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  1. 28" barrel length, just used as a pigeon gun I have had it about three years only selling as got an A400.
  2. 5% better than a kick up the ****, and in my experience always quick delivery !!
  3. That code worked, thanks ! 😀
  4. Thanks I will try that ! won some money on the Grand national gonna treat my self to some new decoys as mine are looking a bit tired.
  5. I always thought there was a discount code on here for A1 Decoys ? anyone know what it is please. if there is I cant see the wood for the trees!!
  6. All on clover down this way, but still in large flocks, walked about 500 off a field last Sunday set up and sat there all afternoon for 12. Tried again this weekend same scenario for 7, but its all about enjoying yourself and getting out !
  7. Hi if you are still looking got an A612 for sale left handed pm me if interested, live in Faversham
  8. First car was a Vauxhall Viva HB estate, paid £60 for it. DBP660G (1969). traded it in for a (1974) FORD CAPRI mk1 A face lift model PFN505M marine blue, loved that car but ! worst car I had was a Princess 2.2 hated that car cant remember the reg number it was so bad.
  9. 😂 ! reminds me of a young lad we have working with us this week !
  10. I had a day out with Dave about a year ago, nice guy. worth the drive !
  11. Shot a small field of rape today, I had seen birds on it Saturday and watched them Sunday i didn't have permission so went door knocking on Sunday found the owner, he said he rented it to a farm up the road 10 mins later i had permission but for Monday only as he said he had some regular guys that shoot it, where were they!! Arrive about 9;30 watched the field, I set up under some large oaks at the top of the field which the birds were using as sittey trees. started shooting about 11 ish, birds all cleared off to a rape field far away, but small groups returned to use the trees and some committed to the decoys, hard work for 8 birds should have been 28 but for the first part of the session I was a good bird scarer. they are extremely head strong in large flocks !
  12. interesting ! I didn't know was "Meles meles" was so googled it, and stumbled across an old on line auction advert, looks like they sell for £60 in good condition. My wife looked over my shoulder when I was posting and asked who "Fat Sarah" was ! 😎
  13. Kent police state in their renewal letter a copy of your medical records would no be sufficient, you must obtain a report from your doctor.
  14. Feo round this lunch time, cup of tea and a chat, looked a security, he said all good to go, certificate would be with me in two week or sooner. What amazed me the medical report was one line long, I think it must have cost me about £10 a word !!!!!!!!
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