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  1. Go onto the teague website, measure your chokes against the Teague chokes for the classic doubles problem solved, its its what I did and if memory serves they are invector chokes, fit a 1987 classic doubles sporting. In fact just dug out the receipt it reads classic doubles invector flush....
  2. Hi,


    i am am looking for some chokes to fit a Japanese made classic doubles, could you help.





    1. Bentos


      Sounds like a tough day and a pyrrhic victory sadly. With notes, based on what you have just said you should be able to build a case and prove constructive dismissal if you needed to, not exactly a cause for celebration but a moral victory none the less. May be worth getting an hour of someone legals time as if they want to negotiate you out, now is possibly the best time to start - I say that not understanding age / likelihood of future employment / pension benefits etc. However, if as the boss has confirmed the gloves are off and the scene is set it may be better for your health and stress levels to see what they will do in terms of lost pension benefits, cash payment etc to ask you to walk through the door. Certainly something I would get advice on due to the concern that if the eyes are directed at you my concern would be they will seek to find reasons over the next few months to say goodbye. If you have a Union join it now and get their help. Sorry not a nice place to be.
    2. Bentos

      Look what I found

      How big she will grow?
    3. Bentos

      Look what I found

      It is some bad *** spider anyway regardless of mouse or moose I would out of there
    4. Bentos


      If you are minded to record then ask for an agenda, ask who is going to take minutes and if they are to be circulated and signed off as accurate and correct by all attending. However be careful and really think of things are getting that bad, any of the above such as recording etc is escalating to a high level
    5. Bentos

      Life insurance

      Need more to go on really but investigate family income benefit, pays an income fir a fixed term, decreasing plan so costs less
    6. I live there get there for two and my daughter is singing on stage, I will not be there as I have a date with the birds
    7. I have not done driven for a long time, but I think the thing to do would be to explain the price is x plus tip for the beaters and then confirm what the expected tip is. When I did driven it was on that very basis cost per gun is x plus £20 tip for beaters. That way the guns know what the total cost is and what is expected of them, if they are not asked to provide a tip at the end of the day I can understand why they did not as they may have easily assumed beaters costs were being taken care of in the overall price.
    8. Harnser We will have to meet, and if Dear Rob ever comes back from his holidays I will quiz him. Just to let you know place is now filled by a member on here. Any more places come up and I will be doing the same. thanks your interest
    9. Gents Due to the resignation of a long standing member we have one place available for a small diy syndicate in Norfolk The bad first the land is forestry, covered in fern and is rough going the shoot is walked up only all members are expected to get involved in feeding and work parties the good the members are a friendly bunch who like to get down the pub after a shoot day for a natter the sport although sometimes sparse is good when it comes woodcock like the woods (which gives a nice December and January) from close season to when birds arrive members can shoot for pigeon and vermin at any time (no rifles allowed - forestry rules) the cost £325 for the season (being honest this has not been increased for a few years and I expect it to be raised at the end of this season) the expectations this season we have put 400 birds down and are hopeful of a 30% return (last two seasons have been 24% and 28% with 350 down, this season we have started spinning feed to retain more) what we would like ideally we want someone with a hunting dog, who is not afraid of some strenuous walking (you not the dog) and who is willing able to give some time for work parties in and out of the season. if interested then please pm me and I will get in touch and look to catch up and see if we can take things further. cheers
    10. A sad day, he was a delight to see when on my way to school on the Number 19 or 20 bus sunny day, is his gloves, directing the traffic rumors abounded a failed solicitor, divorce and drink, whatever the truth he brightened up my days as a wonderful eccentric passing the time R.I.P Marigold
    11. Bentos

      Van Hire

      there's a place in Dereham, by the railway tavern, can not remember the name but when we crossed the border we hired from them, memory serves they were reasonably priced but it was 10 year ago
    12. National trust holiday lets, lots of choice in some special places, dunwhich Heath in suffolk bang off a lovely beach middle of no where worth a look plus loads of choice where ever you want to stay
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