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  1. I operate a voluntary close season on the pigeons, June , July , August . Perhaps others who notice a decline in numbers might consider it. All other species of birds are in decline, take the sparrow or starling, we used to see vast numbers of these , so why do we think the pigeon is going to be around in vast numbers forever ?
  2. Worse still- I was walking the dog with my two young grandchildren ,early one morning, past were a decoyer had been the previous afternoon, and where his hide had been, were two pigeons gasping for life still , surrounded by half a dozen dead ones & cartridges everywhere ! You can but imagine the reaction of the 5 & 6 year old kids ! I duly killed the two struggling birds . Returning home furious, i rang the farmer ( who is a friend & neighbour ), who squeeked it was nothing to do with him , he only gave the chap permission & is not responsible for him. No wonder the public
  3. thanks Muncher, that is very interesting. Pigeons tend to roost early & get up late so i always wondered about their vision in the dark.
  4. When pigeons are scared from their tree roosts at night , when its a really dark night, do they manage to land in another tree or do they spend the night on the ground ?
  5. Its only been 24 hrs since I put this on , give me a chance !!! I am not an anti, I am a farmer, a shooter, but I do love the countryside and all it holds.With the countryside shrinking with urbanization, pressure from public opinion against shooting , I like to air some of my thinking to make others think. I am very disappointed with the views so far. As usual they are abusive & arrogant . Shooters posing like Victorian big game hunters or Maltese Turtle Dove shooters do no good to our public image. Remember what happened to the Passenger pigeon in the USA, wiped out !
  6. Why are so many shooters obsessed with numbers shot , on here. ? At this time of year birds are either adults nesting or young birds , not fully grown , recently flown the nest. Where is the skill in shooting a young bird , it is an easy target & not big enough to eat anyway. Adults nesting are easy targets as they are busy trying to raise young & are not in the true alert & wild mode. Also remember that by shooting an adult you may be leaving young in the nest to starve to death. Surely an afternoon shooting half a dozen good testing birds, that you can pluck & put in the fr
  7. Thank you all ,especially CharlesP !!!! ( he ought to write a book ). I must not be lazy , there is no substitute for a strip down & thorough clean . ( of the gun barrel I mean ).
  8. All my life I have shot side by sides , now I have bought a semi auto to reduce recoil. The question is , what is the best cleaning method as I don't want to keep taking the gun apart. If you use a rod cleaner all the gunk goes in the action , which is the best pull through to buy ? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Do the Maltese trap Swifts, or are they safe as they fly so high ?
  10. To Scully & Sneaky D & others who may think we should let the Maltese shoot & trap what they like. We are not being hypocrites by trying to stop this indiscriminate slaughter. In this country we do not shoot rare , endangered birds. We monitor populations of birds & protect them when necessary , by law. Thankfully we also obey these laws. The Maltese do not obey the laws.
  11. Well done Packham, we should ALL support him . I have sent money to the cause to stop this evil practice. Who has seen a Turtle Dove this year yet ? No Cuckooos heard here yet. Swallows low in numbers as well.
  12. You cant magic up pigeons from no where, if there are non in your area you wont be able to shoot any however good your field craft is . Only sparing a thought for those less fortunate folk in blank pigeon areas.
  13. I make that a ratio of kills of 1 in 4 shots. I think that's good shooting and about average for shooters. What do others achieve ?
  14. Can I recommend to all cigarette smokers that they change to cigars or a pipe. you taste the smoke in your mouth & do not inhale. the nicotine kick you desire is achieved through the tongue & not your lungs. the taste of a Cuban cigar is wonderful . electronic cigarettes still involve inhaling & thus are still dangerous & do not' kick' the habit.
  15. Could not agree more 'hoggysreels'. Don't forget the Stock Dove is protected as well. Looks very similar to a woodie to the uneducated especially in autumn when you get a lot of young woodpigeon.
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