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  1. Rst1990

    Hedge Trimmers

    I purchased a stihl hs 56 Will cut 3/4 inch branch no problem, Easy to start no cables etc if you want to go through big branch’s in my view petrol is the only way to go and always a higher model as it will have the grunt behind it, plenty of second hand bargains to be found at a snip off the price new.
  2. Rst1990

    Lockable internal door

    If it was me I would just fit a new door handle with lock. I doubt care staff would be kicking a door down. Anything of any value is better off in a safe.
  3. Rst1990

    Ditches strimmer reveiw

    I purchased my fs90 around 3 years ago and it’s had some hard work, starts first time every time. Stihl is the way forward imho
  4. Rst1990

    Temporary Permit

    my Feo told me no one including the wife is to know the location of your keys to your cabinet. But it sounds to me as though if I pass my mrs can obtain a temporary permit to have the guns. So why so cautious to start with?
  5. Rst1990

    Dangerous Sales

    I’ve always sold my guns to my rfd, I loose a few quid in doing this as he has to make a profit, but on the plus side it’s a instant transaction and I don’t get any bother.
  6. Rst1990

    Cartridge storage

    Obviously the stairs are made for that weight 😂
  7. Rst1990

    looking for a new cordless/ battery sds drill

    I have the makita sds cordless, use mine quite abit and have no problems with it. Goes through walls floors lintels etc and battery life is superb.
  8. Rst1990

    A bit of market research

    I have 2 shops close to where I work but prefer to travel 15miles to another shop, all are pretty friendly but price for me is key.
  9. Rst1990

    Photo ID Rant

    Never thought of using my licence for I.d always used passport and driving licence
  10. Rst1990

    Motorcyles and Shotguns

    Nothing wrong with it, but you leave yourself vulnerable sadly in this day and age people houses broken into etc just to steal guns. Much easier to knock someone off their bike and steel the gun.
  11. Rst1990

    Gun cabinet problems

    sounds to me as you are trying to fix the cabinet to a interior wall and not exterior. to maximise the strength of install you need to fix it to a exterior wall, surely Your apartment is made of brick, concrete or heavy timber?
  12. Rst1990

    Hw 97k

    Well the v Mach kit has arrived in the post just waiting on the chrono to arrive before fitting the kit, so I can keep the rifle all legal. i shall see how it all performs once installed and will report back. Just hope It takes that god awful twang away and reduces the recoil abit accuracy wise I’m happy with. thanks for your replies
  13. Rst1990

    Corded electric drill advice

    As already said if you have a sds use a chuck adaptor.
  14. Rst1990

    Hw 97k

    I’ve just purchased the above rifle new and I’m already thinking of dropping in a v Mach tuning kit in, am I mad to do this to a brand new rifle?
  15. Rst1990

    Side by Side Club

    wymberley’s out then lol im in, would be interesting to see what others have got.