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  1. Yes please! Have sent pm
  2. Weird. I am with the Met and have five in a three. They are chilled about it. It’s like a game of Tetris trying to get them all in though
  3. They are normally excellent and very fast. If you are worried, phone them!
  4. I sent off Monday this week to add a .243 to my FAC. Just got home to find it waiting for me. Can’t complain about that!
  5. Went out yesterday with ttab. Very windy but the sun was shining and there were birds decoying. A very enjoyable day and a huge thank you from me
  6. I did exactly that from about 2007-2010 with Dyfed Powys.
  7. If you are genuinely bothered about what your neighbours think then put it in a hard case. It won't damage the gun. I live in Zone 1 and just use a slip. I once had a guy ask me if I had had a good day, nobody else has ever seemed to care
  8. Not sure of their personal financial situations but they looked like sportsmen to me.
  9. Whenever I've got the sleeper back from Inverness in August or September there are always two or three guys getting off at Euston on the Monday morning dressed for the office, with the addition of a shooting jacket and a shotgun in its slip.
  10. If you just follow mine around you can collect all the bits that fall off it
  11. I have a Pinewood. +ve: light, batteries seems to last longer, doesn't look like it was made by some bloke in his garage -ve: it is screwed into the ground meaning you get the wire coiled round the shaft which gets annoying. It's expensive. I have lost several of the thumbscrews from the cradles and have to buy pinewood replacements. I don't find the cradles keep the birds on properly and I now add a little tape to the feet. if you get the added stabilising tripod (which you have to really) setting it up becomes slightly more annoying, and finally on about the 10th outing mine shook itself loose, shorter itself and burned out the motor, needing a £60 replacement. That seems overly critical; once you get used to it it's pretty good and I expect a lot of the problems Coke from my ineptitude. I like it as it means I don't have to carry loads of extra battery weight, I just use a 7ah deben lithium I also have a cheapo one from AA or A1 which I prefer if I can drive to the hide, as you just stamp it into the ground and away it goes. It weighs a lot more though and eats batteries. *shorted *come Stupid autocorrect
  12. Funny you ask- mine has just packed up. Only used it a dozen or so times. I'm sending it back to him to sort out
  13. I planned to sit out for a fox this afternoon, in an effort to get on top of them before our birds arrive. I walked out into a field, put my remote caller down, pressed a random button to check that it worked. It worked, I let it squeak for about a second then I pressed stop, walked back to the seat, climbed up, turned around and there was Charlie! The rifle was still in its slip, moderator and binos still in bag, no rounds in the magazine (normally I would have this all ready but I had hangover issues). Luckily, Charlie was happy to stand there sniffing about whilst I removed the rifle, loaded a round and shot him. I gave it an hour for things to settle, then did one loud call from the caller. After about 5 mins a vixen cantered in from the bushes making a beeline for where the caller had been. Incredible hearing accuracy/memory given I hadn't played the call for several minutes. I had to shout to stop her about 50 yards out. She got the same treatment as the first one. A very successful hour. Both mature foxes, the first a dog the second a vixen.
  14. What billytheghillie said, except rather than clean it just pour oil on the bits that move.
  15. I got mine opened up. Just be sure it's what you want though as there's no going back! £40 per barrel as I remember
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