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  1. Shows how rare the English/ Grey Partridge has become, most people cant identify it buy it's plumage!
  2. Grade 5, that's a giveaway price, lovely bit of wood too!
  3. . Used to fly Spars back in the 80's.Surely the bravest raptor of them all. And the brilliant plates in the book capture them perfectly!
  4. As JDog and Dr D said, smelly mixture and pigeon milk. Pigeon milk smells rank!
  5. Not mad on perrukes or malforms, but that's a really nice Buck. Well done!
  6. Rye grass maybe, few fields cut in Suffolk over a week ago, thought they were barley but informed otherwise!
  7. What about a DVD, probably easier to take in than a book.
  8. Used to catch them all year round down here, used trout heads to good effect for bait.
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