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  1. I have a friend that'll take the place if that's fine with you
  2. Sparkie has pm'ed you.. will have them too.. and the hornet stuff
  3. Gingar

    Sec 1 12g

    Umm.. 300 i believe
  4. Gingar

    Sec 1 12g

    16 rounds at £5 a go... That's more money on ammo than you've ever spent you cheapo
  5. Anytime.. ill have to see if my funds will stretch enough to buy a mod but I cant promise anything! You were right.. my shoulders are killing me
  6. You get back in the Dungeon... you've not finished reloading yet
  7. That must have been why he walked so far away.. to get out of sight to kiss the fox
  8. Me and my dad (Reggiegun) received an invite to go lamping on Sparkies land so we began to get the gear packed up into the car and start out 1 hour 30 minute journey. After the long journey (in which I slept most of) we arrived at Sparkies house and struggled to park on his drive which was full of around 6 cars. After some shocking parking from Reggiegun we finally got parked up and assisted in attaching a frame to Sparkies pick-up to shoot off. I think Sparkie loves his new hat we gave him After a 10 minute drive we arrived at the first field. We had a quick scan as we drove to our position to park up in the middle of the field and saw nothing. About 2 minutes in with no call on we spotted our first fox so I quickly got into position and was ready to shoot..... the lamp was turned on and when I looked through the scope I couldn't see anything but blur due to the scope being set to Reggiegun's ridiculously bad eyes. I re-adjusted the scope so I could see and by the time I was ready again the lamp shy fox was too far away and the opportunity was missed...... nice one dad. 10 minutes later after a bit of calling another fox appears after watching it come in close enough on my night vision spotter I mounted the rifle and took the shot... number one down. Reggiegun was sent out to retrieve the fox and he said he counted around 200 yards. 5 minutes later another fox appeared and started running in. This one got to around 60 yards and turned broadside and started running across us. After a quick shout from Sparkie, The fox stopped and received a bullet to the heart and I watched him drop on the spot... number two down. When Reggiegun was sent for this fox (around 50 yards) he decided to do a very slow 300 yard dash in which he claims to have pulled his knee. After a bit of questioning what he was doing I phoned him and got him to come back and he then told us that he wasn't watching and didn't actually know where the fox was, but he saw another over the hill. We did a bit of calling and the fox didn't show so I want out and retrieved the second fox and we left for some other permissions. We had a quick drive to the nearby Kebab shop which Sparkie claimed was the "best in Derby" so I decided to have one... after realising I spent my money I thought I had and finding out they had no card machine Sparkie paid for the kebabs so I must remember.... I owe you £11. In the next field we sent Reggiegun to the roof to lamp for a bit while me and Sparkie ate our Kebabs. We spent the next 10 minutes in the warm while my dad was still searching and he saw nothing. We spotted a fox about 10 minutes later but he decided not to show again so we had a drive round to where we spotted him and saw nothing. We went back to the first field that we shot the 2 foxes in to see if we can see any more around but by this time the mist had come in and we couldn't see anything. So at this point we decided it was a waste of time to hang around so what did they decide to do? play lightsabres.... After leaving the field we went over to a few other areas and I shot 4 rabbits with the HMR and we decided to call it a night at around 3:20 We had a great time and I really enjoyed the idea of turning up to a field that is 10 minutes away from our starting point and shooting 2 foxes within 20 minutes as all our land is so far away.. Should've shot 3 but still it was a great night, Thanks for the invite Sparkie!
  9. I would like to start by saying a huge Thanks you to Shoot and be Safe for giving me the prize of a at the Pigeon Watch Charity shoot (after talking with him and Old Farrier most of the night about his trip down and where to start out blacksmithing). My weekend began on Friday 21st of August with a 4 hour drive down to Southampton to get the ferry to the Isle of Wight in order to meet up with Old Farrier. With the traffic on my side, I shot down south and got on the ferry and enjoyed some great views as I left Southampton on the Solent. When I finally arrived, 30 minutes late due to traffic in the town centre, I was greeted warmly by OF, his wife, cocker Nuggs, and an unexpected pet a huge white rabbit by the name of Parsley. We kicked off the first day with a tour round the workshop with a talk about what the plan is over the weekend, the basics of Blacksmithing and health and safety and set off for a tour round the island. After viewing some of the spectacular views and learning about the islands history we set back home for some food and much needed rest for tomorrow, The forge day. When I woke we went off for breakfast at the local pub then started up the forge to heat some metal. We started with some basics, Round to square and square to round to build skills with the hammer and began to put some spikes on the end to learn the angles needed to hold the metal, a slight struggle at first but I eventually grasped it. We moved on to some bending and shaping, I made some eyes After finishing this exercise we hit a brick wall.... my decision on what to make.. I have never liked making decisions and I had no idea what to choose from a vast variety of things to make. Some time went by and over lunch we decided to make a coal rake as I made my own forge (which I couldn't light Thursday night) and we thought this would help out a lot. We worked through some more techniques like twisting, flattening and bending to a 90 degree angle and finally, the rake was made! We then moved on to project to create a lead hook for my dog leads and whistles. This started with a bit of metal that needed splitting out and flattening to create a cross then shaping, stretching and flattening. This is what the project started as.. The end result! Finally we pulled a piece of metal from the start of the day to create my last item, a hook for my dad to hang his deer on to make skinning and butchering easier. On the Sunday we had a day out on a clay shoot with OF's helper, Corey, a boy of 15 who proceeded to beat us both.... but that's a story for another day.... The last day came and OF give me a lesson in tempering and my weekend was finished. To sum up I had a brilliant time, delicious food, great company and learned a ton of different things which will definitely help me in the near future on my homemade forge. I cant thank you enough Old Farrier for helping me get started with my new found hobby and for putting together a lesson plan which fell into place and connected everything we made!
  10. You never hit a pair all day
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