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    Salmon fishing, sea fishing, kayak fishing , fly tying, rod building ,
  1. That works for me when she is looking for a dummy or ball etc in a area I will say loss and she will hunt harder in that area to find it . But I had her out yesterday for the first time hunting through woods looking for game and she was constantly pulling away out in front , maybe she just needs more experience and more game in front of her??? To find a few flushes to get idea ?
  2. Hi all I have a young springer bitch 14 months old she is my first gun dog and is coming on very well. one of my biggest problems is that she wants to work and hunt to far out for my likening. She will stop to the whistle straight away and also recall straight away if asked but I feel I'm constantly stoping her and bringing her back in closer. Any tips on teaching her to stay closer and hunt closer would be very much appreciated .
  3. Mark L

    Android box

    Do you have any links to a youtube video I have a box but can't find any good videos to follow, I'm not the best with the computer stuff lol Regards mark
  4. I've got a pup coming on January and the breeder is weaning them on fish for dogs , has anybody used this ??
  5. Mark L


    Cuba is superb I was there last year for two weeks the people are all very friendly it was a brilliant holiday and pretty cheep aswell, I'm hoping to go back again next year .
  6. The 1.7 Astra is a great van we had one at work it was the best van we had , we also had berlingos they are not worth two rows of sheep **** We're a fiat dealer at work I would never buy one of then either!!! I've been looking at buying a 1.7astra for myself there very good !!!
  7. I really do hope we **** off away from all you lot , nobody will need to clear up after us. There must be some reason yous lot want us to stay in the uk
  8. http://www.businessforscotland.co.uk/uk-to-get-veto-on-gordon-browns-devo-proposals/
  9. You speak the most sense on here. Roll on Friday I'm getting fed up with it now I have looked very hard into both sides and it's a massive yes for me for to many lies from Westminster and the bbc for me to even consider a no vote, I will unfortunately be in Thame in Oxfordshire on the 18 th my wife will be voting for me . When we get a yes we will succeed and be a wealthy country no doubt in my mind
  10. Well I think you are very wrong Scotland are more than capable of standing on there own two feet. If were such a drain on England why are they so desperate to keep us, you never no it might be you English lot are looking for handouts from the north in a few years time !!!!
  11. Alex Salmond is not out of his depth not by a long way!! , I'm no great fan of him but he his a clever man who has definitely been underestimated by the no campaign and I think they will regret it !!
  12. I live in lanarkshire now but originally from Ayrshire ,I m very much a yes as well as all my family and work mates, until about a month ago there was a lot more no votes from people I know now they are mostly all yes!! I know loads of people who have went from no to yes but not one single person to go the other way?? The government is bad now so it can't get much worse time we had a change !!
  13. I've always done it this way and get email straight back from them works for me, I bought a new gun a couple of weeks ago from my local RFD they said I didn't need to notify the police as they would do it for me. But I still sent the email within the 7 days to keep myself right ?
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