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  1. Just had a session with Paul at Mere brow, top bloke and good set up. back next Saturday for the group session! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  2. Thanks, just spoke to o Paul at mere brow so will see how that goes. I believed Adrian has relocated to Scotland now which is a shame.
  3. Hello, recently relocated near Wigan and looking for someone who can help progress my 1 year old springer. Any recommendations, will travel up to an hour or so for a good trainer. Everyone seems booked out! ta Neil
  4. Hello I have about 4 hours to kill nearby there tomorrow do I need to book? thanks Neil
  5. I have suggested to the mrs a god would do the job, had one years age he was a great dog Plus the ex mother in law was scared of him!!
  6. Thanks for the replies, we are at the end of a cul-de-sac and will keep the kennel below fence level I have thought about using some of the double garage how much space would you give per dog? Problem is I'd need to knock a hole for a window. It's sad when you have to tell your mrs she can't walk the dog on her own for fear of being attacked
  7. Hello... After a break of a couple of years away from shooting (kids, divorce) i am looking to get back into it. Especially the dog side. So.... I have an outdoor kennel but with the recent spate of thefts can anyone recommend additional security to the kennel apart from padlock and a shed alarm??? Thanks
  8. I sit next to a vegan at work and had this exact conversation today, if we didnโ€™t take m8lk theyโ€™d all get shot. He believes that the sanctuaries would have them. To be fair to him I give him some stick most days and he takes it pretty well.
  9. webb1982

    Doctors ?

    My old man went for a check up after suffering a heart attack. He was the last appointment sat there until 6.30pm. Went and asked at the desk and the GP had forgot he was there and gone home!
  10. Iโ€™ve had some panels off them collected as local. They were friendly and helpful. Give them a call. For my original kennels I used duchy and they were fine.
  11. Try Clayton glass they may just give you an off cut
  12. Noticed mattyg hasn't replied in a while maybe he's been sent to the 24 hour garage as she's got the munchies!
  13. Ah that is a long way I spend quite a bit of time Gloucester way with work so thought I'd ask
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