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  1. Gutted I haven't passed my test yet I would of had this
  2. Have a look for a group called uk cartridge reloading. The guy who started the group is a rep for gaep I think and has been working a some products and filming how to use them and one was a wad punch you put in a pillar drill. Aswell as a plastic wad spliter
  3. I wouldn't put any high performance loads through it then I would think your ok with standard 70mm steel like the super steel you mentioned but no bigger shot then 4s I wouldn't be putting any steel homeloads through it though unless your 100% sure the loads aren't high performance
  4. It will be magnum proofed and providing the bores are in good condition and chokes are at half then you should be fine with steel shot. I had a old aya number 3 years ago with slight pitting in the barrels and shot hundreds of gamebore 3inch steel through it with no issues at all. I think and I could be wrong but the 1200kg is the equivalent to 1200 bar of pressure. If I'm wrong I'm sure someone with more knowledgeable can correct me
  5. Pmd aswell if above doesn't take
  6. I use kicks high flyer full and extra full patterns great for me but as mentioned above pattern test each of the chokes you have and see which gives the better pattern for you what works for me might not be effective for you.
  7. I know it is a pain plucking a full bird so normally just breast them and pluck the odd one but one of the landowners I shoot for has requested me to crown him a few geese this season. So just trying to get some tips
  8. Hi guys a little away from the season now. But was wondering if anyone on here crowns the geese they shoot? And if so how do you do this?
  9. Speak to the guy who owns shotgun reloading.co.uk I will only use him for my components he is very well priced and very helpful
  10. I will be using Eley vip 32 5s on the driven days. But any walked up days I will be using my home loaded 24 and 28 gram 5s. But if can't get hold of vip then I would be using victory White rabbit 35 gram 5s
  11. Hi guys I have for sale 3x Nash h gun 12ft 3lb test curve rods in excellent condition with cloth bags 3x Nash h gun bp10 reels loaded with line 2 are in excellent condition 1 has had a repair done to the reel seat but does not effect it in any way during use 3 Nash siren s5 bite alarms in a presentation case in excellent condition All has been well looked after despite one of the reels being repaired. Only selling as I no longer have the time to go out and use them. Through work and other commitments. I am looking for £300 for the lot located near wigan
  12. The newer hatsans v3 chokes are a rem choke threads. The earlier hatsans are Mobil threads so aslong as the chokes are rem threads not the rem Pro bore they will fit.
  13. I use cheddite data with no issues I prefer the victory cases thicker plastic and get a better crimp on my loadall with them
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