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  1. Might be worth giving Anglo Spanish Imports (A.S.I) a ring, they're based in Snape , Suffolk and are the importers for AYA's. I'm sure they'd point you in the right direction.
  2. Hello Is this still available?. If so would you take £55 posted? Regards Matthew.
  3. I'd agree with Old un, the level wants to be down roughly where the handles start. It looks fine, it'll start off like this and then change colour as it goes. If it's bubbling then it's working, if you source a hydrometer then when the SG is around 1000 then she'll be ready to bottle. It will clear out as it goes, I use pectolase to help it clear out more ( again true scrumpy brewers will dispute this). Once it's clearer you'll notice a healthy amount of sediment on the bottom. the next step is to sypon the fluid of this (called racking) and into a clean demijohn (or 5 litre plastic water bott
  4. Trial and error is the best way to learn. I don't know if you have one already but it is worth investing in a hydrometer, (cheap as chips on the bay). Cider really needs to have a specific Gravity (SG) of 1070 for it to keep longer after the fermentation is completed (SG1000). You simply add caster sugar into the pressed apple juice until it's disolved to increase the gravity, it's not rocket science. Some purists will faint at the thought of doing such a thing but I've found it allows you to make a cider to a known alcohol content when using a variety of apples which aren't that ripe / s
  5. Buy a jam making straining bag rather than filter papers as they'll be really fine and fill up quickly. The jam making bag will fit into your funnel nicely too.
  6. Easy to make if you've got the equipment already. I made some last year with some reduced one's from the the local supermarket. It's like rocket fuel! http://www.wine-making-guides.com/strawberry_wine.html
  7. The active ingredient is nye on the same in either product. All depends on what you can get hold off and the numbers involved. I'm lead to believe that getting it into the food requires a vets report / perscription so this could rule the food option out. If you know of anyone who has sheep, cattle or, if you yourself have a holdings number then you could just buy some panacur and dispense it via the water. depending on the amount you need is will last in a fridge for a number of years. This is the route I've taken in the past 1ml per bird in a day's drinking water, and then re dose at t
  8. If the pending falls flat i'd be interested in 2nd dibs please. Regards
  9. To save a dissapointing trip i would call first as their prices alter daily in my experience.
  10. You have a pm, if your still struggling. Regards Matthew
  11. Ifor Williams aluminium canopy + 4 securing bolts fits L200's with sloped bucks ( came of a 58 plate Warrior). Pm me for pictures if interested Situated in Leiston, Suffolk. £200.00
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