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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Yes it was open till 8. That was the last time till late spring. It is a good shoot, very picturesque. But £17.50 for 50 Clay's, and I bet 8 didn't fire but I still got charged. Il stick to my local shoot, for 12 a round.
  2. Does it stay open late on a Thursday evening? It say while 8 on google but 5 on their website? I was thinking of going tomorrow after work but it's a 45 minute drive. Just need to know if anyone has shot on a evening. Thanks josh
  3. I don't. Bought baikal of a friends friend. And buy cartridges at shoots
  4. I'm a beginner to be honest. I have just heard your best with 1/4 choke? Probably just me doubting myself before I even start.
  5. Cheers bud. I'd never sell it. Thanks for the advice. Best start hitting clays, rather than blaming it on the choke lol.
  6. Thanks. It's an old baikal double trigger. It was my first gun, so holds sentimental value.
  7. Hi, wanting to change a fixed choke on my 12 bore from half to quarter? What's the cost? Does any body know?
  8. Thanks. Just thought it would be a simpler idea, for those wanting to get shut of one thing, for another. One man's junk is another man's treasure.
  9. Wow that's out of blue.....what difference does my age make. Sorry you don't like change. Sorry us youngsters don't have the time to read every post. Sorry us youngsters have to work 10 hours a day and raise a young family inbetween. But again I'm sorry I'm too lazy to find someone willing to trade. Yours sincerely the younger generation
  10. Yes but not everyone can spend an hour looking at new posts to see if anyone is willing to swap
  11. Yes but how many people scroll the those to see if any body willing to trade
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