the last man if they decide. Which is exactly what the UK had planned if the nazis had initiated op sea lion and invaded Great Britain, take a listen to Churchills famous speach.
  19. Got to be honest, I think that's arrogant. Who the hell is Russia, or anyone else to invade a country and then mock Ukraine for having the audacity to fight back. I really don't understand your thought process.
  20. Agreed, it's why I couldn't be bothered to give an in depth answer to his post. Anyone who believes Putins actions are okay, is not going to be convinced otherwise with reasoned and logical debate as their viewpoint is completely the opposite. It's rather like adding 2+2 and coming up with 48472192748302849472
  21. Sure, that's why putin immediately moved on Kiev when he invaded.
  22. Here's a simple question. Do you agree with Russia invading Ukraine or not?
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