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  1. stewartward

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    +5 today 51
  2. stewartward

    Why do people still believe the earth is flat????

    You telling me it's not flat
  3. stewartward

    basc magazine sept/oct

    Mines OK too
  4. stewartward

    Clay grounds near Ashford in Kent

    Willow Farm is pay and play on Tue to Sat and 70 or 100 bird comp on Sun
  5. stewartward

    Clay grounds near Ashford in Kent

    Willow farm near Tenterden (if there is two of you, no auto traps so someone has to do buttons ) or Greenfields in Sturry near Canterbury ( Cleymate system ). Both are open Sat and Sun
  6. stewartward

    New to shooting kent

    Hello and from another Kent boy
  7. stewartward

    Amazon are going to sell new cars

    My postman isn't going to be happy
  8. stewartward

    hip flask

    Good brandy
  9. stewartward

    First Concert

    Duran Duran Wembley arena circa 1987
  10. stewartward

    Happy Star Wars Day!

    may 4th be with you
  11. stewartward

    skeet vests for heavy guys

    I have a topgun skeet vest which is very good and they go up to 56 inch chest
  12. stewartward


    I think anybody new to Starwars should watch them in the order they were released.