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  1. https://www.racingsportscars.com/driver/results/John-Sparrow-GB.html I want to see this. The link above is about a bloke from a shoot near Dulverton who used to race AC Cobras in the 60s!
  2. Stand By me: I was twelve going on thirteen first time I saw a dead human being. It happened in the summer of nineteen-fifty-nine. A long time ago. But only if you measure in terms of years.
  3. Thanks Every fishing club of which I'm a member has emailed to say all fishing must stop until government guidelines change The 2 shooting grounds I go to have closed
  4. "It's a floater" Kevin & Perry Go Large
  5. 'I will show you where the Iron Crosses grow" It's been interesting to look up some of these quotes and find films I've not seen (the magnificent speech from The Great Dictator) or not even heard of (The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane) - thanks
  6. it's always interesting to hear your comments on English Guns, thanks
  7. I've got 1 in the original box with a few bits and bobs inside, you can have it if you can collect
  8. Very nice and with interesting provenance
  9. On a pheasant shoot in January Chris with 28gm 6s, very nice
  10. This is a bit of interest related to the Greener from about 1/2 way through its life. I think the officer (then owner of the gun) fought with the Dorsets in Dunkirk and the Far East
  11. Hopefully here are a few of the Greener Chris 'Old Boggy' on here gave me a date of 1878
  12. Very nice Where in Slovenia was this? I've been looking to fish in the west and fly to Trieste. Snow melt is apparently an issue in May/June Thanks for posting Kevin
  13. Pressure is apparently the issue with damascus barrels
  14. I must put up photos of my newly acquired Greener 30" damascus barrels, A&D, non ejector, 2 1/2. It won't compete with the stunning Dixon above though I can also miss stylishly It came with a nice leg of mutton case, lining gone but soft leather not brittle, and a letter back from Greener in 1951 to the then officer owner saying they couldn't find the orginal records
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