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  1. Rst1990


    Variety is the spice of life, give it a go 👍🏻
  2. Rst1990


    Starbucks has always been horrid for me, Costa was okay but also gone down hill, my next try is cafe Nero. McDonald’s is a bit week for me. alls well and good with the home brew offerings but when your out and about it’s of no help.
  3. My local shoot 80% of shooters have 32 inch barrels. I myself have 30
  4. Throw em in the bin 👍
  5. In this current climate I’m finding it very difficult not to see through your questions.
  6. i own a cz varmint 17hmr and think it’s great the balance is perfect for ME and replicates my centrefire rifles in terms of weight. i was tinkering with the idea of having a tx1 as I have the centrefire versions and knowing how they are thought it would be a great move. How wrong was I..... it felt really light to hold and not steadily planted like my cz and tikka are not doing a wooden version with varmint barrel to up the weight at present when I enquired. i Take a lot of free standing shooting shots and not much shots taken off a bipod in the field so for me having a wondering light barrel makes no sense for ME others like a lighter gun for carrying. im sticking with my cz varmint 👍
  7. Thought this may be of interest? New for 2019, wonder if any others follow? https://youtu.be/NvHTnztH_9E
  8. Just done what you have explained and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t really work well. perhaps in the future you may consider it but I’m guessing it’s a no from now 😂 not shore if people would be confused? I’m not confused when I see guns for sale twice, one being private and the other trade. all positive inputs sir 👍🏻
  9. I think it’s a good idea all swaps in one place which is easy to see. pay no attention to tightchoke he’s old with too much time on his hands 😂
  10. Positive step in the right direction, I will definitely be on the look out for these 👍
  11. Rst1990


    How did you pay? You may be eligible for fraud protection.
  12. He didn’t attend last year if it’s true what the papers say, I remember this topic coming up last year.
  13. my Garden is nothing but a pain in the backside to me, I’m always having to cut the grass pull the weeds etc in the summer I’m cutting it at least twice a week. When I first had a garden it was all exciting and new but a good few years on it’s a pain, I’ve not got no plants to maintain no veg patch and I still moan when pushing the mower lol, I’d much rather be out shooting than playing with gardens.
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