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  1. CaptainBeaky

    Passing Out

    Congratulations to you and the lad 😁
  2. CaptainBeaky

    Ye Gods Kleenex

    They are now to be re-named "Internet Porn Size"...
  3. CaptainBeaky

    Red Kitten

  4. CaptainBeaky

    Mrs. webber R I P

    My condolences to you and your family.
  5. CaptainBeaky

    Well it's done .....

    Very impressive 👍
  6. CaptainBeaky

    2 Excellent Torches. Olight Nightmaster

    As above - I'd be interested in the Triton if you would split. 😀
  7. CaptainBeaky


    The timing does cast some doubt, but not beyond belief- from a quick read around the subject, a lot of assaults go unreported at the time, due to trauma, embarrassment, fear of not being believed, fear of being found at fault ("she was drunk/wearing inappropriate clothing/'inviting it'"). An (alleged) assailant being appointed to the highest office might just be the trigger to go public. Or, it might be a cynical attempt to block an appointment for political reasons. What would, I think, be creditable is for the same standard of proof to be applied to both sides, rather than the present rather childish partisan mud-slinging. I have very little hope of this. Yup.
  8. CaptainBeaky


    Without her consent (as reported). Which makes it a sexual assault. Does the fact that either or both were drunk make it any less so? Victim-blaming, much?
  9. CaptainBeaky


    Not last time I checked!
  10. CaptainBeaky

    Finally scratched my itch.....

    A Singlepoint will only be usable in daylight by now, as the the beta light source for low light conditions will have decayed beyond use by now. I bought one as a teenager, and it was great fun and tough as a tough thing, although not that precise - sold it to a collector a couple of years back, for twice what I paid, but the dot was very dim in anything other than bright sunlight. Modern red dot sights are much better. Very envious of your new acquisition - pictures, please! 😂
  11. CaptainBeaky


    So on the basis of one report from an ex-boyfriend, whose name was redacted from the FBI report, Dr Ford is a proven liar and a fraudster, but despite numerous accusations from a variety of alleged victims who have come forward into the public eye, Brett Kavanaugh is as innocent as a newborn lamb? And, surprise surprise, the FBI report that they had less than a week to compile, within parameters set by the White House, came out inconclusive. Regardless of BK's innocence or guilt, as a member of the highest court in the US, with huge influence over policy direction and process, he needs to be spotless, and needs to be seen to be spotless. If there is a question mark over his suitability, and this affair has raised that question, he should not be appointed before being exonerated following due process. The half-(donkeyed!), rushed and hobbled investigation was not sufficient to either allay doubts or disqualify him. Ad hominem attacks on witnesses are also not part of due process. Or maybe they are in the US today?
  12. CaptainBeaky

    An open letter to Hannah Blythyn

    What a well-written and well-argued letter! Chops any ethical argument out from under the minister's feet. I trust this has been copied to all the broadsheet newspapers? All I can see missing is a list of footnotes referencing the studies concerned - the opposition frequently quotes unspecified sources, for instance (and I paraphrase slightly): "a survey by Animal Aid and the League Against Cruel Sports showed that 71% of people in Wales don't support game shooting in public or private land" (1) - who carried out the survey? What questions were asked? What was the sample size? Who was asked? Where is the evidence? That's what footnotes are for, to prove that you are not BS'ing and making unsupported assertions. Mind you, as the target audience probably won't read footnotes anyway, it is perhaps a small omission. My congratulations to Mr Coghill. (1) Ref: Transcript of Welsh Assembly Plenary Session 26/09/2018
  13. CaptainBeaky

    knife project.

    @fatchap Hand-filed makes it all the more impressive 😎 Love a bit of Desert Ironwood! You appear to have achieved a lovely chatoyance with your finish - can't beat lots of elbow grease when finishing. Now waiting for the next one! ( and getting inspired to get back in the workshop and make something...)
  14. CaptainBeaky

    Is it only me.

  15. CaptainBeaky

    knife project.

    @Walker570My comments are intended to be constructive, not picking holes for the sake of it. The op has produced a good-looking, well-finished and functional knife, which I applaud. While I personally can't claim to have ever made a knife without any errors in, or something I think I could have done better, there are plenty who could honestly say that they have. Have a look at Stuart Mitchell, or Guy Stainthorp, or Shing Chan, to name but three.