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  1. Often wondered the same I have a Browning Gold Sporting Clays SA and that says 2 3/4 and 3” on the barrel but wondered about the action
  2. Sound advice guys much appreciated op has only been a week and it is bad. Replacement shoulder would of been preferred had I been older as they don’t last. Might still be on the cards later in life. I don’t intend rushing into shooting until I’ve been through the rehab process, probably be a goal for next year now but I can put a semi auto on my xmas list! currently shoot an old Silma Supreme so don’t have much cash invested in my current gun and usually shoot 27 or 21 and never got much recoil off the 21s. always fancied the Armsan A612 and looks similar weight to Beretta Lightw
  3. Thanks chaps, figgy I was thinking semi auto might be the answer. The recoil will probably be uncomfortable at worst with the over under
  4. Thanks guys. It’s early days, still recovering but two breaks at the front so I expect the butt pad to be right on the injury., I was thinking semi auto might be a better bet. I shoot 100 sporting just for fun, don’t take it to seriously so if I miss more I probably wouldn’t notice.
  5. I sustained a shoulder injury leaving it pinned and plated. Anyone ever had similar and shoot. What changes did you have to make.
  6. Good on you, my son would love that, not much round here like that.
  7. I just asked my GP reception for a copy of my Medical Summary, they printed 2 pages of A4 Free of Charge and that was accepted by TVP. No medical conditions disclosed. Unless the rules change in 5 years time i'll probably ask for it and send it in with the renewal to save all the hassle.
  8. Well got a text message to say it had been granted and be in the post. Sure enough Friday it dropped through the door. No visit just a form to fill out to confirm security and ask how many I can store. I put 10. It's a big 5 gun cab but top and tail as its laying flat.
  9. See if they will accept a Medical Summary, TVP did for me when I refused to pay the doc. It was 2 pages printed by the doctors receptionist and was free. Just summarises any visits and any medication. Might be worth a try.
  10. Visit to the doctors and after a short wait they printed me two pages of A4 which is apparently the summary, no charge so I'll email it over to TVP. I've not had a visit or been asked for one yet, I did state no change to my security arrangements. So wait and see I guess. From what I understand if the doctor had not replied at all I probably wouldn't of had this. the fact they replied even though all it offered was a report for £65 they take that as a reply. I did point out an offer of a report in exchange for payment is not the same as the doctor stating a reason I shouldn't be re
  11. No as per the original post I've probably been to the doctors once in the last five years for a blocked ear. didn't get any of this on my Grant 5 years ago. Nothing to declare on the original grant either. I've been reasonably fortunate (touch wood) to not require a doctor not that you can get an appointment anyway.
  12. Yes so the doctor replied to TVP as he did with me, A report would be £65 thanks. TVP take that as a response and may refuse the applications. MAY! very grey. As Zetter says they will accept a summary of your records which apparently I need to fill out a form at the doctors, assuming its is a nominal fee then I can do that easy enough. If a medical summary will suffice and it's likely to be Free or a small charge and I've given permission for them the access my records I'm not entirely sure why the police cant just ask for that.
  13. Ok further reply, With all due respect to yourself, you are incorrect. Your GP has the right to request a fee for this work. The current legislation states that if we do not receive a response from your GP within 21 days we can proceed. We have received a response from your GP therefore we cannot proceed with this report. We will consider refusing your application if no report is received within the specified time. Kind regards
  14. So response today: I've replied as before I'v adhered to the current guidelines and therefore so should they. I guess a copy of my medical notes is a cheaper option Good Morning We wrote to you GP, as we do with all applicants. Your GP has responded stating they require a fee to complete our enquiry. We cannot proceed without this report or a copy of your medical notes which I believe you are entitled to have. The fact that they are charging £65 is a matter between yourself and the surgery. Kind regards
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