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  1. depends where you are I suppose geographically. Here in Oxfordhsire, available land to shoot is as rare as teeth on a hen. Think I've exhausted evry farm ina 30m radious, i've ebven been back to the same farms 2 or 3 times. I think with people nopw paying, the days of door knocking are almost over. It's a case of "who you know, not what you know"!!
  2. Stay away from Buffalo River!! I have one, every winter the locking mechanism fails and I have to take the digipad off, unscrew the base plate and use key like a normal safe. There is no Buffalo River tech or after sales support in the country and only one sole importer. Only help I got was off importer who tried scrwing me for another £100 and tried to convince me the new fitting was bigger than old and I'd have to dill an even bigger hole in safe door to fit it....er no thanks!!
  3. Good luck, i've been shooting Cotswolds for last 5 years and it's a very closed shop. I was lucky to be introduced by a good guy off here, and thats the only perms I've been able to pick up!!
  4. Sorry should have clarified, the offence has expired under the rehabilitation act, but yes, you still have to declare it!!
  5. As said above, unless the caution was for something serious, it will have expired now, off the top of my head, any jail terrm less thna 3 years and suspended sentence for non serious crimes expire after 3 or 5 years under the offenders rehabilitation act, so long as youve notified thwem about it, which you have, just sit tight and wait, it will happed. think mine took 12-14 weeks.....
  6. Why don't you suggest he looks on here, or advise area and put someone off here in touch with him and help out fellow shootiers who are struggling to find land/pernisions?!?
  7. Why don't you team up with somone who has DSC 1, get an agreement you will accompnay them on all stalks until you get it, and then either sahre the stalking, or they have to call it quits when you say....that way you won't lose then deer shooting when/if you eventually get DSC 1 certified......
  8. Ooooo....some contankorous old toad put me in contact with said farmer
  9. Agree with you there, bottles are always delivered just before or just after xmas depedning where I'm working....particular farmer I shoot fot, 4 out of 5 of my perms, he farms 4 of them hence I don't want to upset him
  10. Your recogniotion of my proficeinecy and sagaciousness is more than enough reward for me JDog.... Looking forward to catching up on 29th......
  11. Ok, quick question out there to you shooters old and new..... At this time of year, do you contact your farmer either by ringing ot texting to let them know when you're going and leaving? I only ask, as one particular large farm I shoot, has told me he doesn't really need to know, but I still feel better for advising, on the other hand, I don't want him thinking I'm bothering him especuially as harvesting is flat out at the moment?!? I had a bit of bother last week with residents complaining when we were lamping. We respeced their wishes and left, I texted the full episode to farmer and heard nothing, tried calling next day and he just hung up after two rings, so guessing if he didn't answer, he's happy with my handling of the situation. I've been shooting for him for 3/4 years now, never had bother before so guessing he's just busy and happy for me to carry on.......
  12. have you seen the add on free sporting? Sonmeones offering barley now on tramlines in newmarket!?!"
  13. Only time you can hit em old en is when they're point blank:0
  14. You can never, I repeat never, have too many guns????
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