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  1. Another good report, reading that I felt like I was actually with you. Salivating at the thought of lemon drizzle cake!
  2. OB an extremely well written account of the afternoon. Thanks for the chance to get out with you and letting me have the lions share of the shooting, I did get over excited at times and try some wild shots (wont tell you how many empties I picked up). Well done for carrying all your own gear 😎 a younger man would have struggled 🙄. I did offer but it looked as if you had a well practiced routine in place for getting your gear to where you wanted to be. Next time if it looks like rain, I will think twice about what side of the hide to pick, over and under will be my choice of gun ! It was quite a contrast to our last outing back in the summer on the rape stubble, it was the hottest day of the year 🥵. if it wasn't for Decker we would have struggled picking all the birds. Incidentally when we got back to OB's he offered me tea, as he opened the door to his house there was the delicious smell of slow cooked pheasant filling the house, it made me feel like inviting myself for dinner 🙃 Thanks again for a perfect afternoon Chris
  3. Thanks Chris just seen this, had a great afternoon with good company, we had a few shots and good conversation, pork pies and hot cross buns 😎
  4. Done four in close proximity, day off work, inconvenient more than anything
  5. Went to leave for work this morning and some low life scum has nicked my rear lights in the night. I am annoyed to say the least. They have also done another discovery in the next village 😤
  6. + 1 good investment, I have an electric egg poacher
  7. Excellent reading Chris, scare some over my way please !
  8. Be careful s what you say because you might get a cabbage or cucumber hung on your garden gate 😂
  9. Veganism is fashionable ( or a religion) they have too much time on their hands, if they had proper job, they wouldn’t be able to function on a vegan diet **** heads 😎
  10. Yes carp, sized it for up load can’t make writing out on the sign PE25
  11. Staying just outside Hogsthorpe, a lot of pigeons on the rape here, been here a few days can hear plenty of gas guns but know one shooting. Don’t know if anyone on here shoots this area ? you could be in for a half decent bag ! Took this picture with the post code when out for a walk this morning flock of birds on the field behind it, clapped the birds off from the road, all back on the field half an hour later. Happy Christmas to all !
  12. I have a discovery 4, love it, its only done 41k and already had new 2 new wishbones. but for comfort and ride you cant beat it, the load area is amazing with the rear seats folded down. Another downside its £1200 to £1500 for a cambelt service.
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