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  1. Wooder

    Have Rape Got The Better Of Us ??

    Shot a small field of rape today, I had seen birds on it Saturday and watched them Sunday i didn't have permission so went door knocking on Sunday found the owner, he said he rented it to a farm up the road 10 mins later i had permission but for Monday only as he said he had some regular guys that shoot it, where were they!! Arrive about 9;30 watched the field, I set up under some large oaks at the top of the field which the birds were using as sittey trees. started shooting about 11 ish, birds all cleared off to a rape field far away, but small groups returned to use the trees and some committed to the decoys, hard work for 8 birds should have been 28 but for the first part of the session I was a good bird scarer. they are extremely head strong in large flocks !
  2. Wooder

    Animal Skull ID

    interesting ! I didn't know was "Meles meles" was so googled it, and stumbled across an old on line auction advert, looks like they sell for £60 in good condition. My wife looked over my shoulder when I was posting and asked who "Fat Sarah" was ! 😎
  3. Kent police state in their renewal letter a copy of your medical records would no be sufficient, you must obtain a report from your doctor.
  4. Feo round this lunch time, cup of tea and a chat, looked a security, he said all good to go, certificate would be with me in two week or sooner. What amazed me the medical report was one line long, I think it must have cost me about £10 a word !!!!!!!!
  5. Wooder

    Rat Trap

    Any one on here used one of these, they are expensive but look effective. https://goodnaturetraps.co.uk/product/a24-trap-with-counter/
  6. Wooder

    Kent police

    Got feo visiting me next Monday, he said his name was Karl (with a K ). I live near Faversham, This is for a renewal sent this off end of November.
  7. Wooder

    Plant iD

    Charlock it is then. its so mild down this way I have a clematis in the garden with flowers on it.
  8. Wooder

    Plant iD

    Had a walk around today, unfortunately for me a farm I shoot regularly has put quite a few of its fields to grass for their sheep, as they had a major black grass problem. One of the newly sown grass fields has a lot of the plants pictured, yellow flower, it has rough prickly pointed leaves and a red stalk.
  9. Wooder

    sgc information

    The only place that has recorded my details has been "mole valley" farming supplies. All the rest just look at the date and photo.
  10. Any type of crumble. apple, rhubarb, plumb. My mum used to make shadow jelly which was a mixture blancmange and jelly put into rabbit moulds when we were kids.
  11. Interesting ! thanks for the info.
  12. Chris I never thought about, you are correct ! It said I should keep the letter with my certificate , it also said I should not transfer or buy new guns as this would possibly cause more delays and extra paper work, I also noticed when looked at the police web site there was no FEO currently registered against my postcode. I don't know about the purchase of cartridges! just have to make sure I have a couple of slabs in-stock, probably give them a call on Monday for some clarification.
  13. Well after running round changing GP etc, submitting my renewal etc, Had a letter from Kent Police today to say they were extending my current certificate by 8 weeks. They couldn't process my renewal in time for my expiry date 4th March, the extension takes it to the end of April that's almost 5 months in total to process a renewal.