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  1. Lee Enfield .410

    Hi All, Still after a Lee Enfield thats been converted to .410. Money waiting for the right shotgun or can trade for a Lanber O/U 12g and maybe a 12g SxS old english shotgun. PM or comment here please if you're prepared to let yours go or have one for sale
  2. Pigeon decoy set up

    Bloody good price that. Shame you're not closer as I'd have this
  3. Cheap 12g SxS wanted Essex

    I have a T.Harlow Old English SxS in 12g. Lovely little SxS but i just dont use it. Wanted £100 but as im in Nottingham i'll take £80 if it helps with RFD to RFD fees
  4. Junior 410 Shotgun

    Still looking
  5. Junior 410 Shotgun

    Do you have any pics you could send over bud? I'm ideally looking for a traditional style shotgun and of I'm correct these have a rifle style stock? I'll have a look but ideally wanting a o/u or SBS
  6. Junior 410 Shotgun

    Still on the lookout for a junior 410 for my 8 year old daughter to kill some cans with. Nothing materialised from my last post. Ideally small as possible, preferably a SBS or a O/U, single trigger preferred so she doesn't have to mess about but double trigger fine, clean as possible and free from any pitting. Budget of around £100-150 as I'm sure she'll get bored after a few months but we can all but try and get her into my hobbies! Based in Nottingham but happy to travel up to around an hour for the right gun.
  7. Lee Enfield .410

    Thank you, although I'm trying to stay sub £300 if possible. Long shot I know!
  8. Lee Enfield .410

    Haha typical! I want it for the historical value more than anything
  9. Lee Enfield .410

    A long shot I know, but for the right price I'm looking for a Lee Enfield that's been converted to a .410 shotgun. Ideally with 3 inch chambers and with the 3 shot mag but will consider single shot and 2.5 inch if nothing comes up.
  10. T. Harlow Unknown 12 gauge

    £90! Bargain for someone wanting a lovely old English shotgun!
  11. T. Harlow Unknown 12 gauge

    This is mine. Any questions feel free to ask. Just to add, this is only a very slight left hand cast but a left hand cast none the less Pictures now added on Gun Watch website also
  12. Cheap 410 for Daughter

    That would be fantastic! Your sir are an absolute gent. I'll drop you a PM now
  13. Cheap 410 for Daughter

    Thanks Gents. Just looked and you're right, both Wentworth and Countryman has a Cooey in which looks ideal. Melbourne Gun and Tackle also have a few nice 410's in so i'll look there as well
  14. Cheap 410 for Daughter

    I keep my eye open at Wentworth but they only have 12g at the minute
  15. Cheap 410 for Daughter

    Not yet. This is the first attempt at trying to find her one. Mansfield Gun Centre never seems to be open, or at least its not when i pass it. Never been to Nevilles. Alfreton right? Do they do stuff that cheap? Not tried wabbitbosher. He's a little far from me. But may try him as a last resort. He has some lovely guns coming in all the time i must admit and he's prices are not to be sniffed at!