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  1. rich1984


    saw this fella in a pet shop in chesterfield today enjoying his tea. 9
  2. rich1984

    opt out organ donation

  3. rich1984

    Air Arms S200 .177

    This is mine. Gun pictures to follow
  4. rich1984

    A few hooks

    Haha... cheers pal Did that shotgun ever go you were giving away ?
  5. rich1984

    A few hooks

    No problem steve. Pm me an address and ill post them tomorrow.
  6. rich1984

    A few hooks

    As per pucture. Clearing out my box. All less than 10 months old. Most have 1 or 2 missing. These 1 and a half packs worth of the silverfish over 2 packs. Like these to go to a young angler to keep em busy in the holidays ! Ill post aswel
  7. rich1984

    Recommend me a fishing chair

    Korum do an xl version and they are good . My brother has one.
  8. rich1984

    Save our reseviors

    I was talking to a bloke in the tackle shop about this the other day, he says nobody wants to go and catch a few roach and perch anymore they all want carp . I dont mind what i catch to be honest but the bend in the rod and a battle from a nice carp is better than reeling in a skimmer playing dead 😂.
  9. rich1984

    Nikon D3300 camera with 18-55 lens

    sold to the man above 👍
  10. rich1984


  11. Nikon D3300 camera with 18-55 lens Very light use, 4 times out max . Cames with all leads, neck strap and charger. Paypal +4% or bank trans Can email pics if any interest. Looking for £250 delivered. ONO. cost about £400 new if i remember right.
  12. rich1984

    What was the 1st steam engine to do 100mph?

  13. rich1984

    Match fixing?

    Fixing and back handers no. Playing to lose yes Easier to progress now.
  14. rich1984

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    Had one of these (accidentally) on the river Rother the other night.
  15. rich1984

    Corner Shed - Mercia or Shire?

    Does the trade discount come off this aswel ( 10%) if so PM me and ill send you my wickes card number.