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    All shotgun shooting,particularly pigeon and rough shooting. Fly fishing,Working gundogs,and tinkering with my fishing and shooting tackle!!
    I'm also interested in a large whisky and a hot bath after a day in the countryside!

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  1. Thanks for the replies guys.I was wondering if the pigeon would come to the newly drilled crop, probably didn't word the question properly.
  2. Some advice please from the Pigeon Massive. I have recently got a new permission which has mainly barley and beans, which have come through this week, and the pigeon have sought alternative food. The farmer was drilling some game crop strips yesterday and as this is my only permission with game crop, I'm wondering if the pigeon will come to it? I'm expecting the answer to be "watch it", but in the present situation that's difficult. Hopefully I may get on it after the game season, but is it worth keeping in mind for the future? Cheers, and stay safe. HIDENSEEK
  3. After seeing a mates barrels flashing every time he mounted the gun across the field, I bought a stretchy camo one off the bay. It fitted the whole gun and I just cut off enough to fit the barrels, and used the other piece to protect the stock from scratches. I can't find the same one now, tried neoprene but nowhere near as good. I only use it when it's bright sun but I got definately less "flare offs".
  4. Nice write up. Don't measure the day by the size of the bag, or the number of shots, but by the pleasure you get out of it. 😊
  5. Well done! You'll have to sneak out again, bit of fresh air and a few pigeons are a good tonic. Might need a rest and a whisky later?
  6. Well done! Nice write up. Can't complain about a lack of wind this roosting season can we?!
  7. Very good OB, nice to hear someones getting a good day out, bag doesn't matter. I'm shooting more pigeons with the air rifle at the moment! 😩
  8. I resisted using a magnet at all until 3 years ago,and now wouldn't like to be without it in the vehicle. HOWEVER, I frequently have to switch it off or take it in altogether if they flare off. I still use a flapper & random timer, sometimes on a 3ft steel rod, and sometimes find this spooks the birds if it flaps just as they are over the deeks.I think a lot of this is down to shooting pressure and everywhere in my part of the world has plenty of that! All of my "toys" are taped up as I'm sure flash on a bright day doesn't help.I'm hoping this may help newcomers to our sport, old hands won't learn anything from me!
  9. All of the wheat and oats still to cut on my permissions,last of the barley cut last week but some still not baled. Been very wet and windy my way, with a lot of the barley laid. Hopefully get a longer go at 'em this year before the plough gets going. Plenty of canada geese on the stubble.
  10. My thinking exactly, except I don't like a dog hunting in barley (big softie). I can't remember more than 3 or 4 birds down in standing crops, no matter how well I marked them when shot. Yesterday lost several birds because I took my eye of the first bird to try and get the second ( 21 picked from 24 shot).
  11. Don't even go there ☹️
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