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  1. tool station sell them, if there is one near you!
  2. Well done Chris made excellent reading !!!
  3. Festival beer kits are good, I make them all the time but have problems getting them at the moment due to the lock down. Pilgrims Hope is my favorite, also made London Porter, Razorback IPA, Summer Glory, all been good
  4. I love it but, beginning to think it’s pile of s**** and need to get shot of before it costs
  5. Plugged it in, DPF regeneration not completed, only been doing short journeys due to lock down, so not getting is usual blast. Cleared the fault and and gave it an essential run up the motorway. Garage didn’t charge as I have been there a few times and put business his way.
  6. Came out the house this morning jumped in the Discovery, Red Triangle came up on the dash " limited performance mode"😲. it was fine when I drove it on Friday. Anyone on here encountered this ? cars are now far too complicated!! Getting plugged in to a diagnostics machine later. Someone stole the rear lights the other week, its time we parted company.
  7. Another good report, reading that I felt like I was actually with you. Salivating at the thought of lemon drizzle cake!
  8. OB an extremely well written account of the afternoon. Thanks for the chance to get out with you and letting me have the lions share of the shooting, I did get over excited at times and try some wild shots (wont tell you how many empties I picked up). Well done for carrying all your own gear 😎 a younger man would have struggled πŸ™„. I did offer but it looked as if you had a well practiced routine in place for getting your gear to where you wanted to be. Next time if it looks like rain, I will think twice about what side of the hide to pick, over and under will be my choice of gun ! It was quite
  9. Thanks Chris just seen this, had a great afternoon with good company, we had a few shots and good conversation, pork pies and hot cross buns 😎
  10. Done four in close proximity, day off work, inconvenient more than anything
  11. Went to leave for work this morning and some low life scum has nicked my rear lights in the night. I am annoyed to say the least. They have also done another discovery in the next village 😀
  12. + 1 good investment, I have an electric egg poacher
  13. Excellent reading Chris, scare some over my way please !
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