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  1. Unfortunately common sense seems a very rare thing these days. thats why the government has to spell it out for some and they still fluff it up. beggers belief
  2. Good to see basc doing this, since they dropped their legal aid insurance from Their membership and didn’t drop the membership fee I can see were they are putting the extra money. Good pr for them.
  3. I use fiocchi magnum 19g 5 shot, kills well.
  4. Just out of curiosity, How long did it take from when you submitted the online form? I sent mine off on the 5th of this month.
  5. Surely crop protection comes under farming?? i for one see it as a necessity in farming, crop protection and live stock is a key importance in farming.
  6. I would say that it’s not a genuine hushpower.
  7. Not shore if you would get ya finger in the trigger guard with them, stick to potting 😂😂😂
  8. Not a lot of happy campers for Christmas on this forum is there lol i myself have had a fantastic time with friends and family, a lot of drink and even more laughter. Just sitting down now with the mrs to watch rubbish on tv and relax for tomorrow to see the hunt come in, to which family are in the hunt. Just hope the rain holds off. merry Christmas 👍🏻
  9. Got one off of eBay for rimfire and it’s been faultless, really sturdy. Can also use it for hmr not had any problems with it not even a dent.
  10. He wasn’t touching my bum lol it was said for embarrassment on his behalf as he was so close to me. He wasn’t in the stand with me, he was on the edge outside of the stand. The stands are less than 1m2 so you can’t get another person in the stand.
  11. Would prefer not to say as the owner is on top of it and I wouldn’t want to bad mouth the ground.
  12. Sorry, yes whilst we was shooting, I normally see the odd person doing it, but every stand we was on someone was trying to get in the cage. One person got so close i dismounted my gun and asked him “did you just touch my bum” lol his response was an embarrassed “no sorry I’m just looking at the targets” to which I replied “you can always stand to the left, you don’t have to get in the cage” Just couldn’t believe how many did it.
  13. Went on a clay shoot this morning with a friend. what’s with spectators looking over your shoulder? Every stand we went to there was someone trying to jump on my back. Is this normal? Haven’t been clays in ages.
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