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  1. Glad to learn that he's been fired, couldn't stand the self-opinionated, egotistical prickle! XXJ
  2. They are super-warm jumpers _ love mine! XXJ
  3. Okrang

    Ring bell ???.

    Can you not attach it to the frame upright of the fixed panel to the left of your door?
  4. They are extremely effective. I use mine with prescription insert lenses attached and find that they work well. Yes, they take some getting used to in the sense that they are more like wearing goggles rather than glasses, so I can understand why some find them uncomfortable. They react instantly to bright light and I've not found a problem with them re-adjusting to normal light - that might just be because that scenario hasn't presented itself! As Figgy says, the best thing is to try them yourself. My stockist had a 'trial' pair that you could use. Not sure if that applies with 'Covi
  5. Superb effort, especially by Tightchoke & Hawkeye, but also by all who contributed to make this happen. Renews faith in humanity and sets a good example demonstrating what this forum is all about. Well Done everyone and keep getting better Martin! Cheers, John.
  6. Hi Dave G, I live in a Taylor Wimpy built house and generally speaking I think it is pretty well built. The brickwork and first-fix joinery is excellent, electrics are fine (but they are heavily regulated anyway!) plastering and finishing is also very good. My only gripe is the quality of the second-fix joinery, but then again I'm a carpenter, so I'm probably being picky! I think Team-Tractor's observation about 'the weakest link' is very true, also, it very much depends on the ability of the Site Agent to ensure quality - each different development by the same National Ho
  7. Okrang


    Your insurance will still remain valid. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-mots-for-cars-vans-and-motorcycles-due-from-30-march-2020
  8. Pampas grass or Bamboo?
  9. In the college I work at, Alternative Education (we call it Alternative Provision) is an education programme individually tailored to engage pupils who are either unable or not suited to mainstream classroom education. This may be because they have special educational needs or that in a classroom setting, they are too disruptive, they refuse to engage, they are uncontrollable or whatever. In days gone by such kids would have probably ended up being expelled and receive no education at all. It gives these pupils another chance through, often 1:1 teaching, that identifies pathways to tap into th
  10. Are you sure about those sizes?
  11. I have just received my invitation to renew my coterminous certificates from Cambridgeshire Constabulary. Fortunately they do not request a medical certificate or letter, just permission to contact my GP if they consider it necessary.
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