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  1. I'll take this please Al. PM for payment.
  2. robsmyth


    I'll take the mediums please. PM to you.
  3. Yes please to the gloves Andrew,  is bank transfer OK ?

    Regards, Rob.

    1. I'll take a pair of these please..PM'd you.
    2. robsmyth

      What plant

      Datura or Brugmansia. Should be in the garden.... not in the field. They are hallucinogenic if eaten.
    3. Nice rifle walker,

      Don't suppose Sutton, Surrey is on any of your routes ??

      Happy to give you cash for this.

      Regards, Rob.

      1. robsmyth

        Samsung Galaxy

        Samsung Galaxy S7 or later model, can swap for one of my various air rifles.
      2. I read ( on here ) Mr Packham was officiating at the Dogstival festival. I took a fellow members lead on this and sent an email to the organizers advising that , because of Mr Packham's involvement I would not be buying my usual tickets👎 Here is my reply..........👍 Dear Mr Smyth, Yesterday we took the decision to cancel Mr Packham’s involvement and attendance with Dogstival and are working toward a broader representation of the countryside and dog related entertainment. I hope you will reconsider your decision. Kind regards Richard Anyone have a dog I can borrow
      3. Yes please, PM on the way.
      4. Neglected to mention.....fitted with adjustable butt pad and un-fitted sling barrel clamp + butt stud. ( will fit if required.😊 )
      5. I'll take the sling mount's + swivels please. PM sent to you.
      6. Hi, (ref  small rifle primers )

        If you can post these to me I will take them.

        Regards, Rob.

        1. I think you must mean ....In SLITHERS Corbyn.
        2. robsmyth

          HW80 stock

          Still looking........ and if it helps I have for part-ex, a customised R/H Beech stock with palm swell and raised cheek comb.....sprayed satin black.😎
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