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  1. Up here in North Yorkshire the pigeons have suddenly appeared in quite large flocks where previously they’ve been trickling over, usually through the afternoon. Two of us were out this mid week and, although having a good number of shots, only brought down approximately a dozen and a half each. For some reason they were rocketing down wind over the wood then turning in with very few coming into the wood from the lee side. The wood is beaded on two sides by a large osr field ( this years crop) but no signs of pigeon damage yet. Again most of the collected birds were juveniles with, at the most,
  2. Out last week and searched all over In North and West Yorkshire but very few pigeons about with none on osr and no visible damage to the plants in various states of growth. Eventually noted the odd bird flighting over a rape field into a small wood. Set up just after one o’clock then moved a couple of hundred yards down wood side to get under the obvious flight line and was surprised to bring down 33 pigeons ( and an odd crow) everyone of which was flighting into the wood. Again mostly juvenile birds with still forming feather quills around neck and everyone had a good crop full of acorns with
  3. The trouble seems to be, since the ban on neo nicatoids, the only way to control the ‘flea beetle’ ( which usually flies out of nearly every hedge on August bank holiday Monday or so my farmers tell me) then the osr needs spraying with alternative products, not once, or twice but up to five sprayingings. If not the beetle eats the leaf in the late autumn/early winter, lays its eggs which transform into larvae which then travel down the inside of the ‘shoot’. This supposedly causes the osr plant to send out side shoots which don’t flower, don’t get pollinated by the spiders and other ,nice, ins
  4. Reference the comment about ‘exaggerated claims’. You can judge a pigeon shooting day, be it decoying, roost shooting or flight lining, in three ways, how many birds you pick, how many birds you click ( on counter) and how many empties are in your net bag. Decoying on stubbles ( unless standing crops adjacent to field) should produce within ten percent picked to clicked, flight line shooting and roost shooting about fifty percent unless you have a good pigeon picking dog. If you can genuinely pick half as many birds as the number of shots fired then join the majority of pigeon shoote
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