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  1. Hi, Ive bought a new semi auto with a black synthetic stock. The shop had poor lighting and I didn't notice it at the time, but there is a ring around my stock where the stock has been wall mounted in a harness of sorts. The mark is quite feint but visible. What can I use to try to clean off the mark? Gun oil (non solvent) was suggested to me but I wanted to ask around first before trying it. Thanks
  2. Ahh yes it was you!! That got me starting to look at Benellis and couldn't look back
  3. Thanks Westley78 - yeah I was thinking the same Scully.....you started giving me ideas! I've got a very good deal on a brand new Benelli M2 and decided to go for that Scully.....you started giving me ideas! I've got a very good deal on a brand new Benelli M2 and decided to go for that
  4. It's definitely very tempting! I keep moving further and further away from what I originally intended to spend, but I'd rather buy something that I'm happy with.
  5. Thanks Blueflame. I'll keep that in mind. Both seemed to fit me pretty well so I think I'll be ok without having to use any comb raisers etc. I would love to buy a Benelli but not sure I can justify the cost for what I'll be using it for.
  6. Thank you all for your replies and advice. Scully - your post actually is relevant as I'm battling with myself to go for a synthetic stock when I'm a big fan of a nice bit of walnut. I'll be using the semi auto in the pigeon hide mainly and maybe the odd outing on clays. As much as I'd like a wooden stock I think I'll have to force myself to go for synthetic. In the pigeon hide is it worth going for camo instead of black or does it not make much of a difference? Thanks Westley78, that's good to know. Do you have the Affinity One, 3 or 3.5? And out of interest which stock did you go for? I quite like the finish of the new Elite model but am aware that it's intended as a waterfowling camo gun
  7. I've found a few Affinity 3 Elites for sale not too far from me, so I reckon I'll go and pick one up in the next couple of days
  8. I definitely don't need 3.5" chambers. I had just happened to see the new Affinity 3.5 Elite in the shop and it fitted me well and I liked the finish of it so had just been looking at that model. I've just looked at the Franchi catalogue and they are supposed to be bringing out a 3" Elite model as well.
  9. Ha ha! I've just popped into a gun shop to take a look and they are nice and light. The store I went in to steered me away from the Franchi 3.5 for pigeon shooting due to the fact that it has 3.5" chambers and they said it would struggle with 70mm cartridges as you would tend to use for pigeons. Anyone got and experience of issues like that?
  10. I forgot to mention that I shouldered all 3 the other day and I'd say they all fitted me well enough. If I'm honest all semi autos feel a bit alien as I'm used to over and unders, but I have held a few autos which definitely didn't fit me, so I think I have a decent measure to go by. Seems like people are big fans of the Franchi. I did like the feel of it and the raised rib seemed like it would suit me.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to make my mind up on which semi auto to go for. I'll be using it for pigeon shooting only. I'm trying to decide between: Brand new Franchi Affinity 3.5 with 7 year warranty Brand new Winchester SX4 (can't find any info on warranty) A little used 5 year old Browning Maxus (no chokes, shims or spacers supplied) I like the Maxus for the speed loading feature but will have to hope it's reliable as it will not have a warranty and I may need to buy shims and spacers to fit it to me. As for the 2 new guns I like the fact that I will have a warranty to back them up. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on any niggles with these particular guns and your experiences with them. Thanks
  12. Just putting the feelers out there. Would anybody be interested in a brand new Brattonsound ST9+ cabinet with fixing kit. Collection from St. Albans or happy if you want to arrange your own courier. Looking for £305 but not willing to accept any lower offers. Thanks.
  13. Can't find anything on YouTube. Only info for the B25 Thanks, I'll see what I can find to do the job
  14. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to remove the Forend wood from a B125. It retains the Forend wood, similar to a B25, but without the obvious screw through the side. I can see a slotted screw underneath the Forend latch, but the latch holds opens at an angle which blocks proper access to the screw - don't want to risk damaging the screw if there is a way to make life easier. Thanks
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