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  1. If you look at Companies House there's a report from the liquidator in October
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/oct/18/rhik-samadder-tries-clay-pigeon-shooting-i-am-a-townie-holding-a-little-gun-dressed-as-rupert-bear
  3. Presumably Bignotti are the makers, from the same area in Italy where Beretta originate, Gardone VT Armi is arms in Italian
  4. And Stonehenge Arms have 2 very similar guns, both Austrian, 1 branded Anton Sodia, the other just Ferlach, the latter with an almost identical forend
  5. Hi All Does anyone know how to refurb Potashnick stocks? I've posted details elsewhere as a separate topic (thinking I was posting under SBS) Thanks Kevin
  6. Hi All I bought a William Powell with lift up lever and stock extension, good barrels and the stock with a few water marks "that can be oiled out" and got a bit of money off for that reason. Stupidly I looked at the barrels in the daylight outside the shop and only looked at the stock inside the shop, though I did think the extension match was very good The finish is Potashnick I'm told so some kind of antique wood matching; there still is a Cornfield Potashnick site offering the service. How do I repair the water damage without going for the same kind of finish? As someone said the extension could be very cheap wood disguised by the finish I'll post a photo after my virtual FAO visit later Apparently West London Shooting School used to have a Potashnick specialist on site so that a scratched Purdey could be sorted out quickly Thanks Kevin
  7. I have 1 and 2 and they're great books Just leafing through them is like looking at a lost world A sad loss
  8. This might be of interest, from "The British Boxlock Gun & Rifle":
  9. Here's 1 from South India, the photos were taken in 2016, the serial number dates it to 1900 Owned by the last of the old Van Ingens, taxidermists in the Raj It was still in use
  10. https://www.vintageguns.co.uk/magazine/what-next-for-holland-and-holland- Compares it to Bentley & VW Phaeton
  11. I think H&H are owned by Chanel, bought apparently when they wanted a brand with masculine appeal I can't see anything on the internet about Beretta buying them, but would assume H&H are struggling
  12. Roy Martin Gunsmith, Notts has an Arthur Turner boxlock https://www.gunstar.co.uk/turner-arthur-boxlock-ejector-12-bore-gauge-side-by-side/Shotguns/1284535# And there's another boxlock on Gunstar and 6 on Gun trader, but no sidelocks
  13. Steel: The Purdey Guide (received yesterday) The-Use-of-Lead-and-Non-Toxic-Steel-Shot-in-the-UK.-A-Guide-for-Purdey-Customers.pdf
  14. Likewise, though this article is interesting: https://www.sportingshooter.co.uk/features/shooting-with-steel-instead-of-lead-shot-1-6702877
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