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  1. gillyb

    270 Dies wanted

    Hi, I've got 80 .270 Win cases once fired for £25 posted if you're still looking for some. Cheers Gilly
  2. Marnold, Sent you a Pm with an offer a couple of days ago did you receive it? Cheers Gilly
  3. gillyb


    Poacher, Plenty of 17 HMR I'm not using I'm in Pembroke.
  4. Hi Sparkie I've sent you a pm. Cheers Gilly
  5. Adi, Yes please I'll take this. How do you want paying? Gillyb
  6. gillyb

    Clear out.

    Now sold to the man above.
  7. gillyb

    Clear out.

    Photon XT SPF to scobydog.
  8. gillyb

    Clear out.

    Bushnell 1000 ARC DX. Rangefinder £120 posted. Photon XT 6.5x 50 excellent condition (SPF) Both items have original box and cases, can send pictures of items if required. Thanks Gillyb
  9. Whatmuff, Did you get sorted with a photon? gillyb
  10. Hi, I have a photon Mk 1 extreme and a XT 6.5x50. Looking to sell one pm me if you're interested. cheers Gillyb
  11. Hi Tony, I've sent you a PM. Cheers Gilly
  12. Hi Chris, Still looking for £250 posted. Cheers Gillyb
  13. Schmidt and Bender back up for sale. Andy Whatmough hasn't followed up with any payment after holding until the 20th for him. Cheers Gilly
  14. Turnstyle I have had a Pm before your post and had agreed to hold Schimdt for Andy whatmough. You are welcome to second dibs if you're interested Cheers Gilly I'min Pembroke West Wales mate.
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