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    Morgan's of Oswestry

    We're quick enough to complain when things go wrong but I feel that I must thank Morgan's for an excellent customer service. I bought a Hawke Panorama scope from them (heavily discounted because it was old stock) that turned out to be faulty. I contacted Chris, their manager, who in turn got in touch with the manufacturer who told me to return it for inspection. After two weeks the manufacturer decided a replacement was to be sent out but as my scope was a mid range older model the manufacturer decided that a modern base model (Vantage) should replace it. Chris fought my case and eventually managed to negotiate an up to date like for like model to relace it. It's nice to see that there are some busineses that still look after their customers.
  2. gtfreight

    FWB Sport safety catch.

    All sorted now. Thanks.
  3. gtfreight

    FWB Sport safety catch.

    If anyone has one of these laying around somewhere, I would like to buy it please. Thanks, Gary.
  4. Payment received so now sold.
  5. Provisionally sold. Buyer to collect on 16/10 so on hold until then.
  6. Whoops. Sorry, I thought my location was included. I live in sunny Rochdale.
  7. I have just bought a smaller MTC scope so this is up for sale. It's in excellent condition, has a mil dot reticle, a 30mm tube and is complete with mounts. It has an oversize sidewheel that is easily removable to access the smaller sidewheel. I don't have the original box but I do have an old polystyrene scope box that it will fit into and will make sure it's properly packed. £85 delivered via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Collection from Rochdale welcome for £10 discount. My pictures are too large to upload so if you need piccys send me a pm with your email address and I will get somw to you.