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  1. Biggthepool05

    Peltor Sport tac electronic ear defenders

    Hi would be possible to see pictures very interested
  2. Biggthepool05

    Browning gold sporting clay 12 gauge

    Hi very interested can you transfer to my local firmarms dealer
  3. Biggthepool05

    Beretta 391 ulrika optima 12 gauge

    Can you RFD Iam Northern Ireland
  4. Biggthepool05

    Mobil fit teague extended chokes

    I’ll take 3/8ths let me know how to pay
  5. Biggthepool05

    3 curl mallard

    Like your humour and apperently lack off competitiveness EN****H T**T ✊????
  6. Biggthepool05

    3 curl mallard

    Shot my first 3 curled mallard last night and Iam debating weather to get him stuffed as I hear these are quite rare here in Northern Ireland?
  7. Biggthepool05

    Widgeon decoys

    Can’t seem to find many different brands off widgeon decoys in UK can any put me in the right direction off who sells them or were could try many thanks
  8. Biggthepool05

    Toastie socks

    Can anyone recommend socks for cold weather fowling feet were like ice blocks today lol
  9. Biggthepool05

    Thermal base layers

    Can anyone recommend thermal base layers??
  10. Biggthepool05

    Beretta chokes

    Have you pictures of the rhino and briley chokes please
  11. Biggthepool05

    Beretta A390 Gold Mallard 12 gauge

    Can you send to local firearms dealer if required
  12. Biggthepool05

    Advice on battery charger

  13. Biggthepool05

    Advice on battery charger

    Hi recently purchased a 6v battery charger with 600ma output Iam charging a 6v 4.5 amp battery can anyone tell me how long until fully charged Many thanks
  14. Biggthepool05

    Pigeon cradles options

    Looking at buying some pigeon cradles and needing advice or what's best quality and the best price ones
  15. Biggthepool05

    12g Eley Cartridges

    In my opinion £220 would be more sensible to sell that's just over £35 pound cartoon here in noerthern Ireland we can still purchase 28g 7 1/2 for 160 a thousand