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  1. i have a Hatsan escort extreme that is just out of warranty. by 2 months. it has been perfect for the past 3 years, however over the weekend it decided to throw its dummy out. it will shoot the first cartridge, cycle the 2nd but when i pull the trigger it just clicks. inspect the cartridge and there is the slightest strike mark on the case. i have stripped and cleaned the action. however. this is where i need some help. 1. the piston looks to be stuck in the barrel, although it turns, any ideas how to remove it? 2. i took the trigger group out, and a spring has fell out and what looks like a small cup but i cant see where they go back. any ideas on how to sort the above? Cheers
  2. Woodmister


    The new ultra has a bolt action!
  3. I got my bernardelli from John great service top bloke!
  4. I have a bernardelli Mage sporting mate which is only used for clays! It is fantastic!! 30" barrel with extended Gemini chokes! I would highly recommend it! Feels much better built than the beretta (it was a toss up between the 2)
  5. Usually people just run a box of heavy loads though to get the mechanism working as it should be! After about 50 you should be ok
  6. I take it when you say armpit you mean where the wing starts just below there??
  7. Hello...as you can see I'm new to the forum! I currently have 2 airguns . 1 hw97kt sfs tuned and the other is a little bsa ultra! Both cracking guns! However my question is where do you shoot a pigeon if headshots are not available...I know a heart/lung shots are humane but I would like to know where to aim to achieve this shot before I try on a live animal... Cheers for your help!
  8. Hello I would like to introduce myself as I'm new to the forum! I saw this post before I joined... I currently have this exact shotgun with 30" barrel. I had never heard of them either but after having a play with one at a clay pigeon ground I was very impressed! I only do clay pigeon shooting and I was very taken by the design of the gun with the carbon wrap and adjustable cheekpiece it fitted all my requirements. I used to have a franchi fast semi auto with a 26" barrel but I was swinging too fast and missing some targets-so I know the extra length would slow my swing down! The gun itself has been flawless on all trips out never had a problem they are very clean and easy to maintain I have had about 3000 carts though already and still as reliable as I first started if your near the northwest you could always come and have a go! Atb Adam
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