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  1. ATN ABL 1000 Rangefinder Just under 1 year old with little use, comes with 3D printed adapter so it can be mounted farther back. £230 posted RMSD Also advertised elsewhere.
  2. As title Wildcat Evo 17 baffle that only had about twenty rounds through it so is as new. £48 posted RMSD Also listed elsewhere
  3. Pard 008 Purchased in August 19 from CRS and has only been used 3 times. It was on my HMR and used for rabbiting out of the truck on three occasions so is as new. I’m only selling as I have bought a thermal scope and swapped things around a bit on my rifles. £500 posted RMSD. Also advertises elsewhere.
  4. Three for me, please send payment details.
  5. Wanted Ruger 10/22 AR chassis
  6. Hi 

    Do you ever get over York way ?

    Thanks Neil 

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    2. Almond slice

      Almond slice

      Sorry Paul we have company and I will get my ear chewed 😂

      I quite fancy the little 410 👍

    3. PF307


      Yes it’s fantastic. I don’t know why I’m selling it 😂😂😂

    4. Almond slice

      Almond slice

      When your next over this way if you still have it please let me know and we can maybe sort something out.

      Thanks again Neil 

  7. LE 032 range finder that's had very little use and is in great condition. I got this for my 22 rimfire for night vision but prefer my HMR. £80 posted Also listed elsewhere.
  8. Reduced the price on the other forums but forgot about this one !! Now £18 posted
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