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  1. Sold my TD5 90 regretted it ever since. 😥 I had it for 12 years, sold it in a moment of temporary insanity.
  2. Pop over tomorrow for a look, unless she has other plans 😶
  3. Thanks for the info, fairly local to me. do they have a website.
  4. understand the toes are joined together as well 😉
  5. make sure you get one sorted for next Thursday
  6. Hi Chris, A1 are usually fast. but if you are stuck I have one you can borrow, to get you out of the ****.
  7. Did have the invasion strips on the underside of the wings ? Its been flying over our house every few days.
  8. Wooder


    The Waggler is not loaded but bulk shot near the float, then a light shotting pattern of 4s and 6s. the lake I fished is well known for its large Rudd club record is 3lb4oz (Stonar lake near sandwich Kent). the lake is 50ft deep in places, and because of its close proximity to the sea it has a high salinity, there are flounders present that got in there when the Stour flooded years ago. I got a handmade float from a guy a couple of years ago, and copied it, the stem is sarkand reed and the insert is a kebab skewer. far better than the plastic ones, adds more casting weight.
  9. Wooder


    😂 Had a few bream , tench and roach but this was the best looking fish of the day, “bar of gold” .
  10. Wooder


    Caught this beautiful Rudd today, note the hand made float
  11. Wooder

    Tilley lamp

    You start them with the little clip thing which you keep in a small jar of meths, clip this around the bottom of the vaporiser, light this to heat the mantle, pump the pressure pump on the tank only about 10 times to start with, once the mantle is good and hot start to open the valve at the bottom of the vaporiser do this slowly until the mantle starts to glow, open the valve too quickly you will flood the mantle with paraffin and it will just burst into flames and you will have to start the process all over again. Once the mantle starts to glow and give off light pump the lamp to full pressure about 30 pumps. I have a brass bottomed one which has done many winter beach fishing trips, they are temperamental things there is a hardware shop near me that still stock all the spare.
  12. I take a fish oil capsule every day and have done for the last five years. They have been catching mackerel from Deal pier in Kent, not lots but they turn up over HW
  13. That looks stunning ! sat in a sweltering office at the moment no air con 27 degrees. JDog did you take a rod looks a prime lure fishing venue for Bass or Pollock. is it available for rent ? if so could you pm me the details ?
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