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  1. do you mind me asking,did you have to pay import tax when it arrived like you do from the yanks? and how much was it
  2. if you use tps wads don't go 44 grain the pressure is high,i used 46gr with a sam1 wad but dropped to 42gr with a tps
  3. look for mark Watson on fb hes just started a new website up Scotland reloading got most stuff
  4. they are getting worse as far as stock goes tbh,forever promise stock on the way and never arrives
  5. if your in cornwall area look up Kimberley gundogs for training sessions if that's the route you go.
  6. get rid of the dried food completely and mix in whole wheat mixer and veg.i found mine put more wt on if only fed once a day rather than splitting it down.feed late in the day rather than the morning
  7. is the gun still for sale or are you still getting rid of it
  8. get onto facebook and look for cartridge reloading uk,loads of lads on there that will give you some great loads for your ten
  9. if you go on facebook and search group" uk cartridge reloading" loads of lads on there will help
  10. mercia gundogs run during the summer near coleshill,deb bowns at d4dogs is in Alcester not far from j3 m42.northants hpr every 2nd sunday of month near corby.unlike scotslad id keep away from non hpr trainers personally.a trainer called wrensmews (I think) near stafford
  11. has anybody any experience with using cheddite cartridges,seem good price compared to federal
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