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  1. What's the cost and when are the slots? I've dsc1 are you able to be a witness?
  2. Thanks Wboulter; Pm sent
  3. Hello, I'm looking for cz 452 synthetic.22 lr. Preferably a full set up moderator sling bipod etc, but looking to see what's out there at a reasonable price. I'm in north wales so either needs to be within 1.5 hours or willing to rfd transfer. Thanks in advance Paul.
  4. Is this still for sale. I'm in Sheffield next week and could collect. Thanks Paul.
  5. Hello fellow Pigeon watchers! I'm Ideally looking for a 26" Yildiz 28 bore but generally I'm looking for a gun suited to my 10 year old who has the opportunity of lots of game shooting. Possibly a very light weight 20 bore with shortish barrels? What do PW members have out there? I'm more that happy to cut down stocks as I'll be looking to shorten it to about 13" LOP. Regards Paul.
  6. The one at Bamford Guns has a a left hand stock!
  7. Thank you Westley and Figgy for your advice and solutions, I will follow up the 20 at Bamford Guns on Monday when they open. Paul.
  8. Thanks Figgy, he's only a small 10 year old and I just felt the shorter 26 inch barrel would be better balanced - Greenfields of Salisbury have new multichoke game one is with a shorter length stock of 13 1/2" for £475. Which I'm very tempted by, but really would like something cheaper - second hand?
  9. Hello has anyone a Yildiz 28g for sale suitable for a youngster (or which could be cut down)? preferably 26 inch barrels, O/U. Thanks Paul.
  10. Hello all, I'm looking for a Series 2 Land Rover, possibly a 2a if it's the light's in the middle variant (Not in the wings) To save time my absolute maximum budget would be £4000 (for this I would like a fully running a sound Land Rover with full MOT original engine gearbox and chassis). I'm happy to consider some work BUT the level of must be commensurate with the price, having said that, ideally I'm looking for something that has a sound bulkhead, chassis and is usable. (Petrol or Diesel). I'm based in Conwy North Wales My number is 07549148838. What is out their with PW members? Many thanks Paul.
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