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  1. Interesting ! thanks for the info.
  2. Chris I never thought about, you are correct ! It said I should keep the letter with my certificate , it also said I should not transfer or buy new guns as this would possibly cause more delays and extra paper work, I also noticed when looked at the police web site there was no FEO currently registered against my postcode. I don't know about the purchase of cartridges! just have to make sure I have a couple of slabs in-stock, probably give them a call on Monday for some clarification.
  3. Well after running round changing GP etc, submitting my renewal etc, Had a letter from Kent Police today to say they were extending my current certificate by 8 weeks. They couldn't process my renewal in time for my expiry date 4th March, the extension takes it to the end of April that's almost 5 months in total to process a renewal.
  4. Wooder

    Spot the Fox

    spot on!
  5. Wooder

    Spot the Fox

    Took this from my office window the other morning, amazing how their fur blends in with the dead leaves
  6. Wooder

    bsa airsporter s.

    my first gun as a boy, my Dad got it off a lorry driver who had been picking up from the BSA factory or so he said. I had to put the butt on the ground and put my knee on the under-leaver to cock as I wasn't strong enough. but mine was a .22. fond memories!!
  7. Have a drive round and do a bit of door knocking.
  8. yep that's what I thought !
  9. medical report from my new GP has had to change practise as the old one wouldn't do it, £128
  10. Guy who sits next to me in our office is a Gillingham supporter ! he thought this was an interesting statistic to use.
  11. Correct was told that from the horse's mouth today, no choice, been shooting since I was 15 now 56 ish not giving up now, I would do some background work with your GP before renewal to see if they will send a report, if not find another practice which is not easy as they have catchment areas
  12. Looking at it like that you're probably right !
  13. Never got through to them line was always busy, left message never got back to me
  14. BASC was as much use a a "chocolate tea pot" !!! I have found a doctors surgery up the road that will do medical report for me, So I am now in the process of changing doctors. They will charge me £128 for the report which seems extreme.