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  1. Here we have my GRAND POWER K22 Xtrim Plus Whisper moderated version (no moderator needed on licence) Long barrel pistol .22 LBP You will need a long barrel pistol slot on your license. It took me 5 years to find this gun as it wasn’t available anywhere in the UK brand new nor second hand because of it’s built on moderator from factory I had to buy it as I always wanted it, literally shot 30 rounds out of it using different ammo, it cycles perfectly and now I’ve done with it-it’s time to move onto air rifles instead (I can take you to the gun club and fire in front of you to show it working perfectly) fires absolutely spot on- only purchased in November, I have the receipt so still under warranty comes with 2 x 10 shot magazines and original carry case £900 Serial number has deliberately been drawn over to hide it in the photos. The gun is in excellent condition
  2. Sorry, I didn’t clarify it. With it being a FAC air rifle, it can never go back to being a normal air rifle. There are other guns on the market which can be turned up and down with a few clicks but again it will still remain as a FAC rifle at 12ft lb so even then I would not be allowed to use it anywhere except at the club as a FAC
  3. Deffo time to go back to basics I think with a sub 12. Thank you for your advice. 😊 Shame- as it sounds like fun. Thank you all the same mate 😊
  4. No, unfortunately the energy cannot be turned down on my rifle Deffo, the only way forward would be a 12ft lb rifle. Thank you for the advice, much appreciated.
  5. There will be, but I’d much rather have my own to be honest. I don’t mind helping anyone out myself, but I never want anyone to feel that I’m taking advantage by asking for a favour and if I do; I cannot rest until I’ve repaid the favour back. So just a lot easier having my own
  6. Fingers crossed. Thank you.
  7. That is correct, I have no land except permission for this to shoot over. My guns are only to be used at the club. I will do, thank you. It is 28ft lb. Club shooting 🥱
  8. I am a member, thank you 😊
  9. Because I already possess a FAC air rifle on my certificate and instead of me going out and buying more guns I just thought this might be easier but clearly not
  10. I am after advice as I have only ever shot my guns as a member in a gun club for many years and on clay grounds. I have been given permission by my landlord to shoot rats (ground level using fac air rifle) on his commercial premises at night. (An enclosed long and wide driveway which will be locked shut whilst I’m shooting in between 2 commercial buildings (one on the left and the other on the right hand side, there is backstop wall which is the full height of these buildings) I have asked for advice from West Yorkshire Police in how to apply and get permission granted, wether I have to send in the written permission from the landlord, variation form etc as it’s something which I haven’t done before. WYP response If you wish to shoot over land you must first gain some experience by going out with another certificate holder who has the land condition and using their rifle. When this can be verified by the other certificate holder, you download the variation form if you are requiring more rifles and send in with details of the land where you have permission and a letter confirming your experience. You will only be able to shoot over land which has been previously checked by the police. The latter clearly puts this permission received to bed. What are your thoughts on the above? Thanks in advance.
  11. Scope not included hardly used twin shot 18ft lb power Based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire will RFD at cost You will need a FREE FAC AIR RIFLE SLOT ON YOUR LICENCE £100
  12. Yes I would. I think it costs £30/£35 from top of my head to do so through the gunsmith 8 miles away from me
  13. Fuj

    Junior shotgun

    My 12 year old is interested in the sport so looking for over&under shotgun Preferably something cheap to buy or free if someone is kind enough as I don’t know how long before the novelty wears off and if it does I will give away on here.
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