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  1. Wooder

    DISCOVERY 4 what tyres

    Just looked at the AT3'S think that's the way to go.
  2. Wooder

    DISCOVERY 4 what tyres

    Its on a 14 pate 3ltr sdv6.
  3. Wooder

    DISCOVERY 4 what tyres

    Traded my Defender in last week end for a Discovery 4 . This is due to me needing to do more motorway work, but will also need to use for my shooting at weekends. I have had BF Goodrich all terrains tyres on all my Land rovers got amazing mileage and wear out of them. My question is could I run a set of these on a Discovery 4? because the tyres that are on it Pirelli whatever's don't look like they would be any good for farm tracks etc interested in your thoughts
  4. Still got a few down my way, I have one field of barley stubble in close proximity to a large wood, this has been sown with turnips for sheep to feed on this winter. they are on it most evenings on my way home from work, gonna have a go this weekend, time has been scarce due to work commitments, hope they are still there! don't know what they are feeding on don't think the young turnip plants would be of interest
  5. Wooder

    Light & durable

    There were some guys shooting down the road on Sunday just gone on some barley stubble, they fired the first shot at about 8;00 am and I could still hear the odd shot at 8;00 in the evening they had been at it all day (I am not that keen anymore) 12 hrs decoying.
  6. Wooder

    Mackerel south east

    They are coming off in the evening and sleeping on Shakespeare beach now, going back on the admiralty the next day. beach is a mess rubbish and **** all over the place, evidently the harbour board are involved now, will be another lost venue if somthing is not done.
  7. Wooder

    Can It Get To Hot For Pigeon Shooting ?

    went out Friday on rape stubble, 34 ish degrees, set up about 2pm in the shade of a large oak, it was slow to start but the the birds started coming at about 4pm had to pack up at 6, 22 picked lost about 4 in the standing barley behind me. if I could have stayed longer i would have got more. I think the birds feed later when its hot.
  8. Wooder

    What are these ?

  9. Wooder

    Second time on the stubble

    Well done Chris, made good reading, combines out over my way but still no stubble for me yet, should be some by the weekend though.
  10. Always give them a bottle at Christmas, goes a long way. I have one permission where I have never met the farmer, got him as a contact through another farmer shot there for the last 2 years, just send him a text, always get the reply, ok happy shooting.
  11. All ways text or phone, sometimes never get reply, keep text on my phone as proof I have informed, but never had any issues
  12. Wooder

    Successful Sweaty Stubble Shoot

    Nice to hear you got out and shot a few ! that's a good bag. Nothing been taken off over my way yet, but plenty of birds about. no doubt the wife wanted a trip to westwood cross ! did you have many young birds ?
  13. Wooder

    Hot weather birds

    interested in how you got on ?
  14. Wooder

    Tramlines wheat field

    you are correct it is barley !
  15. Lots of birds down feeding late yesterday and more on the power lines above, no flat areas as yet but I will be keeping an eye on the wheat field, need some strong winds!