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  1. He wasn’t touching my bum lol it was said for embarrassment on his behalf as he was so close to me. He wasn’t in the stand with me, he was on the edge outside of the stand. The stands are less than 1m2 so you can’t get another person in the stand.
  2. Would prefer not to say as the owner is on top of it and I wouldn’t want to bad mouth the ground.
  3. Sorry, yes whilst we was shooting, I normally see the odd person doing it, but every stand we was on someone was trying to get in the cage. One person got so close i dismounted my gun and asked him “did you just touch my bum” lol his response was an embarrassed “no sorry I’m just looking at the targets” to which I replied “you can always stand to the left, you don’t have to get in the cage” Just couldn’t believe how many did it.
  4. Went on a clay shoot this morning with a friend. what’s with spectators looking over your shoulder? Every stand we went to there was someone trying to jump on my back. Is this normal? Haven’t been clays in ages.
  5. How charming 😂 Unfortunately I have read the thread and it bears no answer to my question. Don’t worry for a reply good sir.
  6. I believe the shooting organisations decided to ban him as they did not want any conflict to happen as that would have made things a lot worse. i don’t believe the shooting organisations are running scared, how are they? I wonder if CJ will take packham up on his offer of invitation?
  7. “If we have been asked not to go We will show some sufficient respect and not turn up” would be nice if they all done that and not break the law by vandalising and trespassing on some of my local game shoots!!
  8. Rst1990


    It’s a couple of scaffold poles, what’s the big problem? Obviously a neighbour dispute, feel sorry for the builders.
  9. this morning over the stables came this very friendly duck he/she has taken living at the stables now for almost a week. Very friendly and can hand feed and pick him/her up. i have no idea about ducks so was wondering what duck it is. Have searched the internet to no avail. many thanks
  10. I’m surprised that this topic hasn’t been merged with “changes to the general licence” unlike my topic I posted with a link for a petition to sack packham from the bbc! It’s on page 24 of the topic but I would have thought it would have got a better response on its own topic as it’s got NAF ALL to do with the general licence!
  11. Ah just spotted it, thought it would get more of a response on its own. So anything packham related is being merged into one thread.
  12. only 5 min ago I posted a link of support for a petition to sack Chris packham and it’s vanished?? Any mod could shed some light please.
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