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  1. How the hell do you know all this stuff?? As soon as I learn something new off you and think my education is coming on, you blow us away with even more
  2. Where abouts in the country is it please?
  3. I can't speak for GMP waiting times as I'm under TV, but as a rough guide, I've just waited 3 months for my FAC renewel and I applied for coterminous this time!! As for disability, only having one arm does not appear in the list of medical conditions you must report when applying. So as said above, so long as you're safe, your Dr and Instrcutor are happy with you, IMO I can't see it being a disadvatage for your application......Good Luck and Good shooting.
  4. Good luck Eddy, I libe in KB and I've knocked on just about every farm door there is, same as you I just keep getting told already taken care of. Perms I have are 20 mile drive away in Cotswolds mainly thanks to J dog on here!!
  5. You're in great hands with JD, I've had great outings with him and learnt lots.....
  6. Think you'll find GL 04 cover crop protection!! You cannot shoot stating crop protection!!
  7. depends where you are I suppose geographically. Here in Oxfordhsire, available land to shoot is as rare as teeth on a hen. Think I've exhausted evry farm ina 30m radious, i've ebven been back to the same farms 2 or 3 times. I think with people nopw paying, the days of door knocking are almost over. It's a case of "who you know, not what you know"!!
  8. Stay away from Buffalo River!! I have one, every winter the locking mechanism fails and I have to take the digipad off, unscrew the base plate and use key like a normal safe. There is no Buffalo River tech or after sales support in the country and only one sole importer. Only help I got was off importer who tried scrwing me for another £100 and tried to convince me the new fitting was bigger than old and I'd have to dill an even bigger hole in safe door to fit it....er no thanks!!
  9. Good luck, i've been shooting Cotswolds for last 5 years and it's a very closed shop. I was lucky to be introduced by a good guy off here, and thats the only perms I've been able to pick up!!
  10. Sorry should have clarified, the offence has expired under the rehabilitation act, but yes, you still have to declare it!!
  11. As said above, unless the caution was for something serious, it will have expired now, off the top of my head, any jail terrm less thna 3 years and suspended sentence for non serious crimes expire after 3 or 5 years under the offenders rehabilitation act, so long as youve notified thwem about it, which you have, just sit tight and wait, it will happed. think mine took 12-14 weeks.....
  12. Why don't you suggest he looks on here, or advise area and put someone off here in touch with him and help out fellow shootiers who are struggling to find land/pernisions?!?
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