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  1. Bargain them 👍
  2. Thats a bargain ! Cant see it hanging about. I take it its right handed ?
  3. Maybe a picture of you wearing it may help the sale 🤭
  4. rich1984

    Fury vs Wilder

    I think Furys head is clear of late. He seems to have Matured... if that makes sence.
  5. rich1984

    Fury vs Wilder

    My origional thoughts were the same, ive watched most of the recent youtube stuff and think hes out to make a statement. Not long till we fimd out !
  6. rich1984

    Fury vs Wilder

    I thought points , but i think he wants to send out a message and he'll go for a KO
  7. rich1984

    Fury vs Wilder

    I think ( hope ) Fury will do it. He seems to be a little more settled since his wobble, hes looking good, just as fast and still got power. IMO Wilder is a one trick windmill pony, Fury is a better boxer. Hope he pulls it off ! Ive got Fury rounds 9/10/11
  8. Shocking ! Truely shocking Edit. Any ******* idiot who defends them getting rough justice is mad. Simply taking what they want with knives and hammers ... ***. They should be put down HARD. Makes my blood boil... scratch the rammimg, they should be head shot by the armed crew. They have no repect or regard for other people or what theyve worked and saved for 😤 And whats worse , one day theyll pick on the wrong person and itll be them who get done.
  9. Bargain. Just too far away 😞
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