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  1. I have suggested to the mrs a god would do the job, had one years age he was a great dog Plus the ex mother in law was scared of him!!
  2. Thanks for the replies, we are at the end of a cul-de-sac and will keep the kennel below fence level I have thought about using some of the double garage how much space would you give per dog? Problem is I'd need to knock a hole for a window. It's sad when you have to tell your mrs she can't walk the dog on her own for fear of being attacked
  3. Hello... After a break of a couple of years away from shooting (kids, divorce) i am looking to get back into it. Especially the dog side. So.... I have an outdoor kennel but with the recent spate of thefts can anyone recommend additional security to the kennel apart from padlock and a shed alarm??? Thanks
  4. I sit next to a vegan at work and had this exact conversation today, if we didn’t take m8lk they’d all get shot. He believes that the sanctuaries would have them. To be fair to him I give him some stick most days and he takes it pretty well.
  5. webb1982

    Doctors ?

    My old man went for a check up after suffering a heart attack. He was the last appointment sat there until 6.30pm. Went and asked at the desk and the GP had forgot he was there and gone home!
  6. I’ve had some panels off them collected as local. They were friendly and helpful. Give them a call. For my original kennels I used duchy and they were fine.
  7. Try Clayton glass they may just give you an off cut
  8. Noticed mattyg hasn't replied in a while maybe he's been sent to the 24 hour garage as she's got the munchies!
  9. Ah that is a long way I spend quite a bit of time Gloucester way with work so thought I'd ask
  10. I did have a very quick look the other night and I couldn't see anything. Will have a look tomorrow again but at least got the gauge to be sure.
  11. Apologies for the lack of response, been trying to get hold of the original owner who moved to America. He can't remember the choke so a mate is dropping me off a gauge tomorrow. Will update then. Thanks.
  12. Couple of miles outside nantwich towards junction 16 of m6.
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