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  1. I've ordered some rottenstone so will give it a go next week. It's actually done both. Where I have not gone with the grain it has left swirl marks, and it also generally dulled the finish. I palmed in a drop of oil and it improved it massively, but I can still see those swirl marks in certain light so I'd rather polish them out before adding any more layers of oil
  2. Good point, thanks. I used 0000 grade, but will give it a go keeping with the grain and see how it looks. Thanks, will do
  3. So that's what I used and the wire wool caused the scratches.....I had plenty of oil on the stock as well Thanks I'll take a look online
  4. Hi, What do you guys use to polish scratches out of your oil finished stock? I needed to knock back a bit of oiled finish which had gone a bit rough after steaming a dent out. I used the finest grade of wire wool and stock oil but I'm still left with swirl marks. Any suggestions? Cheers
  5. Thanks for the reply. Ok that's a shame then, looks like I'll need to get a new pad and grind it down sub flush as I need it to be shorter than the existing pad. At least that way I can grind it down off the stock as I don't fancy risking damaging my stock! Thanks for your help
  6. What I'm getting at is that I don't want to fit a new pad and grind it to the stock profile - I'd like to know if the existing pad can be modified or not?
  7. Hi, I've just bought a new gun which has a Decelerator pad fitted (made by Pachmyr I think?) which is 1 inch thick. I want to reduce the LOP by a quarter of an inch without cutting the stock down. I would like to cover the pad in leather after any alterations. What I'm wondering is what is inside that recoil pad? Can I reduce the thickness of the pad or do I need to buy a new pad? If reducing the thickness is possible I will then reduce the outer profile slightly and cover the pad in leather, so I'm not too bothered about the appearance of the rubber pad. I just wondered if it c
  8. I bought this Black leather hand guard brand new and have only used it once. It's in as new condition and does a great job of protecting your hand from hot side by side barrels. Made to fit a 12 gauge. £30 including postage.
  9. This is my gun for sale. Please PM me if you would like any more information. Length of pull is 14.5 inches. James
  10. I can, but I wasn't sure if the stock dimensions are exactly the same? Also - can anyone confirm if the Browning Heel plates fit out of the box without any grinding etc? Thanks
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