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  1. Not really, you're the one trawling for a fight with flawed conjecture and irrelevant drivel..... Just because the threat of capitol punishment doesn't work for some, it will for a lot of others...as I have sad before, you will always get the hardcore criminals who either think 1) They won't ever get caught or 2) don't really don't care if they're caught or not as they have nothing truly to live for anyway. However, those who do enjoy life with a modicum of judgement, will think twice before undertaking capital crime as the punishment is too severe to comprehend!
  2. You'll never get 100% non murders due to the hardcore criminal element of society out there! But it will deter the less hardened criminal and thus reduce the amount of murders!
  3. No where near as many, and there was far more respect for Police and the "Law of the Land"!
  4. Sorry, but back then forensics weren't anywhere near as sophisticated as now, DNA as an example!! Now is the time to reintroduce the Death Penalty....look at crimes being committed now because criminals aren't deterred by very lenient sentences, the killing of the police man by gipsies by dragging him behind a quad bike at 60mph is a classic example......
  5. Good shooting there Jacko…..were they feeding on standing crop, or we're there patches they were coming into?!?
  6. Get him out with you and Warrick, he'd have some fine elocution lessons from the pair of you...I fondly see you as Waldorf and Statler and always get a good laugh....Good report, good to see you're as ever taking out novices and educating us still JDog......When you coming to our Wolds next?!?
  7. On my renewel, they questioned me as I hadn't bought much ammo for my .243, mainly because I was using .308, but I could show I had used the .243 occasionally so had need. As said above, they will argue if you're not buying ammo for the calibre in question, do you "have need".....
  8. It tells you in the paperwork notes who to make cheques payable to? TV does anyway....
  9. Any day out is a good day out, made all the better in J-Dogs illustrious company 😀
  10. As JDog says look at my post, I had two cracking days on it, they were coming in like scud missiles.....
  11. They still came in, it's movement that scares them off more than the static hide.....So long as you don't move until the last minute, they come in nicely...Mind you, I forgot my poles and the wind started to pick up, kept lifting it towards the end. Luckily the strings on the front were long enough to reach the strings on the bales to tie back to😝
  12. Another lucky guy to be taken under your wing JDog😀
  13. Well that's the same pic I sent you Sunday when you said it was Spring rape?!? I did wonder as Simon said he'd Planted for silage.....
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