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    I've been in the field for 25 years and I still sometimes can't sleep at night in excitement and anticipation of an upcoming day out. Always keen on a day out whether behind a gun or not.

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  1. Thanks James, payment arrived ok, I will have it on the courier today so you should have it thursday , regards Alan Robinson

    1. would be video evidence of it though! I think I'm going to do exactly that @shalfordninja33 and will report back on findings 👍🏼.
    2. @WalkedUp Exactly right, it's an over vertical shot as I remember, with a hopeful pull of the trigger 🙄.
    3. @motty Ha, harsh but true on these shots. Perhaps should have included the hits for better context! Had gun fitting on a new gun and a lesson with it was great for a technique reminder and this you'd certainly not get from watching Shotkam vids. What i think Shotkam must be useful for is diagnosis of those that you weren't sure why you missed in the field and perhaps to identify any fault patterns. @WalkedUp 👍🏼
    4. @WalkedUp This is the last frame with visible pattern in it for that shot at 0:30, yes I'm underneath a little, but I have a feeling this frame still has the pellets a bit of a way before the bird, so I may be behind on this bird. I am using a 20b with either 28 or 24gm #6 (mixed cartridge bag🙄) and 1/4 and 1/2
    5. 👍🏼 Misses in front seem to be the easiest to see as the bird v obviously throws the anchor out. @Centrepin Perhaps there'll be some on ebay later on in the year when we've all become crack shots!
    6. ooohh, that first Pidg is a lovely bird and shot 👏🏻, smiled seeing that.
    7. Ha ha, ah yeah, the old Eley Uranium 28gm no.6's!!
    8. Aha @WalkedUp I see that nice youtube feature of ',' & '.' to go back and forth frame by frame, and I see the below from that first shot. Difficulty is you still don't know how far there is between the bird and the shot string. @Centrepin Zeroed as best I can, cheated a bit in that I lined it up with bead at about 15ds not 30, as I did it indoors. Think I'll take a trip to the pattern plate and align it there. It seems to be broadly ok, perhaps reticle a little high I wonder though. Here are some shots where I did connect. Lots of us seem to be buying these Shotkams, we should have tried for a bulk buy, bloody expensive these camera's really.
    9. Ha ha ha, thanks chaps. @prem1234 it's lots of fun watching the vids, you're gonna love it. Thanks for your analysis, I'll watch again with your conclusions overlaid. @WalkedUp was that frame taken from the YouTube vid i posted? Wow I couldn't see that and I've been trying to view frame by frame in VLC. @all - It's got to be a helpful tool really hasn't it, certainly a fun one. Then again all well and good analysing this from the comfort of home, but when snap shooting in a cramped hide or windy wood with limited vis and shot window putting the lessons from the analysis into action is a different thing. Better interpretation of a bird's flight path and incremental shooting improvements is what to hope for i guess. More to come from when I next get out....
    10. Oops, sorry all 🙄, vids now made public, should now be viewable.
    11. First outing with the new Shotkam toy, lots of fun looking at these things and I can already tell this will waste far too much of my time, but perhaps it will help my shooting. Here's a vid collection of a number of misses. Some I think I can see where I missed, some are not so easy to diagnose. I think this is where I missed, what do you think? I was above (?) I was behind and above (??) Above (?) Behind (?) Above (?) Above and behind (?) Way behind (?) (Possible my reticle is set too high, but not sure, need to align on a pattern plate i think) p.s. there were some hits too!
    12. Got my new Shotkam toy through the post a few days ago and managed to get out for a spot of decoying today. Set up on a field where small flocks were seen on the Clover. Here are just a few select vids, I'll get some more up shortly. Only 8 on the deck over 2 1/2 hrs, didn't shoot well plus patchy sport, but a few really decoyed well once the sun got behind me and the wind got up. Shotkam vids
    13. Hi JBK if the rat shooting offer is still open ,I live nr Gt Dunmow  Essex

      and would be happy to help , very experienced and reliable with good Night Vision gear
      and how to use it properly.

      atb brian

      1. Is it this jacket? https://www.musto.com/en_GB/fenland-br2-packaway-jacket/80226_432-M.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA1fnxBRBBEiwAVUouUgwxZ-dxnYStfW2_qZW6HvJw5YdbiapCop_mBLuBgcuTIGToKtSNeBoCYlQQAvD_BwE&source=googleshopping&locale=en_GB&gclsrc=aw.ds
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