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  1. rich1984

    Light, small full power rifle

    Love my s200, much better than i am
  2. rich1984

    What would you do?

  3. rich1984

    Which disposable razor?

    Doe's he know ?
  4. rich1984

    Sako  Finnfire hunter .22 LR

    I can vouch for how well Neil looks after his things it will be as described 100 %.
  5. rich1984

    GripStick Wanted.

    Pm'd you.
  6. rich1984

    GripStick Wanted.

    Think i have a Decoy branded one somewhere. I can let you know tomorrow if you are interested ?
  7. rich1984


    Try maplins. Swann system. You might get a bargain in the closing sale. Mine are spot on
  8. rich1984

    Bsa ultra se.

    As above. Anyone got one for sale ? Sheffield area. Would prefer .177 as i have the pellets. Must be multishot. Cheers
  9. rich1984


  10. rich1984


    Keep your eyes open for a lanber, belting guns. I prefered mine to my beretta silver pig. I had the sporting deluxe. Plus theyll be plenty of change for cartridges.
  11. rich1984

    Used fox snare

  12. rich1984

    rapid 7

    And the price in question is....
  13. rich1984

    Fight night.

    Ive got AJ under 6. Like you gordon interested in Price... cant see him getting a win TBH.
  14. rich1984

    Fishing mags

    Spot on mate. Good offer ! You may even get a coffee if you ask nicely...
  15. rich1984

    AA S200 mk2

    Is it 177 or 22 ? If 177 i may have what you need in origional form, mine came with brass upgrades.