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  1. Rst1990

    Bigger safe or two safes?

    I sold my two 6 gun cabinets and purchased one large cabinet, it was a pain for me with the narrow doors on the smaller cabinets. Now I can open the door with the larger cabinet and not worry about dinging any stocks.
  2. Rst1990

    Flying with spent cases in hold luggage

    Wasn’t gonna comment but.... why on earth would you throw them in the river? I know it’s not the cleanest but don’t add to it.
  3. Rst1990

    243 variation dsc

    Well........... I arrived home this evening To see the post on the mat containing my certificate, checked it out and all is good. 243 granted with no conditions attached. Not shore what changed there minds
  4. Rst1990

    243 variation dsc

    Follow up from what has happened....... i called my Feo and asked him to take my variation off hold and to carry forward with the process, I also told him that I have spoken to basc and considering I already own a centrefire (223) for x amount of time, myself and basc would consider myself a safe shot. if I am to be refused I would like it in writing so I can then forward on to basc legal department. all went down well and my Feo was a really nice guy about it all, I can’t fault him one bit really as he is only doing what he is told to do. its been a week so far so how long I have to wait I don’t know. thanks for all your input, I shall keep you in the loop.
  5. Rst1990

    243 variation dsc

    Thank you for all your comments they have helped me out. think I will stick to my boots on this one and call the Feo and ask him to take my application off hold and continue the process. I know within myself that I’m a safe shot and if I wasn’t safe they would not have issued me with what I have got. im a full member of basc and I have called them and they are saying exactly what you guys are ie dsc 1 is not needed or mentoring and muntjac is classed as deer. He also said get your refusal in writing (if you are to be refused) and we shall take it from there as with your membership you are entitled to legal aid if we need to start court process.
  6. Rst1990

    243 variation dsc

    I wonder if any of you guys could shed some light on my situation. I put in a variation for 243 for deer and to cut a long story short my Feo was asking me for dsc or mentor and then he would approve the calibre as it’s not his decision as the people in the office ask for such on a deer calibre. I already own a centrefire (223) so was took back by his answer as I’ve already been shooting deer muntjac but apparently that deer specie is recognised by the police as vermin and not deer!! My question to you guys is do you think that this is fair? I don’t have a lot of money and to do a dsc1 is out of my league at the minute and as for a mentor I don’t know anyone with such calibre. I’ve put my application on hold for a week to decide on what path I wish to take.
  7. Rst1990


    Sorry to hear that, far too young. My Condolences
  8. Rst1990

    DPT Moderators

    Must be me, but I’m totally lost with the post.
  9. Rst1990

    large gun cabinet

    Buffalo river do a few larger cabinets, your not spoilt for choice that’s for shore when it comes to bigger cabinets. i purchased a 12 gun cabinet and wouldn’t look back now, if I needed another cabinet I would definitely go bigger, it’s so much easier to grab your kit etc cabinet dings are the thing of the past. fill your boots I say don’t let the nah sayers put you off. 👍
  10. Rst1990

    Unlucky Fox.

    Unfortunate way to die, poor fox.
  11. Rst1990

    Hedge Trimmers

    I purchased a stihl hs 56 Will cut 3/4 inch branch no problem, Easy to start no cables etc if you want to go through big branch’s in my view petrol is the only way to go and always a higher model as it will have the grunt behind it, plenty of second hand bargains to be found at a snip off the price new.
  12. Rst1990

    Lockable internal door

    If it was me I would just fit a new door handle with lock. I doubt care staff would be kicking a door down. Anything of any value is better off in a safe.
  13. Rst1990

    Ditches strimmer reveiw

    I purchased my fs90 around 3 years ago and it’s had some hard work, starts first time every time. Stihl is the way forward imho
  14. Rst1990

    Temporary Permit

    my Feo told me no one including the wife is to know the location of your keys to your cabinet. But it sounds to me as though if I pass my mrs can obtain a temporary permit to have the guns. So why so cautious to start with?
  15. Rst1990

    Dangerous Sales

    I’ve always sold my guns to my rfd, I loose a few quid in doing this as he has to make a profit, but on the plus side it’s a instant transaction and I don’t get any bother.