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  1. It's the same what ever you are selling. My late wife's modilaty folding ramps cost 500 pounds. But when we tried to sell them , started at. 220 Then. 180 they went for 120 , it's always the same when we wanted a pair coud not find any ,
  2. Talking of wells my dad was one for tall stories we was working in this old tin bungalow in a nearby village. , and dad said to me boy if you go to the corner of the bungalow near the back door start pokering around you will find an old well He said it's the last one your grandad had dug in Hampshire I did find the well but I don't know if it's the truth or not But on grand ads death certificate it said plumber , my granddad was gassed twice in ww1 Had one lung died in 56 I was born 54
  3. We had a rav 4 for years got it with 8 thousand on it. If I remember rightly we changed it at 25 thousand but itI had only done 2 thousand when it snapped luckily we had just started the engine when it stopped no damage done it woud have been a diffrent story if we was doing 60 to 70 For got to say it was then the old p reg look in the hand book or look on line it shoudent cost a furtune to change it
  4. I agree we shoud or the poltians shoud do what we voted for just get on whith it Teresa may is trying her hardest and doing a good job but whith both hands tied be hind her back , I have said be for all party's must put thier differences behind them for the good of our country and get on whith it
  5. We had the same problem in our close some people had phone no broad band some broad band no phone it tuned out to water in a under ground box and water in contentions on a top pole it took weeks to sort out
  6. I'm afraid it's the way of the world , in Winchester tesco wants to open a pop in store to sell a beer wine spitrts up to 11 pm ,it s funny because the highsteet is a no go drinking area
  7. When I left school at 15 worked in the local saw mill was put whith this man called George had a finger missing , I was a bit shy at first but when I got to know him asked how he lost his finger , told me me he was with the b e f in France in 39 in the royal field artillery Fort thier way to Dunkirk , he said have you seen the film Dunkirk yes I replied it was nothing like that it was hell he said he tried three times on diffrent boats they got put out of action He said I was lucky first time it wasent to deep he managed to get his helmet and gun off made him lighter got hol
  8. southman1

    so sad

    The other day was with my daughter we both laughed a faimly of 4 walking in single file all talking or texting the youngest was about 9 then the other one about 14 then mum and dad , went in a small cafe they was a notice no wifi we encourage the art of talking
  9. My two neighbours are having a competition one is useing every thing from pound land seeds plants food the other one is useing the plants seeds and food from well known plant centre , they are growing every thing in containers guess shows winning winning third picking of peas , cumbers and courgettes and carrots are doing well the one from a well known is not doing so well he's gutted came in to my garden last night to look at the others pots and containers
  10. The walking sticks come under concealed weapons you are not allowed to keep a modern one I e Made in China or India , but allowed to keep sell or give away if they come under antique sword sticks , some blades had a makers name others diden t , some modern ones are so good you have a job to tell the difference pc plod woud not know a good modern one from an antique one I did have six made in Belgium whith my bayonet collection but Sadley all gone well a couple of nice bayonets two trench knifes one British one from the USA A Mk 2 commando knife Luftwaffe officers Mode
  11. How about a canal holiday you can make easy or hard it's up to you ,not sure if you can still get the camping ones very basic you just pich you tent at the end of the day
  12. When I was 16 I started collection of militarily bayonets shells helmets then saw you coud collect smooth bore rifles if the barrel was 24inches and over so got my s g l started to collect them I had a bout 25 smooth bores with bayonets you coud have Bren gun if the selector was welded in single shot and the same whith the b a r , you coud Fire blanks In them , then Michael Ryan put the the end to it I coud not afford to have the mags welded and pinend to hold two cartridges it did not make sence because they where not in four ten they had to go shame some nice stuff k 98 3 typ
  13. southman1


    I wish you and all your faimly the best stay strong and positive it's a strange world out there as other p w members have said we are here to listen any time you want it does help to talk
  14. Youngsters don't have the fun we used to be able to do I'm 63 But at 16 got an old bantam used ride 3 up round the back lanes to a local town then two up to the local flea pit then do the same to come home 3 up again never was seen or caught A bout 24 miles return or riding old bikes round the local dell , or when we was all legal racing the motor bikes round the lanes as fast as we coud go it's wonder we wasent killed or end ed up in hospital , if it was on private land what is the issue the police have no powers to prosecute, unless law has changed , don't think so
  15. Our freezer went wrong whith a power cut came back off holiday the contents in the freezer was no good phoned nation wide who we have insurance whith , no problems sir just write down what you have lost it worked out a bout 350 pounds they evan asked if I needed a new freezer I said no it s working now we had a cheque ten days later. That was three years a go , we was inpressed
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