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  1. New member to the family

    beautiful !!
  2. Drink!

    Now I dont know what to do!! I live in a house built in the 1800s, plastic contaminates in bottled water, what water do I now use to make my homebrew!
  3. Eye domination

    I had an accident when I was a kid with my right eye, when I came out of hospital at the tender age of 10 I couldnt undestand why the sights on my air rifle wouldnt line up. I had become left eye dominant without understanding then what it meant. taught myself to shoot lefthanded, progressed to shot guns at 15 been shooting left handed all my life now, I am know 56.
  4. Good Dog Insurance ?

    my free Kennel Club insurance finishes on the 17th, I have had texts and phone calls from them to carry on with their KC insurance £46 a month, I have told them I have gone through BASC and got comparable insurance with Agri £30 per month and first two months half price. phone calls and texts have stopped. that must be why?
  5. Bank Holiday Double Ton

    Nice too see, pigeons displayed in true PC style. Im out later on rape, the large flocks have split up a bit now and might make things easier. Told by she who issues shooting permits must be home at 3 😞 as family round for dinner.
  6. Pictures of our companions.

    came from a litter of 10, 6 dogs 4 bitche's, good working parents so hopefully will turn out OK, hard work ahead.
  7. Pictures of our companions.

    Yes, Maidstone.

    only just seen this, I would have had a day out somewhere different !
  9. Game and Stout pie sesh

    I am reading this at work, and its lunchtime, they look good, bet they taste as good as they look !!!
  10. Rotary problem

    I had a problem with a lightweight one, it was OK with hypa flaps, but when I started putting dead bird on it it gave up wrecked the gears inside. changed to a heavyweight one made from a wiper motor two years old and going strong, been out in all weathers , I just give it a spray with
  11. Good Dog Insurance ?

    hes a new pup !
  12. Good Dog Insurance ?

    Got a quote with Agri through BASC £30 amonth, £6500 cover. looks OK.
  13. any recomendations for good dog insurance?
  14. Pictures of our companions.

    Bailey, my new mate 8 weeks old