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  1. Teacher bashing!!

    Nope - tuition fees of £9k a year, maintenance loan of £6-8k per year, without earning £45 a week in the meantime, and you start paying that £60k (plus interest) back as soon as your salary goes over £22k, for the next 30 years. Edit: a small saving grace is that the loan payments come out before tax. If I had to make the choice again now, I would think twice about doing a degree.
  2. Teacher bashing!!

    Working in shops and factories doesn't require you to do a 4-year training course, racking up a debt of around £60k on current figures...
  3. Teacher bashing!!

    I came from a teaching family, and am married to one... Fairly obviously, I also therefore know quite a few teachers socially - I can't think of a single one who doesn't spend upwards of a quarter of their "generous holiday allowance" doing yet more school work. I don't think I would do it for the money they get. In fact, I don't think I could do it for any money.
  4. a big thank you to walker 570

    How did you get the pattern on the blade? Etched? I thought it was a pattern wielded blade until I read the bit about it being a left-over sliver of O1. Very nice gesture, and a very cute little blade.
  5. Perazzi cracked forend again!

    Oops! Forgot this bit Need to remove the stress raiser (sharp angle at the end of the crack) to stop the crack propagating any further. I suspect this wasn't done the first time, and as Daf says, using the wrong glue makes it a bit of a pig to get anything else to stick.
  6. Perazzi cracked forend again!

    Epoxy and pin is the way to go. Something like Aerolite? Plus a couple of 3mm pins, toothed up and set below the surface, then fill the pin holes with more epoxy, mixed with the dust from drilling the pin holes.
  7. Just a teaser .....................

    Nice job - looking forward to the finished article.
  8. Weather forcast

    Love it! (And so true... )
  9. Antler Pieces for sale

    PM sent
  10. Antler Pieces for sale

    Could I have the top right one as I'm looking at it, please? I am seeing your tape measure at the top of the picture, so of the two forks closest to the tape, it's the one closest to the two antler rolls, if that makes sense?
  11. Smallish hunter knife

    Is that an integral, or grey scales? Looks very handsome - any pics of the spine to see your filework?
  12. Here we go again Another probable wazzing.

    Signed. And replied to the consultation as well Just how it will do some good...
  13. Leatherwork part 2

    Nice work, that
  14. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Looking good, dm. (Not jealous at all, honest... )
  15. "im mainly (at it again)"

    ^^ This... Sandwiching a layer of hard steel between two softer layers is called san-mai, and is quite a common technique - gives a very hard edge, supported by softer, tougher sides. Japanese swords achieve the same effect by differential hardening: the spine of the blade is coated with clay to make it retain the heat longer. The blade is quenched edge-first into water, which makes the edge extremely hard, but the heat retained in the spine allows the quench, resulting in a softer, tougher temper. The difference in the crystal structure of the steel across it's width is what makes the blade curve - they are originally forged straight! This also makes them prone to breakage in the quench... I have some photos of a tanto I made which show this quite well - LINK