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  1. i have one of these and use it to find rabbits in stubble and it works really well for following up on deer, as you say, anything past 100 yards or so is optimistic for recognition but I have seen deer further than that they just show as blobs though for the money its a useful tool, good luck with the sale
  2. brilliant binos, i have some and they are well worth every penny
  3. thinking of you and the little one. My wife miscarried yesterday at 15 weeks. The nhs have been absolutely amazing, I couldn't fault any of the care we have had. He is a cutie!
  4. I suspect that the mood of the french riot police will not be one of restraint, I saw the CRS break up some sort of demo / rally in Paris once and it was brutal! These mouth breathing shaved apes deserve everything they get though, absolutely no sympathy from me. I've been to countless rugby matches and never seem this sort of ****, its a minority of idiots spoiling it for all
  5. i am in bournemouth and ours came ages acgo if that helps at all?
  6. nderfel


    right then, you have convinced me
  7. nderfel


    Thanks gents, I think I Might get my gunsmith to have a look at it, rather than me mess it up
  8. nderfel


    It is yeah, cheers Chris, I Might give it a go then
  9. nderfel


    Hi all, Potentially silly question My hw mod on my air rifle is causing accuracy issues as the pellets are clipping it I have a mod for my 22 rim fire, can I used that on a 22 air rifle as well? Cheers Nick
  10. I shall give it a go, thanks mate
  11. How did he reposition the mod? Mine is either screwed on or off and not a lot of play in it all all? Cheers Nick
  12. That's useful Colin, I might pick up some too... Cheers for the heads up
  13. i have tracked my issue down to the mod... i am getting pellet on pellet groupings at 30 yards (the legnth of my garden) without the mod. stick it on and every 5th pellet or so is all over the place.... i can only assume the pellets are clipping the inside of the mod althogh i cant see any silver residue inside the mod
  14. some cracking shooting, half those bird i wouldnt even bother trying for...
  15. that's a very kind offer, thank you.. I will drop you a PM next week if that's ok? odd... does your action move in the stock? I was checking the obvious things earlier and there is definite play in the action in terms of being able to wiggle it slightly in the stock...
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