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  1. You live on fantasy island mate.
  2. Set up's for garden pumps and garden lights are often home owner installed to their own specifications.
  3. Keep digging. The bitch you are on about is a show bitch. Listen, good luck to you. I do know something though.
  4. Take it you now admit you are in fact the one that "no's nothing" Manuel?
  5. The bitch never trialled. Good luck to you though, I see you did your homework ...as usual.
  6. I would say this isn't applicable when you buy in older dogs trained for you. That right E.w.? Kent jumed in a few posts ago and tipped you the wink not to reply to how your lab was coming on and the most recent of your pups.
  7. They could well be satellite cables and phone cables. Still wouldn't want the hassle of having to keep the dogs off them or the hassle of replacing them. Edited, posted at the same time
  8. Try and recognise the signs of any unwanted behavior and nip it in the bud before it develops. Good luck.
  9. Your early training with your lab went well, no doubt. And I take it your lab is a credit to you and the time you gave it as a young pup. Well done. It would be nice to hear of how you interacted with your recent pups and how this affected them as adults. Thanks for the compliment by the way.
  10. So is that picture not you kennel and hard standing?
  11. My advice to Op'er is to do your upmost to avoid ealy mistakes. That way you don't have the headache and heartache of trying to undo them at a later stage. Not letting the dog fail is the one most consistent thing you will hear from good gundog trainers. Minimise the failures and maximise the success's. Good luck.
  12. My post under yours was not directed at your comments or advice. If it was I would have quoted you. Nobody said you said let it run riot.Nevertheless, I do know of novice trainers that have let them "run riot" after being given the advice- "let it just be a pup"
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