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  1. I've got an SX3 too and it's just the dogs' ! I won't ever part from it,that's for sure!
  2. It seems a good suggestion,doesn't it? ( read your 'reckon' as 'suggest'. My sincerest apologies )
  3. How about some decent infrastructure?
  4. No,that was the Scottish independence referendum.
  5. Them IDF women are gorgeous! 😊
  6. OK, fair enough.I wasn't completely right there. But you have to admit that NF wherever he spoke was going on about how the money could be spend on our own services and institutions instead of paying it into the EU.He might have not lead the campaign,but to many people he was the face of the campaign and believed everything he said.and that's what the majority voted on. Now we'll see what will bloom from this now NF and the other clown BJ have jumped ship.
  7. It wasn't just an allegation. He was backpedaling on claims he made during the campaign . the old game of lie and deceive. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-eu-referendum-nigel-farage-nhs-350-million-pounds-live-health-service-u-turn-a7102831.html
  8. I think the loon drank a wee bit too much of the stuff when he was spouting his drivel.
  9. I wouldn't wonder if I knew.
  10. Did the same not happen during the Brexit campaign when Farage said that money that went to the EU would be used for the NHS (remember the bus?) . A lot of ignorant stupid folk fell for that huge lie as well. I wonder why England is so desperate to keep Scotland in the union...
  11. It was the weather that drew me to Scotland! Seriously, my partner is Scottish and it was more practical for me to quit my job in NL and move over here than her quit hers and move over there. Let there be no mistake, I like the British and the British way of life and before I moved here I made friends with quite a few during my time in the Dutch army.
  12. I never intended to belittle anybody or anything. I love living here! I'm just trying to reason the pros and cons of leaving the EU and state some facts and comparisons. But then somebody's arrogance kicks in..
  13. Ahh.. Ye Olde Chestnut again. Have you even researched this my friend? I agree the Dutch government was very naive in those days, but then again Chamberlain thought he could do business with Hitler. Britain just had the luck not to be attached to mainland Europe,or we're all be speaking Deutsch now. And if you question Dutch bravery, have you ever heard of the Raid on the Medway? You're . But we're drifting off..
  14. Can you please explain that one to me ?
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