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  1. pleasure Chris, thanks for the beer and the 2017 sloe gin wife intends to try a sloegasm at the weekend 😉 (sparking wine and sloe gin). when we went picking some bushes were loaded others totally devoid of any fruit.
  2. Went out last Saturday shot 18, 50% of them were youngsters.
  3. I thought exactly the same, reminds me of my Discovery 4. i have owned a couple of defenders, like to see half a ton of logs in the back of that 🤣
  4. Premium bond, easy access if you want your money out, safe, and with 10k invested you should get a few winners each year.
  5. You will have to hope there will be some clover in the grass, you can have some good shooting in spring and early summer over clover, I had the same problem on a farm near me as they have a lot of sheep. They turned 70% of all the fields over to grass, I have had some good shooting at times of the year when other crops are not necessarily producing. so as OB says look on the bright side
  6. + 1 cycling up the Moselle next week 150 miles. travel by car to Germany, cant put up with all the airport agro anymore. From Kent its no further than driving to Cornwall.
  7. Wooder


    Dont use it much but following !
  8. Sold my TD5 90 regretted it ever since. 😥 I had it for 12 years, sold it in a moment of temporary insanity.
  9. Pop over tomorrow for a look, unless she has other plans 😶
  10. Thanks for the info, fairly local to me. do they have a website.
  11. understand the toes are joined together as well 😉
  12. make sure you get one sorted for next Thursday
  13. Hi Chris, A1 are usually fast. but if you are stuck I have one you can borrow, to get you out of the ****.
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