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  1. 23 pigeons and 7 carrion crows is a great hour long session, I’d get out of bed for that any day of the week. Glad to see you’re getting some good winter sport!
  2. This ^^^^^ Not sure how long it will last, but new car/van demand is huge and the supply non existent has pushed prices through the roof…..new prices seem to go up every few months too! Annoyingly bad time to be buying a new car.
  3. Bought myself a new silver pigeon 28 bore at the start of the summer and used it a lot on pigeons since…..to say I’m impressed is an understatement! Cracking little calibre, yes you could just buy a 20 bore but to be honest with the 23g 6 bill high pheasant I’ve been using it’s so hard hitting out to 40 yards I can’t see any disadvantage if you just fancy one like I did. As said above the patterns are brilliant, hence they kill really well. I’ve used a 20 bore a lot too over the last 20 years but it’s my Dads and I wanted something light for walking round mainly and using over standing crops etc when I don’t want to be shooting birds at stupid ranges and it’s proved better than I expected! The Beretta is a scaled down 20 bore action so very slimline and nice to handle, though I believe a lot of the cheaper males are just 20 bore actions with the 28 bore barrels so not quite as slim etc. I’d like to try it on sensible range driven pheasants with the same cartridges to see how it performed.
  4. I raised the same question when they brought in a clean air zone to Bath earlier this year (for commercial vehicles only currently). Due to my van not being the latest euro 6 I now have to pay £9/day if I enter the zone, which is impossible not to working in most parts of the city. The issue I have is that I’m working for the people of the city, yet paying to do so (or they are) as I can’t just ‘choose’ not to drive in or use the park and ride as regular people could, so wonder how my money will reduce pollution?
  5. I’ve never had a lesson or had any of my guns ‘fitted’ and can certainly hold my own with a shotgun, on pigeons especially. i think I’m experienced enough to tell whether a gun fits or not, and whilst I’m sure it would be a benefit don’t think it’s essential at all. Sounds like you’re the same Marshman, my old man certainly is and shoots very well without ever having lessons at an expensive school or paying an arm and a leg to have a fun custom made/fitted.
  6. As an electrician, fire angel are considered ‘diy’ and not what I’d fit but I’m sure do the job. Aico are the brand you’ll see most widely fitted in the domestic sector by professionals. They’ve recently brought out wireless interlinked units with built in 10 year lithium batteries, great as will all go off when one detects smoke/heat, which is the obvious downside to standalone battery units. They are expensive but obviously negates the need for the labour involved in running in cabling for mains powered interlinked units throughout the house, so perfect for the diy’er too!
  7. Had a very good summer here (for our area), most of which was down to cropping and the fields/farms said crops were grown in. Peas were a bumper crop for me this year, more so than previous years….I shot over 600 off one block for example which I’ve not done for years! Have shot over 2000 from June until now, but getting rid of them has proved the biggest challenge……literally no game dealers within reasonable distance are taking them which put us off going out at certain points and the freezers are nearly full again. The way the cropping is for next year I don’t predict getting anything like the shooting I have this year, but I’ll not stop looking! It’s hard going when times are lean, but you can’t find what isn’t there.
  8. They’re a pokey 2.5 petrol lump as well as the torque of the electric motor no wonder they go well…..30.1 towing the caravan? Otherwise nothing to write home about economy wise! A friend has had one for 6 months or so and loves it, certainly looks much better than the older models 😂
  9. Fitted all manner of heating thermostats/controls in my job…..just fitted a new v3 hive to my own new heating system, great system and incredibly simple to use! Easy enough job for an electrician, very easy to wire into a combi boiler and only a little more involved on a system with a tank etc. If you control your heating and hot water independently, they do a two channel version. My preference for the hive in a lot of instances is that the thermostat being battery powered makes it more portable where the nest requires it to be plugged in constantly if not fixed to the wall.
  10. This. There’s little point heating the whole house to 20 degrees for example when you spend all evening in the lounge!
  11. Agree! Had one as a courtesy car when mine was in for a service, ugly front end, interior no different and smaller lower powered engine with adblue. Just a quick facelift tbh, but less attractive in my opinion 😂
  12. L200’s have a low box and centre locking diff, as well as being able to drive in 4wd at normal road speeds so ahead of or equal to most I’d say! Totally agree with all your points too 👍🏼
  13. Good stuff, but I wouldn’t say the trend is towards it when compared with how many people run Makita kit…..it’s hard to make the switch once you’re in. Pushed well by Screwfix though and good value for money if you were starting out!
  14. Agree 100%. I’ve got most of what you’ve said above in my armoury…..once you’re setup with 4 or 5 batteries the body’s themselves are incredibly good value for money in my opinion and last well!
  15. Absolutely love my series 5 l200…..I’m not saying a Hilux might be better made, but they’re 10k more for the equivalent. The 4wd system alone makes it the perfect shooting truck, but with all the creature comforts you expect in a nice car. Real shame they won’t be making any more in my opinion.
  16. Great report, I love finding an opportunity at this time of year when pickings are generally much slimmer!
  17. Regardless of anyone else’s views, I’d not (and my Dad certainly wouldn’t) ever consider just shooting pigeons to throw them in the hedge. I worked hard to get some contacts who would have larger numbers at a time which meant we could go out…..I certainly could have gone out on more occasions and shot more but kept it to one day a week max mostly for that reason alone. Dad had no days out alone either when he could have, so as not to fill the freezers prematurely. It’s the one thing that has made us think much more about what we shoot, rather than the price of cartridges for example.
  18. The whole Packham debacle followed by Covid was a massive pain in the bum…..the biggest hurdle for us was our game dealer shutting the doors during Covid, as they used to collect as regularly as we needed. I have struggled to find a reliable outlet for larger numbers ever since, have managed to get rid of them so far but with the freezers usually running fairly full. Had a good year though really, from June until now shot over 2000, and managed to find somewhere to shoot most weeks. Winters have never been the same here since rape stopped being widely grown so will unlikely get much opportunity to shoot many from now until the spring sadly!
  19. Agreed, I’ve had a good summer on the pigeons also. I think all forums are the same to a point, with certain individuals posts receiving a lot more interest than others. Hence why many post a few times then give up bothering, which is a shame really!
  20. Have spotted pigeons feeding on beechmast too, but not in vast numbers. Personally never managed to shoot any sort of bag on it but can imagine it being good sport if you can! I shot just over 60 on Tuesday setting up on some drilling on a busy flight line pigeons were using to go somewhere else (that I couldn’t locate). Was a case of right place right time as they didn’t want the drilling! Getting much harder to find them now the stubbles are all but gone.
  21. Are you ever there 🤔?? Even when I lived alone in a 2 bed house I was paying £70 odd a month if I recall…..£30 is firmly in tightwad territory 😂
  22. Agreed, a bit further forward than you but I lived at home into my mid 20’s earning 20k odd and lived my best life…..always had money to burn! I’m knocking on 40 now and earning more than I ever have but with far far more responsibilities, I’ve got a house and cars etc but never feel the I’ve got ‘money to burn’ feeling as I did back then. You definitely live to your means though, if I’d never bought a bigger house/had more expensive cars/lifestyle (and kids) I’d obviously be much better off but then I’m not sure I’d have the drive I do if I didn’t have those responsibilities?
  23. Pigeons feeding behaviour is so strange sometimes it’s hard to fathom. Peas have been my bumper crop this year from start to finish, even more so when sprayed off when the peas go rock hard. However an area not a million miles away they won’t be interested in them and go for cereal crops/stubbles instead, work that out? Certainly somewhere to keep an eye on, eh JDog 👍🏼
  24. An electricians rate of pay has always been ‘higher’ than a painters, not sure what your problem is with that. Your belittling is pretending exams/qualifications etc don’t count for anything….utter rubbish! Gas engineers earn more money, as do other trades. What on earth makes you think every trade should earn the same baffles me, just because I happen to be in a trade that can charge more money you feel the need to think I consider myself superior which is nonsense. You might be well versed in writing long winded/well worded replies but you’re simply wrong when it comes to the pay grade argument and I won’t agree with you on that. The customer doesn’t decide what to pay people, I don’t decide what I’ll pay a mechanic etc etc etc. You’re clearly someone who can’t ever be wrong/take anyone else’s points on board, so let’s agree to disagree. Feel free to have the last word 👍🏼 How refreshing to read this reply! Exactly how the majority of my decorator friends operate, and are quite happy to do so. Rates will always differ with the type of work undertaken within a trade 👍🏼
  25. Could go round in circles with you Jim, but there’s little point as you’re clearly intent to argue the toss all day long as to what my intentions are/ justify decorators are worth huge amounts of money. No need to stick up for poor old Pete or whoever else you know who gets bullied on site but the decorators don’t even get looked down on where I am, and we work alongside them all the time without issue. Good luck to any decorator earning good money, I merely pointed out what I would pay (in my area). The belittling of my trade in exchange is both hilarious and petty, but thanks for trying. Have a good one 👍🏼
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