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  1. Rst1990


    It’s a couple of scaffold poles, what’s the big problem? Obviously a neighbour dispute, feel sorry for the builders.
  2. this morning over the stables came this very friendly duck he/she has taken living at the stables now for almost a week. Very friendly and can hand feed and pick him/her up. i have no idea about ducks so was wondering what duck it is. Have searched the internet to no avail. many thanks
  3. I’m surprised that this topic hasn’t been merged with “changes to the general licence” unlike my topic I posted with a link for a petition to sack packham from the bbc! It’s on page 24 of the topic but I would have thought it would have got a better response on its own topic as it’s got NAF ALL to do with the general licence!
  4. Ah just spotted it, thought it would get more of a response on its own. So anything packham related is being merged into one thread.
  5. only 5 min ago I posted a link of support for a petition to sack Chris packham and it’s vanished?? Any mod could shed some light please.
  6. Thought I’d share this on here to gather some support. http://chng.it/RSgc92JMVn
  7. Rst1990


    Variety is the spice of life, give it a go 👍🏻
  8. Rst1990


    Starbucks has always been horrid for me, Costa was okay but also gone down hill, my next try is cafe Nero. McDonald’s is a bit week for me. alls well and good with the home brew offerings but when your out and about it’s of no help.
  9. My local shoot 80% of shooters have 32 inch barrels. I myself have 30
  10. Throw em in the bin 👍
  11. In this current climate I’m finding it very difficult not to see through your questions.
  12. i own a cz varmint 17hmr and think it’s great the balance is perfect for ME and replicates my centrefire rifles in terms of weight. i was tinkering with the idea of having a tx1 as I have the centrefire versions and knowing how they are thought it would be a great move. How wrong was I..... it felt really light to hold and not steadily planted like my cz and tikka are not doing a wooden version with varmint barrel to up the weight at present when I enquired. i Take a lot of free standing shooting shots and not much shots taken off a bipod in the field so for me having a wondering light barrel makes no sense for ME others like a lighter gun for carrying. im sticking with my cz varmint 👍
  13. Thought this may be of interest? New for 2019, wonder if any others follow? https://youtu.be/NvHTnztH_9E
  14. Just done what you have explained and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t really work well. perhaps in the future you may consider it but I’m guessing it’s a no from now 😂 not shore if people would be confused? I’m not confused when I see guns for sale twice, one being private and the other trade. all positive inputs sir 👍🏻
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