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  1. Be careful s what you say because you might get a cabbage or cucumber hung on your garden gate 😂
  2. Veganism is fashionable ( or a religion) they have too much time on their hands, if they had proper job, they wouldn’t be able to function on a vegan diet **** heads 😎
  3. Yes carp, sized it for up load can’t make writing out on the sign PE25
  4. Staying just outside Hogsthorpe, a lot of pigeons on the rape here, been here a few days can hear plenty of gas guns but know one shooting. Don’t know if anyone on here shoots this area ? you could be in for a half decent bag ! Took this picture with the post code when out for a walk this morning flock of birds on the field behind it, clapped the birds off from the road, all back on the field half an hour later. Happy Christmas to all !
  5. I have a discovery 4, love it, its only done 41k and already had new 2 new wishbones. but for comfort and ride you cant beat it, the load area is amazing with the rear seats folded down. Another downside its £1200 to £1500 for a cambelt service.
  6. I had two of those back in the day. amazing quality.
  7. Just watched country wise ITV, they had piece on the Bewick swans. Girl on there said they have xrayed swans, she said most had gun shot wounds, and people use them for target practice. I nearly choked on my beer, giving us shooters bad press again.
  8. I had to change doctors to get mine sorted, the new surgery sent the letter without even seeing me, just put a cheque in the post.
  9. Hi I have exactly the same gun, which I got second hand with little use and it always been a little stiff to open. always thought it was the trait of a nearly new gun.
  10. Hi would be interested in the 500 Romagnola 31g 6's fibre wad cartridges £80 if you would split if not sold ? PM me if you still have them
  11. I had a pair of seeland trousers, the material the trousers were lined with came apart at the seams, stitching was very poor, think they were called Eaton trousers, put me off seeland.
  12. It was always local TV, so down our way Southern Television, or Thames TV back in the day, one of my favorite episodes is when he fishes a cattle drink for Roach on Romney Marsh in the middle of winter, they have to break the ice to fish. Yes MM it was 70s 80s only seems like last week 😎
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