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  1. Mark Avery was on Radio 4 just before 9 this morning talking about this as was Tim Bonner
  2. As the title, quite a surprise
  3. Nice to see this, I think - and will check- that there's still a reference to 'gunmaker' on the exterior of 79 Beak St
  4. This was just on another site (Maggot Drowners) Last August I bought a pair of Mitchell MX6 Full Runner reels. Due to circumstances, I only used them for the first time two weeks ago. One reel performed fine, the other not so. The bail arm was very notchy to open, and also by the end of the session, the frre spool lever was not full engaing when the handle was turned. Many reels are poorer quality now than they were (Abu, was made in Sweden, Penn Reels, was made in the USA) but prices are lower
  5. I'm fishing smaller waters generally and have had to shoo off ducks and geese, but have had no problem, yet, with birds coming down. Someone told me that you could effecfively feed them enough to fill them up so they stopped coming after the floaters The person who told me this did tell me he'd had over a dozen fish on his last session...............and 1 duck! I did see someone 'hook a duck' in Yorkshire last year
  6. I'm using dog biscuits to get the carp to the surface, on a warm day you can usually see some near the top, then a dog biscuit fly or piece of wine cork roughly shaped into a biscuit shape. A friend even drills a biscuit and puts a hook through. The takes are quite exciting I'll try bread on the coarse rod tomorrow
  7. I've been fly fishing for carp recently, mostly at a commercial lake near Guildford, though I've discovered an estate lake with wild carp in and they're great sport though not huge fish With an 8wt rod and 10lb leader I couldn't stop a couple getting into lily pads Going again tomorrow and my wife will try for them on the surface with coarse tackle
  8. I did one once in Devon where I could feel the heat of the barrels through the forend of my OU and probably fired over 500, on a real shoot day, say 100-120 birds, I might fire 50 cartridges If people enjoy it that's fine but as above, it's nothing like a real day's shooting
  9. Thanks Tim, it arrived today and I'm very pleased with it; it's in excellent condition and has obviously been well looked after Kevin
  10. kevin55


    John Colltrane is great, though there are different styles over his playing life Chett Baker, with 'Kind of Blue' written by Elvis Costello There's a 1958 film 'I Want To Live' with a very good jazz soundtrack someone introduced me to years ago A friend took me to see Peter King (very good UK sax player) in a pub in Barnes 4 or 5 years ago, on a Saturday night; there were 6 in the audience In the 80s I saw Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers at Ronnie Scotts, Dizzy Gilespie was there! There's, sadly, not much of a paying audience for it
  11. Very nice, I use comp x 21gm in my English guns, 28gm for game
  12. There's a £13.99 offer online for the fossil colour
  13. kevin55

    Is eBay down?

    I do that as well and find an email saying please pay for your purchase, a purchase I can't remember Oddly ebay is now all script as above 8.39 Now ok at 8.40 when I refreshed the screen
  14. kevin55

    Is eBay down?

    Ok for me at 8.29, watching stuff i don't need
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