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  1. Same here i paid by PayPal this morning
  2. I have not stopped doing vermin con troll day or night and been involved with a mate who accidently shot himself with a rifle so you can imagine the responce when i phoned 999 and the lady on other end ask what is your emergency and i say my mate has shot himself 9 squad cars armed responce unit fire engine ambulance and all was asked what was we doing and my responce was vermin controll all was ok and my mate is is recovering ok he was was a very lucky boy
  3. i have friends who have to come home and its not just a case of not registering they told me some of the things you have to do is learn to drive for a Spanish drivers license no matter if you got UK one you have to have your pension transferred to a Spanish bank and get taxed again on it plus applying for the residency and meeting all that criteria and its no good saying they had 4 yrs to sort it because it has only just come to light what they had to do
  4. If seen that happen with dogs nothing new there
  5. i agree but the fact that they lied makes you think what other lies they have told and to go in front of the media and say it on camera its no wonder people don't trust them
  6. Not a good image for the police to be lying
  7. Police now saying officer didn't get broken bones in Bristol how dose that look
  8. I know lots of people who have joined and they are proper shooting hunting fishing all sorts of like minded people no loonies involved everyday people Looks like people are judging it befor they reading it
  9. My house phone been ringing all day but on the screen it says out of area international call so i know its them and don't answer
  10. Got to agree he would ask questions that nobody else would ask
  11. Overtime they are on the front line putting there lives at risk to save ours there are some who are working god knows how many hours a day not because it is overtime
  12. Downing Street Press Secretary Allegra Stratton is expected to lead the new daily briefings (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) By Joanna Whitehead March 6, 2021 11:33 am Downing Street has spent more than Β£2.6 million on a new media briefing room, at the same time as the Government has announced plans for a one per cent pay rise for NHS workers, prompting widespread anger. Number 10 plans to hold White House-style daily press briefings, fronted by spokesperson Allegra Stratton. The cost of the refurbishment was revealed as Mr Johnson
  13. What you asking for it and what length rifle will it take with a mod on it
  14. i would go with ladder trap and its easy to stop them climbing out
  15. This would be a good sell for the falconry boys making hoods /anklets / jesses
  16. I have watched a few games of Gloucester this season and to fair in the dying minutes they have lost the games they have come very close to winning as you say i don't think it would be fair to be relegated with the way the points have been dished out its not for the wont of trying
  17. Check the rule book not a knock on
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