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  1. Okrang

    steel sheets

    Are you sure about those sizes?
  2. I have just received my invitation to renew my coterminous certificates from Cambridgeshire Constabulary. Fortunately they do not request a medical certificate or letter, just permission to contact my GP if they consider it necessary.
  3. Good Evening! I am planning on making my first foray into the world of thermal imaging - I already shoot using a Nitesite IR set up but am now looking to buy a spotter. I mainly shoot rabbits and the odd fox but, in the fullness of time, plan on extending my sport into stalking. I am primarily after a thermal spotter to enable me to quickly assess ground for live animals and to assist in finding and retrieving shot ones. I have narrowed my selection down to the Scion OTM 266 or the Helion XQ50F. I appreciate that they are fairly different from each other but they both seem to have qualities that I like. Do you think I have missed out on any better alternatives? Which do you think would best meet my needs? Thank you for reading this and I look forward to any of your observations and input. Many thanks! John.
  4. Okrang

    Tragic Accident

    https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/local-news/gamekeeper-guilty-manslaughter-after-loaded-16485610?fbclid=IwAR31JDcbDy-8hcivdHh7uvRK_ATUAhL_oUlPcG4ciqZfl_nEkqtayGSHuWw Tragic accident? Careless idiots more like!
  5. Hi Andy, PayPal payment sent! Thanks mate. John.
  6. Hi Andy, I'll take the Aquavis please. Could you let me know the total including P & P please. Thanks, John.
  7. The gun in the first picture is not the same as the gun in the next two pictures!
  8. Okrang

    .22 WMR

    Good question - one that puzzled me a while ago when I was looking to buy a .22 WMR. I ended up having to apply for a variation and my WMR is listed .22 WMR in the 'Calibre' column on my FAC, as opposed to being listed as .22RF as is the case for my other two .22 rimfires!
  9. Well done! I guess your polite reminder did the trick! It often does!
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