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  1. Wooder

    Bees in the barn

    We had bees nesting in our chimney pot last year, couldn't understand why we kept getting bees in the kitchen, got the old Rayburn going for a few hours soon sorted the problem.
  2. don't forget a couple of bouncers as well !!
  3. 28" barrel length, just used as a pigeon gun I have had it about three years only selling as got an A400.
  4. 5% better than a kick up the ****, and in my experience always quick delivery !!
  5. That code worked, thanks ! 😀
  6. Thanks I will try that ! won some money on the Grand national gonna treat my self to some new decoys as mine are looking a bit tired.
  7. I always thought there was a discount code on here for A1 Decoys ? anyone know what it is please. if there is I cant see the wood for the trees!!
  8. All on clover down this way, but still in large flocks, walked about 500 off a field last Sunday set up and sat there all afternoon for 12. Tried again this weekend same scenario for 7, but its all about enjoying yourself and getting out !
  9. Hi if you are still looking got an A612 for sale left handed pm me if interested, live in Faversham
  10. First car was a Vauxhall Viva HB estate, paid £60 for it. DBP660G (1969). traded it in for a (1974) FORD CAPRI mk1 A face lift model PFN505M marine blue, loved that car but ! worst car I had was a Princess 2.2 hated that car cant remember the reg number it was so bad.
  11. 😂 ! reminds me of a young lad we have working with us this week !
  12. I had a day out with Dave about a year ago, nice guy. worth the drive !
  13. Shot a small field of rape today, I had seen birds on it Saturday and watched them Sunday i didn't have permission so went door knocking on Sunday found the owner, he said he rented it to a farm up the road 10 mins later i had permission but for Monday only as he said he had some regular guys that shoot it, where were they!! Arrive about 9;30 watched the field, I set up under some large oaks at the top of the field which the birds were using as sittey trees. started shooting about 11 ish, birds all cleared off to a rape field far away, but small groups returned to use the trees and some committed to the decoys, hard work for 8 birds should have been 28 but for the first part of the session I was a good bird scarer. they are extremely head strong in large flocks !
  14. interesting ! I didn't know was "Meles meles" was so googled it, and stumbled across an old on line auction advert, looks like they sell for £60 in good condition. My wife looked over my shoulder when I was posting and asked who "Fat Sarah" was ! 😎
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