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  1. Positive step in the right direction, I will definitely be on the look out for these 👍
  2. Rst1990

    The Lesser of Two Evils

    To be fair it’s a start.
  3. Try some Eley 32g subs, they may work.
  4. Rst1990


    How did you pay? You may be eligible for fraud protection.
  5. Rst1990

    Boxing day shoot

    He didn’t attend last year if it’s true what the papers say, I remember this topic coming up last year.
  6. Rst1990

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    my Garden is nothing but a pain in the backside to me, I’m always having to cut the grass pull the weeds etc in the summer I’m cutting it at least twice a week. When I first had a garden it was all exciting and new but a good few years on it’s a pain, I’ve not got no plants to maintain no veg patch and I still moan when pushing the mower lol, I’d much rather be out shooting than playing with gardens.
  7. Rst1990

    FAC advice for a new member

    Surely the lay out of the land is more important!
  8. Rst1990

    New auto

    Is this the model with the pistol grip?
  9. Rst1990

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Really sorry to hear this, my condolences
  10. Rst1990

    Anyone bought a tikka t3x last 3months

    I also have one purchased last month, no rust issues with mine t3x hunter .243
  11. Rst1990

    Variation questions

    17hmr isn’t less than a 22lr in my opinion, hornady 17hmr 2550fps 245ft lbs energy cci stinger most powerful 22lr round puts out 1640fps 191ft lbs energy so a bit more difference in energy so by no means less.
  12. Rst1990

    Variation questions

    Your totally correct, but you still have to prove good reason to have a 17hmr, unfortunately your piece of land is only cleared for 22lr bizarrely so you have no good reason to have it. It’s strange how it’s only cleared for 22lr, how big is the land? Is there any danger areas ie footpaths, roads, houses? My land was never cleared for anything and I had 22lr 17hmr 223 I only found out this when I asked for 243 and my Feo wanted to come out and ***** the land as it hadn’t been cleared for anything lol go figure. You may be in the same boat?
  13. Rst1990

    Variation questions

    Sounds to me that your land is only cleared up to 22lr mate, 17hmr is a more potent round.
  14. Hi mate.

    After reading your post on the 97k , how did you get on after fitting the kit. thinking about doing the same to my mates.???



    1. Rst1990

      Bigger safe or two safes?

      I sold my two 6 gun cabinets and purchased one large cabinet, it was a pain for me with the narrow doors on the smaller cabinets. Now I can open the door with the larger cabinet and not worry about dinging any stocks.