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  1. A side effect of modern plastics I think there was another thread on here before of the same nature. I have not had this on guns but on a goood quality guitar stand where there was metal and plastic, the plasitc started going all sticky after a few years I covered it up with Gorilla tape did not look great but saved getting stuck to it. Some fishing hook boxes do the same, they start to break-down after so long.
  2. Recommended -- Have had one for a couple of years now in lefty and used the shims to adjust to suit which was an easy process to follow it has been very reliable and fits me well. I went to local shooting ground and looked over a right hand one then ordered one. Andra
  3. Hi Johnny. Quite fancy a bash at the forest experience venue
  4. Having the joy of this one now too it needs to be properly regulated. Got letter with the enclosed letter for the GP to give to my surgery, gave them a call to get advice. Well we dont know much about this a few minutes later, right we think its about 20 quid. I asked if was OK for my wife to drop the letter in next day, sure was the reply. Wife turned up to be told we don't provide this service then she advised a call had been made and instructions given to drop the letter off. 5 mins later it will be 75 quid, she then brought the letter back home. I called police Scotland and TBH they were empathetic to the situation and advised that some GP's were charging ZERO and some were charging as much as 250 quid. I then phoned up the surgery and asked 1) whats the complaints procedure and 2) could they could provide me with some written info to help me get through the process. I waited while they googled for info (they told me this) then came back with nothing we dont have any info to help you. I asked if I could have their pricing information I was told that all the GP's charge different rates I then asked if I was recieving services from the cheapest I was told I dont know but I'll get the practice manager to call you tomorrow. Three days later no call. I now await a call-back from another local surgery to see if they have a clear process and pricing info and if all good is it OK to transfer to them. Have read quite a bit of threads online now (some from alleged GP's) some of it quite shockingly opinionated TBH this is really opening up the whole thing to prejudice against the shooting community. Police Scotland also clarified that this is a one off exercise, once it is done it does not need to be done again as the marker goes on the system and the onus is then on the GP to raise any issues going forward, they had heard that some GP's were imposing there own review schedules of 2 and 3 years which is not a requirement.
  5. Look up GDPR right to be removed! I would ask them to remove details without delay, the GDPR outranks any made up company policy and recording/processing has to be based on justification of the purpose (stated) to have and process the data. You can also do a subject access request and they by law need to tell you exactly what they are recording and processing (for free). At their end they also need to have an information asset register where they log an entry describing the info they hold (the database), a data protection impact assessment details of the information datasets (the fields) and flows (how the info gets there and where it goes), should also link in to their organisational information security policy (directing on measures to be taken to keep secure). Also I have never heard of a paper database either. GDPR / the UK data protection act 2018 covers the protection of paper records too i.e organisations have to describe how they keep the paper side secure. For example if the information is put into a database then printed as a report say with your name, address cert number it would be described in the (IAR and DPIA as above) but needs to be clear how the safe disposal of the information is dealt with again would be directed by the company security policy. It is the ICO that govern all if this and nowdays they have some real authority seems there site is down, hope they have not been hacked!! https://ico.org.uk/ database /ˈdeɪtəbeɪs/ noun noun: database; plural noun: databases a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways. "a database covering nine million workers"
  6. Totally agree I have these too after doing some tests I ended up selling on my leica ultravids preferring to keep these.
  7. Thanks folks thats helped, standard one with timer it is then.
  8. Going to buy an FF5 can seem to settle on best option to go for, the remote, DC etc. Thoughts?
  9. Tentative - will confirm nearer the time
  10. Pair of Swedteam gaiters for sale only worn once. These go nicely over my lowa 9.5 hunter boots they are made from tough cordura material. They have a carry bag. Only reason I am selling is they come in L and XL these are XL and a are a tad too long for my short legs!! so would say anoyone with a 32'' inside leg upwards for these. £38 posted.
  11. My Hercules guitar stand has done the same at the black hard plastic area seems a lot of this kind of thing going on!! Some plastics are designed to break down over time first thing I remember doing it was fishing hook boxes. Would not expect it from a gun stock.
  12. If you can find a second hand pair of these at a good price buy them. I have had for many years and they are excellent I bought a second hand pair of Leica's ultravids as an upgrade but after a bit of comparison testing I sold on and kept the swifts. https://www.urbannaturestore.ca/swift-828-premier-hp-audubon-8-5x44-roof-prism-binocular/ Also have the Nikon 8X25 travelite ex only had a couple of weeks they are OK for a small bino but nowhere as good as the above but good enough for popping in pocket when bigger ones not practical. £100 paid for these.
  13. very clean images impressed.
  14. I have a 20 year plus plain silver thermos it is still doing the job very well. I also have a smaller newer design one, it is a designer name which I cannot remember, has a fancy sleeve thing with deer on it, has a push in lid for one handed easy access anyway nice design but it is **** it does not hold heat for long. I also have a larger food type flask made by a company called chub who do fishing gear it is also good for tattie soup etc big wide opening and it is 17 years old. lol feeling old now.
  15. Put me down for this falkirk preferred.
  16. Tweed cap by Heather hats has dark red and gold check. Inner has dark orange satin lining. I have three of these and they are good hats will fit a 59/60 this one is surplus. 13 quid posted.
  17. Price for commission of dog painting say something that would fit inside a 10 X 8 frame please. Is the above lab picture drawing or painting?
  18. Cutting has been a bit stop start here due to all the rain.
  19. http://www.thepigeonshooter.com/shop/decoys/pigeon/electric-pigeon-flapper-with-battery-built-in-timer-and-remote-speed-controller-detail Anyone got one? If so opinions please? Spec looks good, remote, variable wing speed, for pigeons and crows etc. Not sure about warrenty though would expect its 12 months. Spec -------------- Turbo pigeon flapper with built in timer and built in speed controller with romote,so you can have upto 300rpm or down till 1rpm with 4 seconds off and 6 seconds on,range of 100 mts remote.comes with battery 1.3 amp 12 volt.
  20. Not all berettas are the same you would need to check yours and see what type they are.
  21. Interesting looks like a wider spreading of the rusty colour usually on the chest not seen one like that before. Looks quite young no visible green on the neck either.
  22. Love mine they have gone up in price too. Not sure if crimped.
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