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  1. Ask them to right a prescription and order from vetuk I have just done this for my lab she had to have a partial tail amputation just over a week ago and after a follow up appointment yesterday the bandages had caused some ulcers so needs more antibiotics and metacam
  2. Thanks mate think will be a good month or so before i will have her out in the hide but she is still here to work and do what she enjoys another day
  3. Yep when the tail hits it hurts lol i tried what i could to help it repair and to keep her still she had also not long had her first litter and kept splitting it on the pen when going in and out to feed the pups She has been to the vets this morning for a post op check after her surgery Friday and the surgeon who did it is very happy with how she is starting to heal just looks strange seeing a lab with a stumpy tail just glad she is on the mend
  4. That is exactly how my girls tail was a inch was black I wasn't lucky enough with insurance though as wasn't aware my wife had cancelled the policy we did have for her
  5. This was beyond the point of repair it was really badly infected despite cleaning it with hibiscrub and bandaging tried everything i could for her
  6. Hi all just wondering if anyone on here has had a lab or working dog that has suffered from happy tail syndrome? I ask this as my bitch has just recently suffered really badly from it to the point she had to loose just over half her tail so at the moment plenty rest pain relief and antibiotics for her My other question is if anyone has been through similar has it affected there dog in the long run and have you still been able to work them? Tia
  7. Just re edited and tried again and instead of uploading a photo from my gallery just took a fresh photo
  8. 20220405_174622.heic Tried again hopefully it works only use a phone and struggle to upload photos
  9. New member to the pack this is willow from my first litter off my own bitch My bitch whelped on the 4th of march pups are now 7 weeks old and what a rewarding but hard experience it has been we was expecting between 6-9 pups had a scan done around day 39 She started whelping on the 4th around 3pm first pup was born around half 4 then a hour or so later 2nd pup arrived both were breach birth aswell 4 to 5 hours go by with no sign of contractions so a call and trip to emergency vet just after midnight and turned out that was just going to be the 2 pups and that she had more then likely reabsorbed the other pups something i wasn't aware or heard of so had 2 healthy good size pups that have thrived so 3 weeks ago i decided which one im keeping back and this is willow and really looking forward to the coming months to start getting the basics and building that bond and trust with her
  10. Hi all i have a mec 600jnr loading press its one of the older models has a 8 point crimp finsher charge bar but not sure on drop weight does have bottles but these may need replacing as i know one is damaged i also have a unopened tub of alliant steel i can add for a little extra if collected I dont have any pics of it at the moment but first chance i get i will get some pics and upload them Looking for 40 quid for the press or 50 quid for the press and powder Im in the wigan area
  11. Hi all basically a follow on from a previous post Had a confirmation scan on my yellow lab bitch today and had 6 pups confirmed seen in the scan the friend who did the scan said there will more then likely be more but she could confirm there are pups so im absolutely made up and looking forward to the next few weeks to come Now my question to the more experienced Is there a way to tell when i may need to intervein or help when she is in labour? At what age would be best to register the pups with the kc? I have my whelping box ready and have already got her sleeping and getting used to the box, iv got puppy formula and bottles ready incase my bitch needs a hand And got a whelping kit also just incase Thanks in advance guys i know these questions have probably already been asked and answered many times Thanks guys
  12. This is just part of the bloodline on the mothers side
  13. Thing is im not wanting to make money from the pups i have mated purely to keep the bloodline going and to keep a pup back for myself my bitch is health tested the stud used isnt tho Its more important to me the pups go to good homes and ideally working homes at that I actually looked up my bitch and looked through her pedigree and her mums side has quite alot of red in a few of it say irish ftch
  14. Thanks everyone been a great help i have been told that should easily sell for 1000 each but i wasnt sure
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