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  1. Wooder

    Tramlines wheat field

    you are correct it is barley !
  2. Lots of birds down feeding late yesterday and more on the power lines above, no flat areas as yet but I will be keeping an eye on the wheat field, need some strong winds!
  3. Wooder

    Dog walker in pea crop calls the police

    I get problems with dog walkers all the time, can ruin a good days shooting, they have even accused me of using live birds as decoys before, it was just my flapper. I have a few fields I shoot with houses close, but I will usually call round and let them know what I am doing.
  4. I see you use a wooden spoon, the wood can carry bacteria and spool the brew, I always use plastic that is sterilised.
  5. Wooder


    yep got me doing it now ! East I had one young bird in 28
  6. Wooder


    Arrived at the field about 12;30 there where a few birds down feeding. as I didn't have a key to the gate it was a case of hand balling all my gear over and walking across it across the field, not getting any younger, why do we take so much gear!! as I walked across the the field the birds got up must have been about 50, they all flew off to the trees at the far end. set my hide up with my back to a fence at the end of an apple orchard and where the wood starts and runs along the rest of the field, set my decoys out had 15 fuds that sat on top of the clover as it was about 4 inches tall, I took 4 dead's that i had in the freezer, these had been defrosted and used about 3 times, to be honest they had seen better days. I put two on the magnet, one on a flapper and the last one on a bouncer. I set the decoys out in two groups with a gap up the middle, flapper in the left hand group and magnet to the right. first birds came to the decoys after about 5 minutes, it was a small group of about 4 birds, shot and missed all of them. but this put up about 200 birds that milled around and eventually went off in a westerly direction (looked like they where on there way to Broomfield to the land of Bogs) after about half an hour birds started returning, in small groups, this time I was ready and not so excited and started to account for a few. Then a women and a bloke turned up walking there dog round the field which stopped play for a bit, haven't got clue how they got in there, asked who they where and sent them on there way. it went dead for about an hour, but at about 4 o'clock they started to come again, at about 5 o'clock the fruit farm up the road decided it was a good idea to send one of our eastern European friends down to spray the orchard with a tractor and sprayer, what ever they where putting on it stank, so packed up. 28 in the bag. if the guy with the sprayer hadn't turned up there would have been a few more. breasted some out and re-stocked the freezer with dead birds for next time. I will get on there again before they take the hay off.
  7. Wooder


    shooting today, just putting gear in the truck !! I was slightly confused when you said west in your first post, as i thought you lived over Ramsgate way!
  8. Wooder


    The field was turned over to grass three years ago, I shot it before when it was rape stubble and always did quite well as there are a couple of strong flight lines across the field, as the is always got sheep in the field dont get to shoot it that often, I will let you know how I get on.
  9. Wooder


    Going to shoot it tommorow, going to set up about lunchtime, there was I would estimate 200 to 300 birds on there yesterday evening and more sitting in the trees.
  10. Wooder


    been watching a field on my way home from work every day this week, the field usually contains sheep, not being grazed at the momnet as growing the grass on for hay. this week I have noticed quite a few pigeons on it as there are large patches of clover, the birds are not there in the morning on my way to work, but loads there in the late afternoon, phoned the farmer got the OK to go. never shot over clover before asume the same as shooting over any other crops ? any tips ?
  11. Wooder

    E.A rod licence

    nearly did that myself on Friday, near same situation not been for a few years, but I noticed the GOV UK site below.
  12. Wooder

    Bouncer poles

    for the wing spreaders I never buy the ones with the crocodile clips attached as they break/rust off, I alway buy the push through type.
  13. Wooder


    Hi , Primary fermentation needs ideally a temperature between 20c and 25c for the yeast to work properly, so when you make the kit in the fermentation bin 2 weeks at this temperature should see the fermentation complete. siphon into bottles or pressure barrel after this (I prefer pressure barrels less messing about). I then leave mine for further two weeks at 20c -25c secondary fermentation. I then transfer the barrel to my out house which is cool and store covered on a shelf until the beer clears, start drinking ! I have about three on the go at one time. some of my beer is 4 months old and still good to drink, longer you leave the more it improves the flavor.
  14. Wooder

    Where have all the wood pigeons gone?

    Hi James, a pint sounds good! I think the poor shooting over drillings this year was all about timing, the drillings where late due to bad weather, so the birds where already on the buds. There are about 20 beech trees over the road from the front of my house, over the last week or two there have been about 50 or 60 birds feed daily on the buds. what farm did you shoot the 284 on ? I have shot at highland court farm at Bridge.
  15. Wooder

    Where have all the wood pigeons gone?

    i will try again too much beer and sunshine !! Hi I live in selling near Faversham, but come from your area used to live in Littlebourne and have shot farms at Ickham (Haywards and mike Maise's also Twymans) not many birds in the fields down our way at the moment, even the drillings where poor ! had some good days on the rape at a farm near Chartham, but no large bags. flocks down in Kent are not what they used too be. best shooting is on the rape stubble so a long wait !! go for s pint in the Rose at Wickhambreaux some time in the next village.