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  1. CaptainBeaky

    The making of Handmade Turnscrews.

    Oooh! That's rather yummy 😁
  2. CaptainBeaky


    Fatchap - there is no maximum legal length for a fixed blade. Legal everyday carry with no particular reason means 3" blade, non-locking folder. For a fixed blade, you need a good reason for having it with you, whether the blade is two inches long or two feet long. Criminal Justice Act 1988, Section 139 is the applicable law, plus two bits of case law ( R vs Harris and R vs Deegan) which mean that a locking blade is legally equivalent to a fixed blade. If you're going to sell them commercially, you do need to know the applicable law, to avoid you or your customers falling foul of it. Nice looking knives, by the way - definitely worth putting prices up on here.
  3. CaptainBeaky

    Hushpower club

    So, would this be a sub-forum then?
  4. CaptainBeaky

    India got it right

    We don't - we *really* don't... DNA tests aren't foolproof - because they only look at a restricted set of markers, not the whole genome, which introduces a statistical probability of error - false positive or false negative. The burden of proof becomes much greater when a person's life rests on the outcome. Forget scumbag murderers and rapists - let's assume YOU are arrested for murder. You know you are innocent - you were over a hundred miles away, but would you want to bet your life on the proposition that "DNA evidence is foolproof"? If you don't, why should anyone else? Abolishing the death penalty isn't about letting the guilty off, it's about protecting the innocent, and preventing irreversible miscarriages of justice.
  5. CaptainBeaky

    Vet Nurse with Gundogs

    The comments section is hilarious! Almost unanimous in slating the hack who penned that piece of drivel
  6. CaptainBeaky


    Probably - PM me.
  7. CaptainBeaky

    Rusty knife

    Try a nylon scouring pad, used wet, with the blade on a flat surface to a. Support it and b. Make sure you don't slice your fingertips off!
  8. CaptainBeaky

    Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    Now being reported that all the tributes have been taken down and left on the ground, with the exception of the notes from the (alleged) burglar's children.
  9. CaptainBeaky

    Cheap Guns vs Expensive Ones

    I find I can shoot equally badly with either cheap or expensive guns - cheap ones just leave more money to actually go out and shoot. Many moons ago, I upgraded from a old Baikal o/u to a brand new Beretta Onyx - yes, I shot a bit better with it, but was it worth the money? Probably not. The Beretta had to go when my truck needed a new front diff, and I didn't really miss it afterwards. I saw a bigger improvement when I bought a cheap old pump action from Bosher's magic emporium - possibly because I enjoy shooting it, and don't feel under any pressure. ...said the man qualified to have an opinion, and who isn't trying to sell you something.
  10. CaptainBeaky

    Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    You misunderstand my point - what the defender thought, at the time of the incident, was the force necessary to stop the crime being committed, is pretty much the definition of reasonable force, even if the attacker dies as a result. We are always legally responsible for our actions (except for minors and cases of mental incapacity) - in this case the householder acted to defend himself, for which he is responsible. His actions have been investigated and found to be reasonable under the circumstances, and therefore there is no legal case to answer, and he has been released without charge. I think arresting him in the first place was heavy-handed and unnecessary - he wasn't going to disappear. Also, because the incident has been investigated, there should be no chance of the scumbag's friends and/or family succeeding in a private prosecution.
  11. CaptainBeaky

    Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    Doesn't have to be premeditated to be murder. If people think the law is wrong, then they need to petition parliament to change the law as a whole, not just petition the CPS to not apply the law in one emotive case. A person has died by violence - the law requires that the circumstances are investigated. I would rather he had been "asked to assist with enquiries" rather than being arrested - on the information available so far, it would appear to be a clear cut case of self defence, and he has quite enough to deal with already, but I don't claim to have all the relevant information - the police on the spot have to make the call.
  12. CaptainBeaky

    Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    Note; Rant button has been pressed... Very dangerous road to go down - that way lies the lynch mob. The job of the CPS is to make the call as whether or not to prosecute - "in the public interest" is one of the criteria, but not the only one. Next time the clickerati decide that someone *should* be prosecuted, then a short step to "he *should* be found guilty". The system we have may not be perfect, but it does attempt to be impartial, as the law should be - the CPS, being in possession of as much of the facts as are available, will decide whether prosecution is necessary, desirable and viable. If so, a jury, also being in possession of as much of the facts as are available, with direction as needed from a legal expert (the judge), will decide guilt. We, the public cannot at present be certain that we have all the facts. Yes, we have what is released in the media, but media companies require profit first, accuracy second. Rant mode OFF. And breathe...
  13. CaptainBeaky

    Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    Latest is that Mr Osborn-Brooks has been "bailed until May pending further enquiries". Which would appear to suggest that the police are taking the reasonable step of assuming self-defence unless there is evidence to the contrary - which a story in the Sun is not... Edit: the article in the Sun no longer makes any mention of him chasing the alleged burglar.
  14. CaptainBeaky


    You might not be able to add the music from the CD directly - you may need to rip to a suitable format first (probably mp3). You may still already have something built in to do this (I think Windows Media Player can do it). Otherwise CDex is pretty good (and free).
  15. CaptainBeaky

    A new Borris style project?

    Sounds like a Scilly idea to me...