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    I am a new but enthusiastic beginner to clays and field sports. I also enjoy time with my family, church, photography and general tinkering.

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  1. Hiya. Where about a r u? And are they 2-3/4 chambers? Thanks
  2. I would love one of the air pistols if still available will pay for parcelforce 48 to send or even both of the working one?!
  3. 1 female yesterday w/ air rifle and 1 male and one female w .410 cooey +hushpower = 1459
  4. As above… only put on tim max trough it. Very good condition w the of little ding here and there. Too beautiful a gun for my use as the kids want to use it, and idea of them scratching it stresses me out 😉 so going for a cheap synthetic-stock gun now. Thanks 🙂
  5. Thanks so much everyone, great idea re RFD, Holts (one coming up I think) and getting a bit cheeky on a Guntrader offer. I think it’s a buyers market right now as things r pretty slow moving for sales it seems to me. Thanks guys 🙂
  6. Wondering if anyone has a budget M/C Winchester 101 field they are looking to clear out? I am shooting a heavier M/C 101 on clays (which I love) but would love to have a M/C 101 that is a bit lighter (which I can interchange chokes w/) for the off chance I get opportunity to do some rough-shooting. Thanks
  7. Reduced now to £150 (but I will be taking limbsaver off for another gun and putting org recoil pad on) £175 if you want it to come with.
  8. Sorry, I can try again but couldn’t figure it out as it keeps going in like that 🤷‍♂️Could b an Apple thing?! Any advice? or let me know email or phon number and I will easily b able to email/WhatsApp them over.
  9. £200: Miroku 12-bore Over Under (circa 1973) Surrey London Border (KT8) Face to Face possible, RFD Transfer preferred Great gun for a starter or 2nd gun. Works great barrels are tight, far from perfect condition but not bad to look at. I bought a Winchester 101 so this is surplus to requirement now. It has a newly installed Limbsaver recoil pad which fits pretty well but if you are very particular you can grind it down to perfection. I also have the old pad which is a bit shorter fits well but just a bit tired. Overall no problems except for being old and well-used. If interested let me know and perhaps we can FaceTime / Zoom / Skype and I can show you the gun in detail and answer any questions before sending it by RFD transfer, (as mentioned it is not in perfect condition but very much in great working order) Technical details… Single Trigger Ejector 28in. nitro barrels, 2 3/4in. chambers, Fixed Chokes approx. true cyl and imp. cyl., manual safety with integral barrel selector switch gold-washed single-trigger, border ad partial scroll engraving on blacked finish, 14 3/4in. LOP weight 7lb. 8oz. IMG_6744.heic IMG_6745.heic IMG_6746.heic
  10. Yes please! I’ll pm u 🙂
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