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    All shotgun shooting,particularly pigeon and rough shooting. Fly fishing,Working gundogs,and tinkering with my fishing and shooting tackle!!
    I'm also interested in a large whisky and a hot bath after a day in the countryside!

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  1. Don't know if they are still made, but I have some 3 section poles, bought 25+ years ago. Think they are Pinewood, but Apple seems to stick in the mind. I use them for extra height where necessary. Not tried a search but some of the old boys on here will remember them. They've lasted.
  2. Under 3:1 !......Hope I do as well as that later ! 😊
  3. I went out on Saturday with three other Guns in a fair sized wood, the total bag for the wood was four, which I shot! One of the adjacent estates was banging away fairly regular, but that doesn't mean they're shooting a lot of pigeon! I haven't had any reports back yet. The other neighbouring estate was silent, perhaps put it back a week for catching up? We never seem to get a decent amount of wind on these February Saturdays, but they always bring out the anti-aircraft gunners! Good luck for next week Guys.
  4. Good start to the year on both counts JDog. Happy New Year to all, have a good one & keep your powder dry.
  5. A timely piece of advice MM. I hear people moaning all the time they can't get any shooting, when questioned I generally find they look blank when asked how many farmers they have approached. I know getting started is difficult but some people need to get off their a****.
  6. Nice session with a pal. Shame if he's not posting anymore, I enjoyed his humour 😢
  7. Nice read, more to pigeon shooting than the number shot. Nothing like a bit of foraging, pays to keep your eyes open. Sloes and blackberries have been early round here this year.
  8. Clays don't get my adrenalin going
  9. I've had a few pigeon off of oat stubble, but only when they haven't got an alternative, which is barley or wheat on my permissions.
  10. I remember that advert, I imagine the pigeon went abroad where they are appreciated more. What happened to that market, restrictions on transporting them? 30p each in 1976, and the price of cartridges then was?!
  11. I bought a used folding carp barrow off the bay for £15. It's single wheel, don't know whether twin wheel would be better, wheelbarrow size inflateable tyre. This works fine as I suffer from a bad back and takes the whole shooting match, and a sack of pigeon if i'm lucky. Only drawback is any permission where you have to cross a ditch or fence, got to unload everything, hump it all over, and reload. Now I know why I've a bad back! Good luck.
  12. AA Decoys Turbo flapper, £45 inc timer. Only had one problem with the two machines I have, the part was sent foc by return of post & I fitted it myself. I admit I have not used any other make, because I haven't needed to. I did buy an adjustable timer off the bay because I thought the one supplied flapped for too long, but I'm mega fussy! Atb.
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