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  1. Then how do gunsmiths get on with crimping mag tubes and re-proofing to turn a section 1 into section 2? I was looking at a Franchi AL48 on the "bargain bin" rack at Saddlery & Gunroom a short while ago, and was very tempted until I noticed it was S1. "No problem", they said, "we can do the crimp and re-proofing for £45". (Sort of regretting not buying it now 😟
  2. Vendor is not a Pigeonwatch member: you'll need to use the contact numbers in the advert.
  3. CaptainBeaky


    Started with judo when I was 8. Discovered jujitsu at 18, and been doing that ever since, with a few forays into karate, western fencing and HEMA. Now studying iaido as well - much kinder on my aging joints (seated kata excepted 😖... ) Definitely!
  4. CaptainBeaky


    This, in spades. Just started a class, as a gentler way of maintaining the flexibility from nearly 50 years of martial arts training. Most of my dojo time is spent teaching these days, and the accumulated aches and pains mean free play time is restricted - there is a definite limit to the number of times I can hit the mat in a session! First yoga session went by in a flash, and I didn't regret it massively the following day, which I must admit is what I had expected. Give it a try - you may find it works for you.
  5. Only caught the second half, as I'd forgotten to set the recorder. Highlight for me was Tuiliagi's monster tackle on the Irish 13, who took a pass then took the hit, getting shunted back about 6 feet by Tuiliagi, who appeared to be taking the shortest route to get to the ball - straight through... I'll bet the lad is feeling that this morning.
  6. Page not working at all on Opera 😡 Could only read the first comment by some utter James Kirk...
  7. Sounds like they got a bit confused taking the oath... "We are conscientious objectors to firearms ownership, but if you pay us enough we will do it anyway". Looks like they took the Hypocritic Oath instead 😡
  8. Another one to try - especially off you have had the filter cover and/or the carb off - check you have got the carb and filter seals in place. If they are slightly mis-placed, the thing won't start. Don't ask me how I know...
  9. Doesn't that come under "cruel and unusual punishment"? 😒
  10. If it has a 6-shot cylinder, it's Section 1.
  11. Don't forget, it wasn't originally a lavish production - it was intended to be a cheap space opera, with a lot of the cast paid on a profits basis. A lot of the props are recycled bits of other stuff - like the light sabres. Once the first film was a runaway success, they kept the weapons and stuff the same for continuity.
  12. Hi GR Didn't know you were on here as well 😉 Great write-up 👍
  13. Fair enough 🙂 I'd be interested to know how well the bluing lasts on the blade.
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