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  1. Side by Side Club

    wymberley’s out then lol im in, would be interesting to see what others have got.
  2. Cci 22lr quiets.

    I have used the cci quiets through my Cz and accuracy was atrocious, cci cb longs was abit better same velocity but lighter bullet maybe try them?
  3. How much are you guys paying for the above cartridges? I bought 100 six months ago at a cost of £12 a box!!
  4. .17 hmr moderators

    Well said mate, made me chuckle
  5. .17 hmr moderators

    For the people who have an issue carrying it I’m shore they wouldn’t buy it in the first place after picking it up. Fundamentally it’s most important to shoot the rifle correctly at live quarry that is the main concern to which I brought to your attention. People’s fatigue in my opinion is last, it’s making a clean kill is ALWAYS paramount!! Nice rifle mate, put pics up when you can. for my rimfires I’ve put Hawke scopes on cheap and clear and come with 10 year guarantee.
  6. .17 hmr moderators

    I’m surprised you stand by your remark of silly. my centefires weigh more than my 16” Varmint barrel rimfires and I still get them round the field easily. oh well each to there own I suppose, can’t shoot for **** but I don’t get out of breath carrying it so it’s all good you carry on sir
  7. .17 hmr moderators

    What’s silly? Because I chose a Varmint barrel because a light weight barrel was no good for me in the field? How strange!
  8. .17 hmr moderators

    I had a Cz American for a while just could not get on with it so purchased a Cz Varmint and wouldn’t look back now. The American was really light for me and shooting off hand I was all over the place with it, so for me a heavy barrel in the field is perfect. If you feel it works for you then go for it. its what it feels like shooting it not carrying it.
  9. Petrol chainsaw

    Just went on Aldi website and they show a quick video of it cutting a log, as he was cutting the chain tensioner was moving around!! Last thing you want is the chain slipping off and hitting you.
  10. 17 HMR

    no need for land to be assessed as you already have it cleared upto 223. im pretty shore 17hmr is classed lower than 22lr
  11. Black Fence Paint

    Cuprinol ducks back, perfect for the job and cheap to buy. Gloss would be really expensive and you would have to undercoat the surface.
  12. Grammar and Spelling on Social Media

    Well said
  13. Need help zeroing

    I had this problem, it was a brand new rifle barrel wasn’t seated properly. there are to many factors. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s all ok. Easiest way is shim the scope at the front I didn’t wanna do this so took the gun back and got another after they tested the rifle, put the same scope and mounts back and all was good it only has to be out by mm to cause problems. edit to say nice looking rifle setup
  14. Who are you insured with

    Basc for myself
  15. 187yd rabbit

    That’s why you range the target first and check windage, your not meant to shoot first then range it, your doing it wrong lol