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  1. Mossberg 500 12 gauge

    If it's a Slugster, then it will be cylinder, surely?
  2. Best Flea treatment

    As stated before: Use one of the well known brands, and alternate with another type with a different active ingredient. If you continue using just one, then eventually, you will build up a resistant population of fleas - and it won't take that long.
  3. Chainsaw recommendations

    As said above - if it's for work, Stihl or Husqvarna. I have a 445 as a hobby/home user, and it's great in terms of cutting speed, weight and vibration. Might lack a bit of poke for really big stuff, but it runs an 18" bar just fine on softwood, and handles oak and beech with a 15".
  4. Ruger  No 1 Tropical Other

    Do you mean one of these: Or one of these?
  5. budget red dot sight

    There was a very long thread on this topic recently in the Guns and Equipment sub forum.
  6. Ok a few bits made on my lathe

    Likes the snow-couple - made me smile
  7. My Early Christmas Present!

    That's in lovely nick
  8. Knife handle material

    The ivory substitute is Elforyn. Haven't tried this one. If the others, my preference would be a micarta - this is layers of material such as paper or cloth or canvas, soaked in resin and pressed together while it sets - much like GRP. It is easy to work with hand or power tools, and gives an attractive and impervious finish. Just don't go too fast with power tools!
  9. Knife handle material

    There was a thread recently on just this in the craft and diy sub-forum. Off the top of my head: Brisa.fi, The Good Stuff Shop, Northwest Knife Supplies, Jean Turner. G 10 is ok to work with, although pricey. Micarta is easy to work, albeit smelly. Delrin is ok. There is a synthetic ivory product around which it's good, but I can't bring the name to mind. Also consider a Kydex sheath rather than leather.
  10. Look at my wood!

    That's a lovely piece of wood, WM Not convinced about the carpet, mind...
  11. Giving Blood

    They are nagging me to re-start platelets, 'cos I'm A positive. Had a break due to medication, but need to start again - they always need platelets, but I've had a few failed donations in the last year, and I always feel guilty about wasting their time and resources.
  12. First childhood crush

    Another vote for Jenny Agutter - ever since the BBC series of the Railway Children (I was 7...), and then, oh, pretty much everything she has done since Just this month found a scratchy print of The Snowgoose on the Tube, which I'd wanted to see for ages. I had the good fortune to meet her a few years ago down at the Bluebell Railway, where she and other cast members were doing a promo shot for the Railway Children (the 2000 version!). Still stunning, a genuinely nice person, and a smile like a pinball machine lighting up
  13. Already done, and written to mp separately.
  14. Hello from North Sheffield

    Eyup and welcome, Alex If you're looking for a pump, you need to speak to Wabbitbosher of this parish - he usually has a few interesting ones in.