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  1. I’m looking for an improved cylinder or cylinder flush fitting choke for a baikal o/u 20g if anyone has one or knows where I can get one. Many thanks
  2. Pm’d You back squirrelhall.
  3. hello, just seen your wanted ad for a bowman clay trap, the gamekeeper on the estate where I work has got one , I just spoke with him and he says its for sale if your interested , he is based on the outskirts of Edinburgh (midlothian side).I don't have any photo`s but i've seen it and it looks clean.

    you can contact him on  07718314523 Denns,  he will send you a photo if needed , tell him Alan as he doesnt know me as wee mo ? , good luck .


    cheers wee mo (Alan)

  4. Thanks for your kind offer but I’m going to keep looking for a bowman. Much appreciated though. Regards,Grant.
  5. Hi,thanks you for that but on reflection I think I’ll hold out for one closer to home because of the delivery cost. Best regards
  6. Hi,I’ve got a baikal 20 gauge o/u multichoke ejector I’m willing to part with for £180. That includes postage to your rfd of choice. Pm me if you are interested and I can send u pics.
  7. Thanks,unfortunately this one is now sold. If anyone else has one I’d be interested.
  8. I’m looking for a bowman clay trap preferably one that takes two Clays at the same time. There are a few about for sale but nothing close by. Im in the Scottish Borders. Thanks
  9. Agreed! Could certainly be a blackthorn. The ones I’m used to are usually more spindly than that one looks. The cherry plum trees can have spikes on them too but definitely not as nasty on the hands as the blackthorn.
  10. If the weight of your moderator is a consideration as it is for me on my 22/250 varmint barrel with heavy nightforce scope then I can recommend the dpt moderator.
  11. I’ve used a 22/250 for 30 years on foxes and roe (in Scotland) I use 50grain rounds for foxes and 55grain rounds for roe. It is a very good choice for what you are looking to use it for.
  12. Glad it’s not just me who does stuff like that!!
  13. I drive a 17plate Navara and the adblue needs filled roughly every 1200 miles. It’s very comfy to drive but also very soft on the back end with the new coil springs when loaded up with work gear and with a trailer it looks really low even with the tires at 41psi. The traffic police pulled me in because of this and reckoned they are aimed at the leisure market rather than commercial market. I’m getting 26mpg without the trailer and 23mpg with the 2 tonne trailer so not great on fuel. To be fair it’s all steep country roads I’m on so that’s to be expected. I think if I would look at the L200.
  14. It depends on your budget too. Husky 550xp is a great saw as is the stihl ms261. Don’t run any longer than a 15” bar on the 550 or 16” it is on the stihl. I run a 13” bar on my ones and they are light to use and very fast cutting. These will be around the £500 mark new and if you need more power and a longer bar then consider the husky 560 or the stihl 362. These will cope with an 18” or 20” bar. Then it’s the stihl 461 and then the 661. The mistake a lot of occasional users make is putting too long a bar on too small a saw.
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