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  1. What range do you take the rabbits at ? This will be for magpies
  2. rich1984

    Cheap PCP.

    What did you pay if you dont mind me asking ?
  3. The one his lad used ? I messaged him. Thanks. Cheers. Ill have a look
  4. Really ? My grandad had 1 that was whisper quiet !
  5. As above, for use in the garden so nice and quiet. Not looking to spend a fortune. Local to Sheffield.
  6. Thanks Steve. Ill have a look.
  7. I didnt think itd be this quick but, im taking one of mine to the vet for the last time tomorrow following a visit to the vets today that made my mind up. Sad times , i feel your pain . Better to let them go before it gets to bad for them.
  8. Can these still be sent through parcel force ? And would you post if possible ?
  9. You've not let George down pal, you made the best decision for him. Ive got 2 staffs myself at age 13. Its such a shame they dont live as long as we do ! 😔 RIP George .
  10. Keep the real remote in your pocket and keep turning it off 🤣. Walk over and give the tele a bang and say its knackered ! Tell nobody of your xmas game though 👍 if nothing else itll cheer him up inside
  11. 2 pairs of these. Brand new in bag. 1 is open. 42 regular. Too short for me. £12 + post each or buy both and free post.
  12. As above. Superb reels. I have 4. Comes with 3 spools. 2 been new. Only used 2 or 3 times. £55 posted.
  13. No. Its unforgivable. Nobody has the right to do that to anybody. Especially kids. Edit: NO parent in their right mind would forgive him.
  14. Turn him over to the parents. Id make Sir Greggor from game of thrones look like postman pat with what id do to him.
  15. Sadly not so likely, he'll be away with the other pedos out of reach. My brother works in alot of prisons and i have it 1st hand theyre out of reach. Them and the " allah is great " gang.
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