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  1. Checked website no mention of mini
  2. I have a grs stock going in sales section
  3. Black GRS stock howa sa came of a .243. 250.00 UK delivery
  4. 4k pro boxed instructions never missed a beat has elf file loaded. Only item missing is the illuminater mount and to be honest everyone fits there own. £750 delivered uk only.
  5. Will do forgot this forum has one cheers
  6. Sorry mate he wont take that. Its boxed with extra batteries chargers it's a good price at 1550
  7. Pulsar thermal scope with the extra battery pack. Fully working selling on behalf of an elderly shooter. UK only 1550
  8. Atn gen 2 night star arrow x6. Comes with night master ir. Boxed with carry bag model number DN6010. If required further images can be posted. £720 delivered uk.
  9. jeff8861

    Drag bag

    Sorted thanks
  10. jeff8861

    Drag bag

    Wanted drag bag no aim 60 thanks too long
  11. Specs 12um 256x192 19mm lens rrp 1400. Scope/spotter small light 2xcr123 batteries. Same set up as the other models in range. Features x2 zoom has compass and accelerometer. Four profiles choice of reticles colour and styles, four pallets and the usual brightness/contrast. No wifi recording /streaming. Had this out only the once so far as a spotter. As mentioned small light fits in the palm of the hand easily. Conditions were warm spots of rain. To use the zoom you have to press two buttons together not the best. In regards to the compass and accelerometer personally I could do without
  12. Yes I agree I would say around 60% improvement on the slc. Mag pixelation greatly reduced
  13. Fox is around 200 yards, first picked up at 300.
  14. More importantly does the hti have a three year warranty and no hassle return. Some specs on paper will be the same but are they of the same quality and reliability. Best try all within your budget then decide.
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